Further Clarifications Feast Of Tabernacles



Shirin:  People were asked to send in questions.  We have a list that we can start off with.  What we will do is present the question, and whoever would like to come to the microphone, can answer it as if someone had asked them that question.

Or you may have encountered it in PalTalk and someone asked you that kind of question.

First, let us open it up to general questions from the audience, if there are any.    So we will now open it up to anyone who would like to present a question.

Our first question that was sent in is:  Why do I have to believe in God and what has God done for me?

Radah:  He is the Creator of all.  We can see Him in everything.  When we study, like physics, we can see that there is so wonderful a world, a wonderful universe that you can see God in it. 

Tahirah:  Sal-OM.  Why do I have to believe in God?  It is because I am here.  I am here.  I am.  He has done for me, the creation.

Shirin:  If someone was to ask me this… in fact we have this question asked a lot in PalTalk, “Why do I have to believe in God, what has He done for me?”  For a person who has thought about it or even explored science, I would tell them that the chances of this universe not having a Creator, not having a Logic behind it are so infinitesimally small that than you would have to say, “There is a Logic, there is a Creator behind this creation.”

Now I would also go ahead and say, you know this is not the dogma god that a lot of the fundamental religions talk about.  This is not the god sitting up on the throne. This is not the god with the white beard, with all the dogmas that are taught about God.  But it is God, as like Radah said, “God is everything.”  So when we can expand and help someone else expand that understanding then they can say, “Oh, well, yes, that is God.”

And what has God done for me?  Well, look around.  God has this universe for us.  God gave us this life in order to progress.  We have a goal to go back to that Oneness.

Some of our discussion has been that God is everything.  So how could there not be a world?  How could we not believe in God?  Someone else said, “Why do I have to believe in God?”  It is because I am here.  I am.  We exist.  If we exist, God exists.

Then the other aspect was that, this universe is so incredibly created that it would be almost impossible for there not to be a Creator behind it.  It is not by accident.

Maitreya:  I think the question that has been posed, has been posed by a person who does not know our teachings.  One of the great problems I have found between people is that they believe God created the Essence too.  One of the things that the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Baha’i followers have to recognize is the Mystical Paths that say that we have come from the Essence. and the Essence is in each of us.

Therefore, we can see that God created this universe for the Essence to turn around and go back to the Source.  That is what God has done for us:  To create an environment that accelerates our return to God.  If this is understood by humanity that our Essence has not been created, then we will realize that God indeed has done a lot for us.

The only thing He does not have power over is our free will.  That is why He has created the Law of Karma for us to go astray, suffer, and eventually realize that no matter what in this universe we do, it never, ever is going to be satisfying.  No matter how much we have, no matter how much we accumulate, no matter how much we think we can be happy with, at the end we will realize that whatever we have will create suffering.

So the answer really relates to another question later, “Why didn’t God create me perfect?”  It is because God did not create your Essence.

If we understand this, make humanity to realize that, and then ask that question, we would see that God has done a lot for us.  Therefore, we have to know Him; we have to believe in Him because we want to know who created this universe, and how He has created it.

It is not that I believe in the name of God as Allah, or Jehovah, or this or that, but I know God the way He created the universe, the Laws He puts it in, how we can follow them, and now we can return back to God.

Go ahead, Love_Moves_the_World.

Love_Moves_the_World:  Yes, that is in essence very true what Maitreya said about us evolving back to Him.  Hindus and Moslems say the same thing.  That is when in the Hindu we call it Sanatana Dharma.  Sanatana Dharma means Eternal Religion.  It is that just as human beings have an occupation, like some are engineers, some are doctors, some are this, and some are that, we all have professions, we all have certain set paths, and we all have certain goals.

One of the large professions is the profession of the Lord that is of God, is to elevate the human being, to take him through a series of evolution, by which either he becomes so refined and so pure that he can very well merge with the Lord himself.

