Further Clarifications

By Maitreya



Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. There is a question.

Elijal1: How do you bring peace to one who does not want peace?

Maitreya: For the last 12,000 years, humanity has been progressing and being chosen, as the Elects, as those that do want peace, do want unity, do want God. And God is Peace. One of the requirements to go to God is to want to become unified with the rest of the universe, recognize that God is everything, we have come from God, and the goal of the life for us is to return to God.

A person who does not want peace, does not know God. And whoever does not know God has to wait for billions of years in the future, in another creation, and learn his lesson of being in the frozen universe for billions of years before he realizes that he should want peace.

We do not try to bring peace to those who do not want peace because they will fight with each other, they will have wars, destruction, and kill one another until the peace comes to those who want peace and will be reincarnated lifetimes. Eventually they will have the Peace, God, and the unity on earth.

If someone does not want peace, we give him or her the Message. We tell them the Will of God and what God wants to be done. If still they do not listen, we leave them alone and we continue with our Mission. We preach and spread this Message of Peace because that is what God promised in His Scriptures to come. And that is what will come.

Eventually we will see that His Will, will be done on earth because He has a Plan. He has sent all these religions. He has unified them now. Even the earth is going toward the fulfillment of what He promised. Very recently Russia and China came together. Many other countries in Asia will come together and create the one billion-man army.

Even our financial organizations and structures are crumbling. We can see many people are trying to bring peace, trying to resolve these problems on earth, but are not able to.

The only salvation of humanity is this Revelation of the unity and peace. From the six billion people on earth, probably four billion people want peace and unity. The two billion will either destroy themselves, or eventually their way is not going to work. And they will not bring peace.

The person who does not want peace has never experienced peace within. If he experienced the peace of God once and realized that what sees through you, what touches through you, and what feels through you, is God, when that unity is experienced, that peace is experienced once, you want that forever. You do not want the separation, destruction, wars, and whatever humanity has created.

Therefore we leave those who do not want peace alone. They are already in Maya and that is where the hell is, when they do not feel the unity with God and peace. We try to help them as much as we can. But if there is someone else who will listen to us, wants peace, and comes to join us, we will put more effort on them.

I hope that answered your question. If you have follow-up, go ahead.

Justkidding_1: How can I have a name like you people in the room, like Tahirah, Radah, Hosanna, etc., other than giving myself one?

Maitreya: To receive a name it means that you dedicate yourself to God and the Mission 100%. At least that is your desire to do. You accept the Covenant and start paying tithes. I know you have a problem with that. Then the next step probably is to become initiated by The Word, know indeed that this is a Revelation that God promised to come, and believe that this teaching is the teaching from God and therefore It becomes number one in your life. Then I will give you a name that has the energy that will take you further in your spiritual path.

That energy comes with the name. Therefore, not anyone can just go ahead and give themselves names and expect to have the same effect. It is a kind of a new birth. In the day that you are initiated with The Word, it becomes your birthday. Your true birthday is the day that you are initiated. That day becomes your rededication day.

On that day you rededicate yourself to God. So you do not celebrate birthdays but you celebrate the day that God Called you. Eventually you realized, "Yes, indeed, this is God who has sent these revelations," you are willing to make this the first in your life, and you are willing to listen to the Call of God.

When you reach that point let me know and we will take it from there. There are some requirements before you can receive a name in the Mission.

Those names are the goal that you try to achieve. For instance, Tahirah means Pure. You work toward that purity, the complete surrendering and submission to God that you can manifest God in the purest form.

Hosanna means one who rejoices in the coming of the King. He will create joy in his life that he knows God has indeed sent His Prophet, and His Kingdom is near.

Unus means unity. He works toward that unity.

Shirin e Khoda for example means the sweetness of God. She presents that sweetness and takes people to God.

We can see they all of them are beautiful names with beautiful meanings. And you can have one too.

If you have any other questions, go ahead and post them. Actually we are almost at the end of the session. If anyone has any question, this is the last chance you are going to have in this session.

Timothy: Sal-OM Maitreya. Sal-OM everyone. My question is about sin. Are we to differentiate, or place differences between different sins? In the past it seems that sometimes judgments have been made that some sins are considered eternal damnation. I wondered, is there a separation between sin and does one create a greater division and separation from God than another one? Ultimately does all sin get cleared and we return to Pure Consciousness?

Maitreya: If what you do hurts other people more, or takes you more away from God than any other actions, then that sin is greater than the sin that does not hurt anyone but yourself. Also it is not black and white.

You cannot say if you do this, that is a great sin. This is not that great a sin.

In general we have given five categories of what is good and what is not good. There are things that you should not do. Thou shall not do them. There are other things that are better not to do them. There are other actions that it does not make any difference, they are kind of neutral. If you do them or do not do them it is almost the same. And there are categories that it is better for you to do them. There are categories that there are actions you should do.

Those are five categories that have been given in the Mission. It is in THOTH, in the book Readings (The Koran), Tablet 7, Karma. So if you have that in mind, you will have guidance. Also something that might be a great sin in one situation might not be as great in another. It is very, very subjective.

At the same time it depends on how much it takes you away from God and how the action you do affects other people. In general, the more you go toward God, dedicate yourself to Him, and follow His Laws, nature, and what He has asked for humanity to do, you are better off than to sin and worry about if it is it a big sin or not, but to reach a point that you have no desire left to do anything that is not based on God's Will.

In this Mission we do not completely cut things to black and white. Whenever a religion or a people make things black and white, then they have lost the original Spirit of God and The Holy Ghost. They become rigid, and they put a great burden on one another. That society has lost the original flexible Spirit of God within.

The goal is to reach a point to have so much Holy Ghost and flexibility and ability to see through the events clearly that you just do not want to do anything that affect you, affects your environment, affects your family, affects the society. You try to become so pure that other people desire to also become pure.

I hope that answered your question.

If anyone has any question or follow up go ahead.

It sounds like we do not have any questions. So we will say our Sal-Oms and leave you all to God.

Again, go to the website, read our teachings and see the beauty of what has been revealed, and become them. And bring great questions for next month.

Sal-OM everyone.

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