Further Clarifications

By Maitreya



Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the room for Further Clarifications. I can see that there are already a couple of questions on the floor. We will go ahead and try to answer them.

Rohtheory: If there is a beginning, there must be a cause for that beginning.

Maitreya: That is what we call intellectual curiosity and our desire to explain what is unexplainable, something that is beyond mind and the three creative forces. The intellectuals have been trying to explain the cause and how the creation was created. They have written hundreds and thousands of books and essays and tried to tackle that question. Still the question remains: "What was the cause, and where did God come from? If there was God who created God Himself?"

However, the Mystic who experiences the state of Oneness, comes back and says, "God exists. There is no cause for It. It has not been created but He has created all things. Many times in our explanations we have clearly said that God is not explainable intellectually, but It is an experience. When you experience God, then you know there was no beginning. He has been here, He is here, and He will be here forever. He is in eternity and therefore, the infinity, eternity, Creator with no beginning and cause will be completely revealed to you.

Even after you experience It, when you come back, you cannot explain It again to any one but you say, "Yes, I have experienced It. I know it is possible."

Those intellectual questions should be put aside, and instead we should follow the recommendations of the Mission: Close your eyes, meditate, and eventually experience The Word, the vibration within you. One day you will experience infinity, God, and unity, and you will clearly realize that there is no cause for God but there is a beginning in creation.

If you are looking for the cause of the creation, it started with the release of the energy that has created the whole universe. Eventually that energy will be exhausted and the whole universe will fold on itself and the darkness will be prevalent for billions of billions of years. As Indian Philosophy believes, there are days of God and there are nights of God. When the creation continues, those are the days. When it folds on itself, those are the nights that many Prophets said it is going to be the gnashing of the teeth, cold, and a terrible place to be.

So if you really want to know the answer, find it deep within: What is eternity? What is infinity? All those questions are the questions of the mind and cannot be explained until it is experienced.

Aleph Yud Ayin: Before the beginning there was nothing.

Maitreya: That is not true. That is a wrong answer. Before the beginning of this creation there was still God, and He was, He is, and He will be forever. That conclusion again is an intellectual conclusion. It is not from the experience.

Same Meaning: Evolution or creation?

Maitreya: Both. God created the creation in an evolutionary manner. He perfected things as things evolved, or as things reached higher consciousness there was a need for new beings, or creation, or progress. Any time a group of creation did not progress enough, or was not fast enough to go to higher consciousness, He destroyed them, or He evolved a branch of them to a new state and the rest were not incarnated or brought back for many lifetimes, or many lifetimes later they became incarnated in a different branch that has already been evolved to a higher level.

It is just like the dinosaurs. Many of them evolved to the birds that we see right in our back yards or anywhere we go. Many of them were destroyed because they became too big, too lazy, and were not evolving. They were consuming a lot of energy but would not go to a higher level. There is no conflict between evolution and creation. The explanation is that God created the creation in an evolutionary way.

He constantly perfects, and pushes the creation to the higher level of evolvement. Therefore there is no conflict. We do not see a conflict. There is no conflict. God indeed is in charge of the creation and evolution both.

Those who fight over these things again are intellectualizing things and they are going for, either, or. The Mission again unifies between evolutionists and creationists, and teaches them that both are correct and there is no separation between the two theories.

Same Meaning: Then why does Maitreya say that the human evolved?

Maitreya: Well, you received your answer right there before that question. It is because God created in an evolutionary way. In the beginning there was darkness. Man fell from The Grace. Man fell away from God, and therefore they created darkness.

God created the universe to help this darkness to go back to the Light or God. That process is the process of evolving from the very darkness toward returning to the Light.

It is like the part that went to the darkness is in the cave. But at the end of the cave there is a Light that is outside, which is God. In order to go and enter that Light or entrance, you have to walk through the cave, which is still darkness, until you reach the entrance and Light. The closer you come to the Light, the bigger the Light will become. Eventually you evolve yourself to come closer to the entrance and exit the darkness, to the Light. That is how it has worked.

God created the whole creation to help humanity to recognize that they have done wrong. They used their free will to separate themselves from Him/Her/It and therefore now it is time to turn around and walk toward the Light. That makes it to evolve toward the higher level and God. Therefore again, evolving is not against creation.

God created the creation in an evolutionary manner. There is no conflict between the two.

I hope this answers your question. If you have a follow-up, go ahead.

There is another question. Someone is posting it.

Rohtheory: If there is no reason for God, then God has no reason and this makes Him incomplete.

Maitreya: Again, that is an intellectual explanation. There does not have to be a reason. God just is. There is no awareness of "I," that relates everything outside in this world as, "I have to have a purpose. I have to have a job. I have to do something."

God is beyond mind, therefore, all these things that you try to explain is the human mind. God cannot be explained.

Rohtheory: So God is lack of intelligence?