Ultimately that is like he can merge with the Lord Himself.  That is what we call the concept of Mokcha in Hinduism.  Mokcha means liberation.  Liberation is achieved only by union with the Lord.  That is the ultimate aim.  That is the ultimate goal of human beings.

There are a lot of people waiting to take the microphone.

Maitreya:  Truth Seeker, go ahead.

Truthseeker_36:  If God did not create us, how did we come to be, our Essence I mean?

Maitreya: Love_Moves_the_World what you were just teaching us or telling us is Hinduism, which is a part of our teaching.  We teach that Hinduism is not perfect as no other religion is perfect.  Hinduism is categorized as one part of the Mystical Paths.  Probably it is the most comprehensive Mystical Path, but it is one of them.  So is Buddhism, Cabbala, Sufism, Mystics in Christianity, and all those who say, “Know thyself to know God.”  If you really want to know more, you have to know all the Seven Seals that are taught on our website and in our organization. 

God teaches how the next step is the Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrendering and submission to God, and universalism.  Then when you add Hinduism to that it becomes a perfect Path that creates communities based on God’s Laws, sacrifice into it, surrender and submit to the Will of God, and become universalists, then you shatter all narrowness and you become free, and you help the whole universe.

So we know about Hinduism.  We know about the Mystical Paths.  And we encourage you to know more.

About Truthseeker’s question, “If He did not create our Essence, then where did we come from,” it is the same question as, where did God come from?  It is the question that intellectually cannot be answered but it can be experienced.

It is the same thing as when we experience our oneness with God and we know we have been here in eternity, we will be forever, we have never been created, and never will be destroyed.  That is indeed the teaching of the Mystical Paths and the Bhagavad-Gita.

If you will read the Bhagavad-Gita, it says, “He who kills, and he who thinks he has killed, both are in delusion because no one can kill the Soul.”

This is a concept that really has to be understood by humanity because it has such a powerful effect on society, and if everyone realizes that each person has the Essence of God in him or her, and therefore the Essence does not kill other Essence, they will not rage war against other Essences.  Therefore it brings great realization that we are from the same Essence, and we have to get along and come to recognize that we are all a part of God.

But where it was created and when it was created is the same question as, Where did God come from?  That is not something you can explain in the intellectual sphere, in this external world, but it can be experienced.

I hope that answered your question.

Go ahead, Love_Moves_the_World.


Love_Moves_the_World: he question is, did God create man?  Actually it is very difficult to answer that as Maitreya said.  It is very difficult to answer it in the intellectual way. 

Dharma and Karma are some of the basic philosophies.  But then if you take in Hinduism, it is very similar to what you propagate simply because Hinduism encompasses everything.  I should not be saying Hinduism.  We should say a Hindu would always say, Sanatana Dharma.  Sanatana Dharma means one religion that is the eternal religion. 

Maitreya:  There is more.  Hinduism is a part of the Mystical Paths.  That is the interesting part of this Revelation and what we teach.  Even Hinduism with all its vastness, beauty, and teachings has to learn the rest of the Seals or steps.   

One of the pitfalls of the Mystical Paths and Hinduism is escapism:  To go to the mountains, forget about the society, and meditate, go to God, and become one with Him.  We call it the very selfish way, a very selfish path.  That is why the next step in the Eternal Divine Path is the creation of the Communities of Light.

We believe that you only can progress faster when you live in the Communities of Light.  In the Communities of Light, you have to sacrifice.  It means that you have to eliminate your ego, not being selfish, working collectively to create the Communities of Light.  Of course, Hinduism has selfless service and meditation.  But, that is directed toward the guru, not toward the community. 

Community is the Old Testament, which is the Jewish religion.  Sacrifice is Christianity.  The next step is surrendering and submission to the Will of God, Islam, “What is the Will of God for me?” 

First of all the Will of God is the Eternal Divine Path.  But what is His Will for me in the Eternal Divine Path?  So we can see Islam is also included.

