Further Clarifications
By Maitreya



Maitreya:  Sal-OM everyone.  Today we have some questions that were already sent to the Mission.  We will go ahead and answer those questions first.  Meanwhile you can post your questions in the text.  After we answer these questions, we will come back and answer yours.  We will go ahead and take the first question.

Question:  How can we prevent a similar situation occurring to the Communities of Light (which will have more peace-loving, fair people) like what happened to the Tibetan Buddhists (that were attacked and almost destroyed by the aggressive, more powerful Chinese)?

Maitreya:  We all know that Christ taught that if someone smites you, turn your other cheek.  If someone asks for your coat, give him even your cloak.

What happens if someone came and took over your house, treated your children and your family badly, and started killing your friends and fellow believers?  That is what happened to Islam when Prophet Muhammad started his mission.  In Mecca they started killing his followers and took over their properties.

God sent the concept of Jihad, or defending yourselves.  It is the same God.  Why does one teaching say you have to turn your cheek, and the other one says, “No, do not?”

Again the Mission teachings unify these two teachings as, if someone does bad things to you, to a point you can forgive them and forget their aggression.  As Christ said, Father forgive these people, they do not know what they do, killing the Christ, the First Begotten Son of God.

If something is done to the society that is affecting the society and the progress of the universe toward the fulfillment, God says, defend yourselves and defend the Revelation and the things that are based on the reason this creation has been created.  Therefore not only do we have to be good people but we also have to be aware people and know where the world is.

The idea eventually is to create the Kingdom and have a very small enforcement force that can keep the peace and unity of the earth.  The rest can relax, be good and forgiving, and they do not have to fight and defend themselves like what happened to Tibet.  The Tibetans were nice, peaceful people.  When they did not create an army or something to defend themselves, a more powerful nation came and took them over.  Their system did not work so they lost a lot in the process.

If the Mission was in that situation we would have realized that a great force is becoming dominating around us and therefore we would have done something to prevent that to happen.  Being good and nice does not mean that we are not aware of what is happening around us, and we wait until we are attacked, destroyed, and taken over.

The Communities Of Light will be very open and will work with everyone toward that end to increase their numbers.  Eventually humanity will see the truth in this Revelation, and will come together and become one.

One of the resistances of humanity to become one has been the limited resources.  Because the earth has limited resources, all through history it has been well known with those people who want to have a better standard of living that they have no choice but to dominate and to create an environment that they can take more resources to their own area than are available to everyone.  We can see that it has been a part of the history that each nation has been trying to dominate and better their lot of material things.

Again the Mission has given the answer to that problem.  The answer to that problem is to reach to space.  There are infinite resources in space and therefore the standard living of everyone can be improved.  No one has to enslave others in order to improve their own lot.

Before the fall in the Garden of Eden, that is how it was.  There were infinite resources, and they could live in peace.  Man said, “No, I know better than God what is good for me.”  Then God gave limited resources to humanity.

We can see in the coming of the Kingdom, all the answers are given.  Some people are probably going to oppose the unity for that very reason.  They say, “Well, if you unify everyone together and everyone’s right to improve their standard of living, then our standard of living is going to go down.”

They probably have some point, as that is the reality of the earth’s resources.  If they recognize, if they expand their vision, if they realize that this earth is just a speck in the universe and there are infinite resources out there in space, and bring God’s Way into their lives, they can easily bring their standard of living and everyone’s standard of living to the highest possible levels.

You can see that we can create an environment that is peaceful and be like the Tibetan environment, without too many war machines that we have accumulated because each nation is afraid of other nations.  That is why they increase their arsenals, and the people that have more want to increase their arsenals.  If they do not have them, they want to gain them and then struggle, and the wars are going to continue.  Really if you come down to it, it is mostly cultural, religious differences and material gains that bring these wars.

In our Revelation and God’s Way it has been shown how we can stop this and bring unity among humans because we can stop all our own cultures and bring God’s Culture into play.  We have to stop our own understanding of the way things work to God’s Way.  We can become one in that aspect.  We can reach to space, and therefore we do not need to fight over the limited resources.

Also that shows that the religions like Buddhism in Tibet have finished their period of expansion and usefulness.  As Buddha also predicted, a new Revelation will come to humanity after 2,500 years.  And it has.

Again we can see those approaches are not working.  The approach of the middle path, the approach of awareness, the approach of combining all religions together is the answer.