Maitreya: No. God is beyond mind. Actually God is the pure intelligence. Intellect is different than intelligence.

That is why we recommend that you go and study our teaching. There is a clear explanation: The difference between intellect and intelligence.

Intelligence does not try to explain things away and satisfy the intellectual curiosity. An intelligent person knows the answer. Intellect tries to explain. So there are two different states of being. Intelligence actually evolves when the person goes beyond intellect and reaches intuition. Such a person, with the higher intuition, is more intelligent than an intellectual that wastes his time trying to explain something that is unexplainable.

We have said many times, "God cannot be explained but It can be experienced."

You have to close your eyes, listen to the Revelations of God, see who has been prophesied to come and reveal the ultimate truth to humanity, and when you find that, listen. Do not just follow your own intellectual curiosity and create questions on top of questions on top of questions that never will be answered.

Aleph Yud Ayin: I have heard that reason is the voice of the devil, and that conscience is the voice of The Holy Spirit. What do you say about that?

Maitreya: Yes, in one level you are correct in what you say. However, we do not believe in the devil. We concentrate on God and the Light. The devil is the lack of the presence of God, and since God is everything and present everywhere, where is the devil?

The only devil that exists is our ego, which is like an umbrella over our heads, and we are not letting the light that has come to earth, as this Revelation, to penetrate and reach our consciousness. Therefore devil as explained with the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Baha'i teachings, really does not exist. It is not a being. It is an illusion of separation from God. If you shatter that illusion then you and God become One and there is no devil left for you.

Of course, it is easier to concentrate on the devil and make the followers and those people in these religions so afraid of the devil that they submit themselves to the oppressive teachings and untrue dogmas. Therefore, they can bind the followers to untruth and dogmatic beliefs.

The truth and ultimate realization is that it is your ego that separates you from God, and you think there is a devil. But it is you really who is the devil. You are the person that does not want to listen to God, does not want to close your eyes to meditate. You do not want to accept God's Word, but you want to have your own intellectual curiosity, opinions, and ideas.

Aleph Yud Ayin: So Zoroastrianism is false?

Maitreya: Zoroastrians, like all other religions, are explaining things in a symbolic way. When he said the Ahriman is fighting back with God, when he said those things, it seemed to people that he was talking about a person.

Actually, it was the influence of the Zoroastrian religion that Abraham and Abram were from, that created the base for the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Baha'i teachings. Therefore, he is the founder of the realization that there is a force that is fighting back with the Light and God. He called it Ahriman. Later on it evolved to devil.

Actually it came from divas in the Hindu religion, which they believe as angels. Zoroaster called them the devil although Zoroaster himself was from the Aryan Race, which the Hindus were. That became a point of contention between the Persians, who also were the Aryan Race, and came as a branch from the north of India and settled in the north of Persia.

Eventually Zoroaster came and brought the new teaching and separated God and Ahriman into two different beings. The Hindus and Persians became enemies for a long time. There are epics in Persian poetry that explain the wars between the Persians and the people who had the devils, etc. So for a long time there was this fight between them. The epic in the Bhagavad-Gita also might be referring to the same wars that happened between the Indians and Persians because they started going to different directions.

The Hindus stayed Hindu. They believed in Atman, God, and the unity of man with God. The Persians started preaching two beings as God and the devil. Eventually Abram, or Abraham, who went south of Persia and ended up in Iraq, or Ur, started opposing the followers of the people in Ur who had statues. Therefore an enmity started between them. The people in Ur chased Abraham out of their city. That is why he had to leave and go to other places. Eventually he received his own Revelation and understanding, and started the Hebrew Race.

Actually Hebrews, Arabs, and a lot of people have the Persian background. That is why my genealogy matches with the Hebrew Race because I am from the area it came from.

We can see the devil, or Ahriman, is the theory that started with the Zoroastrians but it is symbolic. It means there is a struggle between God and humans. But that struggle is not a being. It is within you.

It is you who is struggling with God. It is your ego. It is the feeling of separation, Maya, and the delusion of being separate from God, which creates that devil. If you purify yourself and recognize the creation, history, and the power of Maya, which some people say is as strong as God Himself, then you start to turn around, be baptized, concentrate on Light and God instead of concentrating on the devil, and purify yourself. One day you feel the unity with God.

But the devil, Ahriman, and all of that are symbolic; it is not a being that exists, but a quality that the human has to overcome.

Aleph Yud Ayin: Is Ahriman the same as a personification of sin?

Maitreya: The sin is going against the universal set-up. The universe has been set up for a special purpose. As our teaching indicates, it is to go back to Light, to Pure Consciousness. So all the Laws, or Daharmas of the universe, are to help us to discipline ourselves more and more and follow the most natural way of living that God intended us to live.