Then is universalism, which is the Baha’i Teaching.  Then you become an Elect that all the religions are talking about.

You can see that Hinduism, like all other religions, has a lot of truth.  Actually it is an amazing philosophy and teaching.  But there is also Buddhism that you can add to Hinduism, then Cabbala, then Saints, etc.  It is then that you can see the Eternal Religion or Path.

Go ahead.

Love_Moves_the_World:  There are certain observations here that I would like to make.  One is that in Hinduism we say that the Divine is present everywhere, in every creation.  Like Krishna is there in every creation…[He went on and on explaining Hinduism.]

Maitreya:  We believe that also God is everything, and therefore Krishna consciousness as Hinduism, is a part of us.  There is more.  You have not been in our website.  Actually, usually we give the mic only to the people who have been in our website and know our teachings.

If you have any questions, or you want to discuss in a way that is back and forth, go ahead but please do not continue saying your philosophy over and over.  We know about Krishna consciousness, we know about Hinduism, we know about Buddhism, and therefore just be brief and let us discuss it, not just put it out all very fast. 

Go ahead.

Love_Moves_the_World:  The truth is that I am a Vedantist.  A Vedantist is the new seeker of the truth.  If you are trying to present the truth and I am going to your website….  It is wonderful.  I mean all that.  It is actually, this that you preach, is real Hinduism.   

This is something that is really amazing.  I have seen this for the first time. 

This is what Hinduism actually is about.  And it is not just mystical, it is also Karmic.  It is ritual.  If you want to see it as a monastic religion, it is a monastic religion.  If you want to see it as polytheistic religion, it is a polytheistic religion.  If you want to see it as an atheistic religion, you have the freedom to do it.  You have freedom for everything. 

The Maitreya, you that have evolved here, One World, One Humanity, One Savior, One God, is absolutely in tune with Hinduism.  Thank you.

Maitreya:  Yes indeed, we agree with you.  The original teaching before the flood of Noah covered the Seven Seals and what we teach now.  It was the original teaching that came from the teacher to the student. 

Eventually it was put down as the Vedas, which really originally was three Vedas.  They added the fourth one, which many believe was not with the original Vedas.  But the teaching of the original Vedas that came from the Great Masters after the flood was covering all Seven Seals.

It did cover the Mystical Paths.  It did cover the communities.  Even Buddhism talks about Sangha and Dharma, which means community based on the Dharma.  It came from Hinduism.

Now, of course, the Buddhists try to distinguish themselves but they really have come from the same Source.  It is just that Buddha was sick of seeing so many different people following so many different gods in Hinduism.  So he tried to just put the god out and said, “Just know thyself.”

We agree with you.  Everything you say is not new to us, and we agree with it.

But there is more.

Go ahead.

Love_Moves_the_World:  The beauty in all this is that we are all seeking the Divine.  I have been through the Maitreya website.  It is absolutely fabulous.  You, your goals are really very noble.  Every noble goal essentially means that we are getting closer to the Divine.  In the Vedantas, which is for the real Hindu, he believes that any path that takes him to the Divine is the ultimate path. 

I just have one question after this.  Do you believe that God is Omnipotent, Omniscience, and capable of doing anything?

Maitreya:  Yes, God is Omniscience, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent in the creation, and He has power over everything that He has created, but the Essence; the Essence of man, that has the free will.

That is why He had to create this creation, send the Prophets, send the Scriptures, send the Vedas, send Buddha, send Krishna, send Shiva, send the Prophets of the Old Testament, Christ, Mohammad, Bab, Baba, me, to tell humanity that this is the way.  Now all the philosophies, all the teachings of all the thousand Vedantas or Upanishads have been crystallized including all other religions into one teaching, which we call the Eternal Divine Path

If you go to our website and read our teachings, first of all you will see that we do not disagree with you.  God is everything.  He is Omnipotent.  He has created everything.  But we disagree with what a lot of people think that He also has power over the essence of man, the free will.