Christ said that if someone asks for your cloak, give him your coat.  Do all the Christians do that?  We can see that actually they follow Prophet Muhammad’s way of, “If someone attacks you, you defend yourself.”

If the people in Tibet also were following Prophet Muhammad, they would have said, “No, we are going to defend ourselves.”  Therefore China would not have been in that situation.  At least the Tibetans would have tried to create something that China would have thought twice before attacking them.

We see that our teachings again are more perfect, more complete, and more inclusive than any other teaching before it.  Only through these teachings can we create unity and unify humanity.  We can teach them that they have to go beyond borders.

The moment you put borders around a nation then those borders become a conflicting point between that nation and other nations.  The reason that humanity and these countries want these borders is because they want to have a better cultural unity among themselves.  If they realize that these borders have to go eventually and the unity comes by bringing greater material things from space to themselves, they would realize that they do not need those borders, and they can come and unify.

That is the way it is going.  In that stage there is not going to be anything like China or Tibet that they can attack each other because it is going to be a unified center that will not allow aggression toward any people.

Again the Mission solves the problem.  If only the Mission was in Tibet, it would solve the problem.  But our vision is not one nation.  Our Vision is the whole earth.

By the way, we have a poster that has been created that is The Greatest Sign at the top of the earth.  It has been printed to go.  It has been posted in the website.  If you go there, you can read more about it.  It is really mind expanding to see The Greatest Sign at the top of the earth with no borders.  Even if there were a border, eventually it will become one earth, peaceful, united, under One God, One Humanity, and One Savior.  That is the Vision of this Mission.  Everyone is invited to come and see this Vision, and take it with them to every corner of the earth.

The answer to your question simply is that the usefulness of a lot of philosophies and religions has come to an end.  The only way to salvation is the unification of all religions and humanity, and realizing that in each situation humanity has to be flexible to be able to create an environment that the aggressors more and more think twice and three times before they become aggressors, and they realize that their way to salvation is the Mission and reaching to Space.

I hope that answered your question.  If it did not, you can have a follow-up.  If there is no follow-up, we can go to the next question.

Question:  What is the best age for marriage?

Maitreya:  We have to look at God’s Way, how God created for men and women to marry and unite as couples.  According to God, when a man and a woman reach to puberty, that is the time that nature is saying they should get married.

Of course if a man and a woman are not living in a community, that would be difficult because they are pretty young and they are like children.  Children are not stable.  They are coming from childhood to adulthood.  The only way they can be glued together, stay together, and be guided is if there is a community, or even better Communities of Light, around them to keep them together.  Also according to our teaching if they live together for life in the community by that time they pretty much are known to each other and easily can marry in that age.

But we have created an environment that children have to go to school to finish their high school, and then go to college, and then get a job.  The only way we can do that is we have to succumb to the nature and say, “It is OK.  Go have sex with each other but you cannot get married.”  That is a very unnatural environment that we have created.  When children reach to the point that they get married, they are not as innocent, pure, and able to cement with one partner as they would according to God’s Way.

Really the question, when is the best time to marry is, what did nature intend?  Did nature intend for marriage after puberty?  That is the best way to do it, and if we do not do that, we create unnatural situations.  We have created very many unnatural situations on earth at this time.  We have to meditate and create the ability to see how God created everything and go back to using them according to God, so it becomes natural.

In the Communities Of Light the support should be for the couples, to cement them together, to hold them together, to guide them to stay together, and to create a system that by the time of puberty they can marry if they want.  If they want to continue to higher education, or a better job, or their system, they should be supported in that way so we can be Godly and at the same time have the ability to harness the intelligence, or the want to be educated, and go to the higher level.  If they want to get a job, we should also support them in that way.

Again the natural way is the way of God.  If the nations and people go unnatural, they will create a lot of problems that not only will create disunity among them, it will create a lot of suffering.  The answer is the Communities of Light based on the Laws of God, support of the communities, support of the couples, support of the society to become natural and create the natural way.

The best time to get married is at the time of puberty.

There is a question in the text that I would like to answer first before going to the next question.

Audience [typed]: I disagree; age 15 is way too young for marriage.  They are still children and have no idea how to raise children yet.

Maitreya:  In the society that we live in that is the prevalent idea.  Many have come to this conclusion that they are too young.

Soulsearcher_x [typed]:  That is where the community comes in?

Maitreya:  That is where the community comes in, absolutely.  Without the Communities of Light, as I said, they are children themselves.   Really puberty is a time when someone is going from childhood to adulthood.  They are teenagers.  They are not adults yet.