By understanding these Laws we become more and more in tune with the Laws of the universe. Not only we do not create sin, which is the same as creating karma, we also can set an example for other people not to want to do sin, but to purify themselves, stop sinning, and go back to God.

So devil is really the ego or our illusion of separation from God, having our own opinions and ideas, and wanting to explain the Daharma of the things not according to what God created them to be. Therefore in meditation and progress and reading the Scriptures, and knowing about the Laws and the Ways of God, little by little we clear and clean our lives. We go more and more toward the Daharma of things, the nature of things, "Why is this thing created? What did God create it for?" There is a purpose and reason for it. Find that and follow it! Do not go against the nature of things that God created to be.

By this you will not do sin. It is as simple as that. But apparently because of the attachments, desires, wants, and the impulses that humans have in their bodies, they do not listen to their higher self but they listen to their lower self. That is why we have such a mess on earth, and religions become dogmas.

Humans have their opinions and ideas. They do not listen and/or read the Scriptures, and God's Way. Then they wonder why they have wars, destruction, separation, and all the vices that humans are living in, and they separate themselves from each other and have a hard time creating Communities of Light. That is because they still are full of desires and wants, and they cannot bring the Garden of Eden or oneness with God back to humanity.

Therefore the devil or Ahriman or whatever you want to call that state, is the state of the willfulness of man. The only free thing humanity has is the will. The will cannot be destroyed, cannot be changed, unless a person realizes that their will is the ego will, is the lower nature will, is the earthly will, and they submit that will to the higher Will, which is the Godly Will and say, "Well, I do not have any opinion, any idea, but I will listen to the Scriptures and God and therefore I will clean up my life and will not go against those Laws."

Those Laws have been given in nature. It is very easy to understand them by concentrating and contemplating.

If you cannot understand them go to the Scriptures go to THOTH, go to the Satsangs. Come here and ask, "Is that OK to do this or that?" We try to explain what God's Way is.

You can say Ahriman is the same as the personification of sin, which is ego. Yes, indeed, it is not a being.

I hope that answered your question.

Aleph Yud Ayin: What is the etymology of the term "GOD," there is a similar term in the Hebrew scriptures denoting a tribe, "Gad," a son of Jacob, Israel? I have read that God comes from the word "Goat."

Maitreya: God has had many names throughout history. But we can clearly see that when Moses asked God, "What is your name?" He said, "I am that I am."

In Genesis we see that Adam gave names to everything that God created. So God relates to everything in the universe as what they are. It does not have any name or anything.

It is the human who loves to give names to things. Then they become attached to those names and if another culture calls it differently, they become angry at each other and try to create wars and separation.

In the essence there is no vibration, there is no ability to create wars in the way that we can do it in this manifested world. Therefore, God is Nameless, Formless, Invisible, and Eternal.

Actually the Hebrews and the Arabs used to call God, The Nameless. Since He created the universe He had to use the vibration and therefore, He used The Word, or the Creative Force in the universe. That Creative Force, or Word, is in every living being in the universe from the atom to the highest evolved being. That Word is what we call The Holy Name, or Creative Forces, and is revealed to those who come close to the Mission, in four initiations.

In truth, God has no Name, and God, as it is used in English could have come from the Generator, Operator, and Destroyer, the qualities of God. It is not really a name.

But, of course, they call Him Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah, Yah, Krishna, Buddha, Shiva, Vishnu, many, many names that each culture becomes very attached to and think that is the name of God. But really, in the essence, in the highest level, there is no vibration in the essence, and therefore there cannot be a name.

God clearly said, "I am that I am." He did not give any name to anything, but Adam did. We can see all the evidence says that God does not have any name, as anyone on earth put a name on Him, with any vibration, they are incorrect.

But if you know The Word and the vibration that It creates within you, then you can know the Creative Force. Not only that Creative Force within you is amazingly powerful, but also you can use it to heal yourself. You can use it to receive answers. It can give you spiritual powers. But if you misuse them, the moment you misuse your powers, The Word will be gone. It is finished. You are not going to hear it anymore until you purify yourself again and win Gods Mercy.

Again, here in this Mission the highest state of God has been explained. Those who still fight over what was the Name of God are guided to realize that they cannot do that.

Therefore realize that God is Nameless, Formless, Invisible, and Eternal.

We have reached the end of our time. This is the time that if you have any more questions left, you can bring it up at this time. If you do not have any questions, of course, that would be our time with you for today.

If there are no other questions, think about these discussions. Go to our website and if you have questions during the month, send them to us. It would always be nicer if we receive them before the session so I can meditate on them in a deeper level and even go to the website to see what is answered to that question. If there is further explanation we can go ahead and add to whatever we have in the website.

The questions in the website are pretty much perfected. If you go there and search for your questions, probably you will get tons of answers there.

So I will leave you all to God, and we will see you next month.

Sal-OM everyone!

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