If He had that power why did He have to create the universe, send the Prophets, send the Revelations, guide man, and send all these things to them to bring them back to the Essence?  So God does not have power over your free will.  But He guides you and sends the Prophets to tell you how you can go back.

God prophesied that this teaching would come at the end time, which means the Kali Yuga, the end of the Kali.  The Kalki Avatar will come, bring this teaching to humanity, and crystallize it. 

Now it is crystallized.  All the philosophy you told us in the last half an hour now can be crystallized in five steps:  Awakening of our spiritual forces, creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrendering and submitting to the Will of God, and becoming a universalist.

If you do that, you will have a great grip on the Vedantas, on Krishna Consciousness, on Buddhism, on Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Baha’i, and any other religion on earth.   You will understand them, see where they fall, and you will have greater truth than what you have as the Vedas because the Vedas have been changed since they were revealed 12,000 years ago.

Go ahead.  Be brief though.

Love_Moves_the_World:  Yes, I wouldn’t like to take much time.  See, you do believe that God does not have power over the essence, the essence that is called, free will.  Now it is not that He does not have the power.  He is all-powerful.  He is Omnipotent.  He can do anything.  He is all-powerful; it is just that He has not exercised that power. 

So because of the free will, actually it is not absolutely free because if God is Omnipotent, He can intervene anytime.  He can intervene any moment.

Maitreya:  The whole base of the teaching of Hinduism is that our Essence, atman, and the Atman are one.  So we have the same qualities as God.  We have come from that Ocean. 

We decided to fall off from the Ocean.  We had the free will to break the darkness in the beginning.  If God wanted to turn us around and bring us back to the Essence, He would have done it then.  Why did He have to wait all this time, go through the creation, history, revelations, and all that? 

You can explain this in one way.  You say, “Well, He has the power to force us to go back to Him.”  It is just like, we have the power to catch a bird and put it in the cage.  That bird is not ours because he wants to fly away any time we leave the door open.  He does not want to become our bird.  But if the bird comes to us, adopts us, and becomes a part of our lives, sits on our shoulder, and would not fly away, then he is our bird.

So God does not want to force us to go back.  He wants us to go back with our free will.  Therefore Him and we are one.  I can accept that explanation.  But one thing is for sure, He is not going to exercise His Free Will on our free will.  We have to decide to do that.

Go ahead.

Love_Moves_the_World:  I would like to clarify one thing here.  See, one thing is we always need from God. We have all come from God, that qualitatively we are that way.  Quantitatively God is infinitely more powerful, more omniscient, and more compassionate.  He is more everything.  He is the extreme defined to infinity of all superlatives.  The question being like you had given an example of a bird, possibly getting a bird.  And it would want to go back into the world.

It is not that way with God.  It is not that way with God because His very touch will transform.  God can transform you in such a way.  God has the power.  He has the power to transform you in such a way that you would willingly enter the cage.  That is what He will do.  And that is what He will do and He should do. 

If there is a free will, then it exists because the Lord wants it to exist.  It is not the other way around.   

Maitreya:  Well, we posed the question that if He created us, why didn’t He create us perfect?  What is the reason for creation?  If He can change us to go back to God, He would have done it in the first place.  He would have changed everyone, and we would have all been put in Pure Consciousness.  He did not need all this creation and Revelation, and all that. 

Go ahead.

Love_Moves_the_World:  Hinduism defines this as a play.  The world is a stage.  We are but actors.  The Lord is the Director.  All this is His Play.  All this is Krishna’s Play.   

Maitreya:  No.  We do not agree with that.  That is where we say the Mystical Paths make a mistake.  That is when they become escapists.

That is because if it is a play, then I can play it anyway I want.  There is no purpose.  There is no reason.  There is no Goal in life and creation.  Therefore life becomes completely a game, a play, and you do not have to go back to God.  That is where Mysticism actually goes wrong.