That is when the guidance, and the Elder experience, and the community comes in and helps the couples.  Soulsearcher is absolutely correct.  With the Communities of Light we can make things naturally and create an environment that those young couples can easily survive and thrive.

Now we can go to the next question:

Question:  I do not totally understand about the concept of Mehdi.  I believe that Maitreya (GIWH) is the Mehdi that the Moslems are waiting for, yet I have read in the teachings that we consider Bab to be the Mehdi?  Could we say there were two Mehdis?  Is the concept of Mehdi like Messiah ("Anointed One") so there could be several Mehdis?

Maitreya:  Absolutely.  The idea of Mehdi came after Prophet Muhammad.  They believe that Prophet Muhammad was the last Prophet.  Therefore no one should come after him.  But that was not the Will of God and that was not the way God set up the revelations and the coming of each revelation, one after the other.

When the Prophet passed away, many people realized, “This is not really perfect.  This is not complete.  It did not work.  It fell apart.”  There was division between followers; there was division between people.  Still a lot of questions had not been answered.  Now how could that be complete?  The split started between the Moslems.

Now we have two main branches and many small branches in Islam.  Quite a few of them came with the idea of Mehdi.  That was because they did not believe there was going to be another Prophet to come.  So they devised the idea of Mehdi as the coming of the Twelfth Imam, and some say the Seventh Imam, and some say the Fifth.

They realized that someone has to come.  In that sense, intuitively they realized there would be more revelations.  One of these branches was the Ishmaelites that believed that the Mehdi or the person who comes after Prophet Muhammad is always there, and they eventually became the Assassins.  They became very powerful in that time.

Bab came from them and they said of him, he is the Mehdi after Prophet Muhammad.  But the idea of Mehdi coincides with the idea of the Seventh Angel.  Prophet Muhammad was the fourth.  After that there would be another coming, of the twin Prophets as Bab and Baha’u’llah, and Baba, and now this.

In a sense you can say, “Yes, the concept of Mehdi or the Anointed One or Christ is the same.”  It means that there is going to be one person who is going to come after that Prophet.  Of course we know that the Scriptures are very clear.  When the Seventh Angel or Seventh Revelation comes, and the Seven Seals are opened, that is it.  It is finished.  It is ended.  It is done.

Now we are in that time and there is no Prophet that ever has said so many times, “This is it.  This is finished.  This is the end.  There is no Mehdi, there is no Messiah, and there is no revealer that is going to come after this.”  It very clearly says that there is not going to be any more.

So your understanding is correct.  It was a lack of the perfection of Islam and the split in the religion that brought the idea but actually it means that there are going to be Seven Revealers.

That is why Bab was the Mehdi, according to what the Moslems were waiting for.  He came from a Moslem who knew Arabic, went to Mecca and revealed whatever expectation they had.

This is also Mehdi because God said there were going to be Seven Revealers.

Also we have made that as being Mehdi as the Moslems are waiting for Mehdi to come differently than Christ.  But that is their problem because that is not correct.  Mehdi and Christ are the same.  There is no difference between them.

I hope that answered the question.  We go to the next question.

Question:  I was wondering if you could comment a little bit on telepathy and molecular transportation.

Maitreya:  One question I have from you, this is your question Unus, what do you mean by molecular transportation?  Do you mean, “Scottie beam me up?”

Unus:  Absolutely.  Why not?

Maitreya:  OK.  Well, I consider that two questions.  So we will go ahead with the telepathy first.

Telepathy is an ability to read other people’s mind, feelings, and motivations without them telling you in words.  We all have some of it.  When we see some person, we may sense their character, ability, and who they are.  There is something called profiling in police and many places that they say if they see these signs in people they can come up with some kind of ability to say what kind of person they might be.  It does not always work, of course.  But they use it in detective work and things like that.

Also in the higher level the ability to communicate through your mind, through your consciousness, to impress something on the consciousnesses of other people is possible, and they either are aware of it or unaware of it.  Sometimes someone will say, “Oh, someone is calling me right now,” and the telephone rings.  If you ask them, “How did you know?”  They cannot explain to you why.  They just say, “I just knew it.”

The telepathy in the level that people can understand each other will be coming back to humanity more and more.  Actually the psychic powers are coming back to humanity, and people are becoming more psychic.  They have to see each other clearer and they understand one another without talking too much.