That is why in our teachings there is a Goal.  There is a reason this Creation has been created.  And the reason is to turn around, be baptized, and go back to God.

That is where we do not agree with Hinduism.

Go ahead.

Love_Moves_the_World:  OK.  There is a game. Yes, we agree it is a game.  I say it is a game, but then if it is a game there are also rules.  OK, if you are playing a game you play by the rules.

If you are playing baseball you can only throw over arm.  You cannot throw underarm, right? And three misses means it is out.  That is how it is in baseball.

So whatever way you look at it, it is the Lord’s Play.  It is His Mercy.  It is Krishna who wills, and it is He who does. 

Maitreya:  Also there is more than this.  Twelve thousand years ago God took away the powers of humanity and made humanity to the one that we know now.  He closed the third eye and took the psychic powers away from them for a period of 12,000 years that they went through the history to this point. 

In that period God has been preparing the Elects that have progressed.  So now is the time to bring the Golden Age for humanity.  These prepared people are the ones we call the Elects.  They follow the Eternal Divine Path.

All the philosophy and everything that you are saying is again, I repeat, crystallized in One Path that covers all the religions, calls for the Elects, shows how to bring the Kingdom of God on earth, accelerates human progress toward returning home, and therefore it is much more than just continuing with the philosophy of Mysticism and believing that, “What is the rule of the game?”  Of course, it is a serious matter, not just a game.

The rule of the game is the Eternal Divine Path.  If you know the Eternal Divine Path you know how to play the game, and you win.  If you do not, you can go all over the place and try to find out what the rules are, and you might never find out. 

That is because it is just like if you want to become a professor in chemistry, and you are trying to find out everything by yourself.  Or, you can go to school, and a teacher teaches you how to become a professor in chemistry, and you can do it in maybe fifteen or sixteen or seventeen years.  But if you go by yourself you might never find it.  It might take you thousands of years to do it. 

Now this teaching crystallizes everything you said to a very precise crystallized form that if you follow it, you go to Pure Consciousness.  And that is the prophecy that this Mission, this Religion, and this teaching would come.

We are inviting you and everyone else to come, to go to see, to understand, and realize what you have is a part of us.  We agree to a point; we accept what you said to a point, but there is more. 

That is what my Message is to you:  Go to the website and see that there is more.  We are not disagreeing with you, just showing the greater truth.  We are showing the rules of the game that are crystallized for you and for everyone to follow.

That is one of the misconceptions that a lot of people think our teaching is like this person, or the Baha’is, or this and that.  This teaching has not been on earth for the last 12,000 years.  Therefore it is not comparable with any teaching whatsoever before this Revelation came.

[typed on computer screen:  “Aurobindo taught the same thing.”

Aurobindo never taught what Christianity stands for.  What do Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism stand for?  Where does Islam fall in God’s Plan?  None of them really shows the complete Path that the Eternal Divine Path shows.

It is one of the problems we have in this time for humanity.  They are so attached to their religions, backgrounds, and all that, that they just want to stay where they are.  But I am telling you there is more.  This Revelation is new.  It is absolutely amazing.  It is not anything that you have seen before.  You have to go and see the website, understand it, and realize, “Yes indeed, this is much more than anything you had before, or anyone had before.”

Radah (reading a question):  We have another question.  If there were one thing to do, to follow, to help for the Mission at this time, what would it be?

Maitreya:  These are the questions that have been sent by the people to the Mission as the hard questions to answer.  Therefore, the person who read it is posing the question to the room for everyone to participate in answering.  Of course you have to know what the Mission is all about to answer this question for sure.

Shirin:  I think it would simply be to spread this teaching.  That is because unless you know the teaching, unless you know the Eternal Divine Path, then you are not going to able to accomplish the purpose of this universe.  So that would help the Mission to spread this teaching, reaching out, sharing this Message not only with all the religions but with all the cultures so that we can overcome any idea of, “us and them.” 

We were talking about that a little bit earlier today.  Imagine a world, a kind of thinking, where there is no concept whatsoever of, “us and them,” and everyone is following the Eternal Divine Path because they can see their place in the Eternal Divine Path and the Mission teaching?

So, to me, I think it would be the education, the reaching out and sharing this teaching with all cultures, races, and religions of the world.

Truthseeker_36:  The most important thing that one can do is to really study, study the teaching.  That is because if sometimes we are not really knowledgeable about the Mission and we try to spread it too quickly, people might try to discourage us if we are not fully grounded in the teaching.

So that is what I would say.  The best thing to do to follow and help the Mission is to study the material.

Love_Moves_the_World:  As a true Hindu I cannot refute anything that Maitreya proposes because it is absolutely in tune with my religion.

Whichever way I see it, I see it only as, I do not know, it seems to be a complete facet of my religion.  I believe it is the most complete one that I have seen to date.  Thank you.

Maitreya:  Perfect.  When you find something that crystallizes your religion to five steps, that should really start you going.  Study more, become a part of us, and bring all the Hindus to the Mission.  Then we can unify all the religions and the Hindus in India and stop them from fighting with each other. 

Not only that, then Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and Moslems are also going to be united, and we will have a peaceful world that we all want to live in.

Go ahead.

Love_Moves_the_World:  I want to clarify again.  There is no such thing as Hinduism.  Hinduism is not a religion.  It is a way of life.  Moslems are Hindus.  Christians are Hindus.  Jews are Hindus.  Buddhists are Hindus.  Jains are Hindus.  You take anyone; they can all be classified as Hindus because since it is a polytheistic faith, which gives you the freedom to follow any which way you choose.  It is also Hindu. 

It gives you the liberty to follow whichever path you want to.  Only the Oneness, like it is a religion that is meant for humanity.  I for one see tremendous similarity.  It is not absolutely similar.  I see tremendous similarity in Maitreya here.  Thank you.

Maitreya:  Apparently there is no one else to answer that question.  So I will go and answer that question first, and then I will get back to you, Love_Moves_the_World.   

That was a good answer given by both Shirin and Truthseeker.

It is a question that is probably very hard to answer:  What is the most important thing that anyone can do for the Mission?  I can probably agree with Truthseeker and Shirin both.  That is because yes, if you do not know the teaching then how are you going to preach it?  If you do not know the teaching then you might make things up according to your background, what you came from.  You try to fit the Mission, which is huge, into a small bag, which is not going to fit.

As Christ said, you cannot put the new cheese into an old skin.  I said cheese because we do not drink wine.

Probably that is the first step, to know the teaching really, really well, throw our concepts out, empty our cups completely, and let this fill us up.  Then we can fill other people up.  As our cup goes down, go back to the website, study more, and fill yourself up.  Go back and fill other people’s cups.  Little by little everyone will see, “This is really expanding.”

As Love_Moves_the_World is saying, Hinduism and the Vedanta are huge, are so vast that according to him it covers everyone.  But even that is not expanded enough to cover the Mission because the Mission is even beyond that.

So yes, knowing the teaching.  And the second step is to follow It.  I know knowing a teaching is probably the easy way.  Following it is the harder way, to meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, create the Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrender and submit, and become a universalist.  Those, of course, are the steps that are harder to do.

Then, at the same time reach out in any way you can to spread this Mission, to spread the realization and Vision to other humans.  Therefore everyone can realize that they are a part of this teaching.

As Love_Moves_the_World is saying, he believes that even Moslems are Hindus.  In a sense I can agree with him but ask that of a Moslem.  Do they really consider themselves as Hindus?  No, they do not.