There are actually some cultures that do not talk very much with each other but they know exactly what is happening in the community, they know exactly what is going on in their environment.  The other people who come out of that community are amazed at how they get along without even talking.  They have that kind of connection with the members in the community.

As the Communities of Light are formed and more people come together and create those communities, those abilities will increase tremendously.  By meditation and the ability to go deeper inside, the psychic powers are going to increase.  But people should not misuse those psychic energies and powers.  That is our teaching in the community:  All should work toward unity and Godliness.

Therefore those psychic energies and powers, siddhis, should be used for God, not for selfish things.  If you use them for selfish things in the community, everyone would know and they would come after you and make you realize that you are misusing them, at the same time realizing that, “Yes, my psychic energies are from God and have to be used for God.”

Even today I know people who have psychic powers and telepathic abilities to an extent.  It will increase in a greater degree.  It is almost like a revelation that comes to the Prophet from God.  It is a knowingness of the other person’s motivation, power, and abilities and where they are at and in what level they are in.

It is not something that you can really say that you can hear a word or sound in your brain and you are in telepathy with another person.  It is a feeling.  It is a kind of a knowingness that something is coming to you.  It is just like that person who says, “Such and such a person is going to call me right now,” and the telephone rings.  He or she really does not know why he or she said that.

I hope that answered your question.

Soulsearcher is asking:

Soulsearcher_x [typed]:  When will this happen?

Maitreya:  It will happen when we create the Communities of Light.  People will come together.  People will start meditating together.  People will start living together. They will start progressing together.  It will happen when the earth is going to come to the recognition that we are One Humanity and of One God, when we stop fighting and destroying one another and create the peaceful environment that we go deeper into our psychic energy and, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, not to gather more money or more material things but how to progress in a psychic and spiritual level.  Even then not to misuse the psychic power as we saw before the flood of Noah.  Humanity misused those powers and therefore God destroyed them.

We learn our lesson of history.  We learn our lesson of before the flood of Noah.  We learn our lessons that the Mission has brought to humanity, and we recognize that we are here to go to God.  We are not here to become rich.  We are not here to have psychic powers.  We are not here to have any of those, but to go to God.

AmazinGracee is asking:

AmazinGraceeUK:  Are we being contacted telepathically by extraterrestrials?

Maitreya:  Well, some people say we are.  Some people say, “No, they all are a hoax and there is no truth in it.”  As we said, the possibility that there are beings in other planets is more possible than not, a probability.  The problem is the distance.  How they overcome the distances to come to this planet is of concern.

Some people say that they fold the space and therefore they can travel easily. They use some kind of a tunnel, or gates.  They transport themselves from one area to another area.  These are all speculations.  These are all not proven.

Beside, if there are, OK, so what?  Are they here to help us?  Or are we here to help ourselves, as our teaching is that we should create the Communities of Light.  We can create peace and unity on earth.  Then we can go study, create research labs, send people to space, study the claims, and eventually bring evidence to either prove it or disprove it.  It is not something really to put too much effort and energy into.

The second part of your question, Unus, was the molecular transportation.  It is a theory that as in stories in probably the 20’s or 30’s they have made many movies about that.  Even there was a movie called “Fly,” if you have seen it or not.

The idea was the same.  When a scientist was testing it, a fly went into the machine with him.  So a part of the fly became him, and a part of him went to the fly.  The whole thing was mixed up, and he eventually destroyed the machine.  Still it is a theory.

We do not have a working machine that really does that molecular transportation.  If ever it happened, I have a hard time to see how they can disassemble a whole molecular structure and put it back together, and at the same time the Spirit and Soul also come with it and everything manifests in another place at the same time.

They might be able to do the molecular transportation, or they might have a dead body at the other side.  I would be very concerned about seeing that they would be able to do that.

Of course, they now can create clones of animals.  And they are probably pretty close to making it even for humans.

The other side, when that molecular structure comes together, would another Spirit or Soul occupy it instead of the original one?  I would have a lot of questions before I could see that really works well.  If it works then it would be great.  It would be almost like mind, it becomes the most powerful and fastest way to travel.  You want to go to the moon?  There is one station here and one on the moon.  You go from here to the moon in a couple of seconds.

It is just like e-mail.  You actually e-mail yourself to different places.  Fifty or sixty years ago it would take a month before you could send mail to someone in China.  Now you send an e-mail and they get it.

Nothing is impossible.  But would it be practical, and would it work?  That is the question.  I hope that answered your question too.


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