But in the Eternal Divine Path it gives them a place.  It says, “Here is where you fall.  That is what God sent Moslems and Islam for.  That is where you belong.”  Then now a Moslem says, “Oh, OK.”  If they accept God’s revelation as the Seven Seals then they see themselves, “Oh yes, God said that I fall in the Fourth Seal.  Therefore, I am a part of It.”

The Hindus can look at It and say, “Yes, God said that I am in the Mystical Paths.”  Although we do believe that Hinduism, or the original teachings before the flood of Noah, did include all the Seven Seals, but after the flood, Noah just emphasized mostly on the Mystical Paths, to know thyself to know God.

Noah actually started rituals.  If you look at the Bible it is the first time that he created fire as an offering to God.  We can see that the rituals started after the flood of Noah.  Before that there were no rituals because the people were connected to God directly.

They did not have sacrifice and fire and prayer and all those things that have come later on.  Prayer…maybe not, prayer is probably something we can do even after we are connected to God.  Sometimes we might lose it, and we pray so we can return back and be connected.

So the answer to this question is really multi-dimensional.  It is anything you can do to promote the Mission, anything you can do to accelerate the process of creation of the Communities of Light, anything you can learn to further your understanding of the Mission.

If you read other religions, realize that you are trying to put this huge Revelation to the small concepts that you have and you received from the religions.  All of them are important.  We can see that again we give freedom to you as to what you can do, according to your abilities for the Mission.  But do it.  That is the question.  If you do not do it then we have to wait for the people to come and do it.

So the answer really to that question is that it is a multi-dimensional Mission and everyone should do whatever they can.  But the things that were emphasized are important.

Know the teachings for sure.  If you do not know the teaching then why are you here?  If you know the teaching, then you have to start practicing It, which is harder than just knowing It, and then reaching out and teaching It and spreading the Vision.

And again, Love_Moves_the_World, as I explained, a Moslem does not agree with you that a Moslem is a Hindu.  But according to our teaching a Moslem’s revelation is the Fourth Seal.  Therefore, they can agree with us if they see that God sent all this Vision and they see they are a part of us.

Hindus are a part of us.  Buddhists are a part of us, Christians, Jews, Moslems, Baha’is, all of them are covered in this Revelation and they are crystallized into a Path.  If you follow It you will reach there.  You do not need philosophy, you do not need background, and you do not need religions.

If you read our teaching you see that God said that He was going to do all these things.  He has done them.  Therefore, God exists.

With all this evidence, we will see that this is the Revelation that you have to know also.  Then you will see that it is more expanded even than Hinduism and the Cabbala.  I know it is very hard to believe that anything is more expanded than Hinduism but believe me, it is.

If there is any follow-up, go ahead, or go to the next question.

Shirin:  Our next question that was sent in is:  How can you think you can change the cultures, beliefs, dogmas that have been here for thousands of years?

Maitreya:  Any one want to answer that?

Tahirah:  Sal-OM!  I think one way would be to educate the children first.  We create Communities of Light where we do have children that learn and practice these teachings.

Maitreya:  OK, that is one answer.  Anyone else?  The question is:  How are we going to change all the teachings, dogmas, and beliefs?  We have one brother here today that believes his religion covers everyone.  We do not completely disagree with him but at the same time we are tying to make him to understand that this is even more.  And we hope that he will prove that to himself. 

Now the question is, how can we change people, like Love_Moves_the_World, to see this Vision, go beyond the Vedas, and realize that God sent Six Revelations after the Vedas to humanity?  Now they are on earth.  How are we going to do that?

Anyone can take the mic and answer the question.

Truthseeker_36:  I would say that if we present the Vision of unity to them and allow that to take effect, allow them to see the unity of all mankind, that would be a great help in breaking down the barriers of cultures.  That is because the human mind-set is very hard to get into, to break.  So if we allow them to see the Vision that would be a great help.  That is how I would say it.

Maitreya:  OK that is a good answer.  Anyone else?

Shirin:  I am not sure we can change anyone’s mind or anyone’s culture, or beliefs, or dogmas that have been here for these thousands of years.  I think God knows the human ego, the human mind, and the human attachments really well. 

That is why we are sitting here at this end time with such tribulation that if we could have been easily taught and easily accepting that we would have a different outcome.  But the ego is so attached to those cultures and beliefs and dogmas that we end up with the result of the tribulation.  It has been prophesied that there would be this event that would shake humanity down to its toes, that would shake them to understand that there is something beyond what they currently have.  That is when this teaching will just emerge as the guiding light.

But as far as us trying to change someone, I am not sure that is really possible.  I think it is God that is going to do it.

Maitreya:  Yes.  The answer is that we are not going to do it.  I am not going to try to change people to the way of God.  The answer is correct. 

God said it is going to happen.  Of course, we are co-workers for God.  We are His hands, His eyes, His teachers, His leaders, His co-workers, and He will use us to teach this to children.  He will use us to spread the Vision.

You just said that the most important part of the Mission is to learn the teaching, then reach out and give the Vision to other people, and follow it.  It starts with us.

But what is the teaching?  It is we surrender and submit the result to God.  So we are not going to be attached to it.  We do the work, and we just continue to do it over and over.  If I did not have the philosophy of surrendering the results to God, I would have been pretty upset, discouraged, and probably depressed by now.  I have been doing it for over twenty-five years, and so few people have even seen the Vision.

Even those who have seen the Vision have a hard time to really implement it in their lives and see it through.  But my salvation is, “I am not the doer.  I am just a channel here to give this over and over and over to everyone who comes, wants, and sees.”  Then I leave it to God.  I say, “Well, I leave it to God.”  And say, “I did my job.  Now I can talk to my wife, to my child, to live my life, to eat, sleep, drink, and whatever manifests, will manifest.”

Suddenly someone called us and said, “I believe in whatever you say.  You are absolutely correct.  I am going to come and follow this teaching, become a part of the Mission.”  Someone called and said, “I am going to put this graphic together and make a wonderful Greatest Sign at the top of the whole earth.”  Another person said, “I am going to come and join you and do the Mission.”

I have not done anything.  I am just preaching the Word of God.  I am giving the Vision to people, and it is God who inspires other people to really see the Vision and to perk up and say, “Yes.  This is the answer to human suffering.  This is the answer to human unity.  This is the Revelation that has been revealed by God.  This is the person who has fulfilled all the prophecies and brought this to man, and therefore God exists and I want to be in this bandwagon.”

More and more as it happens, probably it was very slow in the beginning, but the great people who have great vision already, when they see this Vision and it becomes their Vision, then we have two Maitreyas, three Maitreyas, a hundred Maitreyas, a hundred and forty-four thousand Maitreyas, and it will be done.

So yes, it is not up to us.  We have to do our best but remember the teaching, surrender the result to God, and know that God promised it is going to happen, and so it will.

I hope that answered your question.  If any follow up, go ahead.

[Something was posted in text here about setting an example.]

Indeed if you can set an example for the people, that is the best way to teach.  The people see you are Godly, you have Light in you, you are following your teaching, and you are not fallen.  Therefore they see the truth in you, and they start following your example.  That is the best way to teach.

Tahirah:  Sal-OM Maitreya.  The next question that was sent in is:  God is the Creator.  Why didn’t He make us perfect to start with?

Maitreya:  This one everyone should know by now what is the answer.  Go ahead Love_Moves_the_World.

Love_Moves_the_World:  What do you define as perfect? 

Maitreya:  That is a question, “What is perfect?”  As Christ said, “Be perfect as my Father in heaven.”  What does that mean? 

Love_Moves_the_World:  We seem to see perfection in terms of relative things.  That is, perfection is relative.  Perfection in this world is relative.  It is only when we compare ourselves with others, when we see ourselves as the direct manifestation of the Lord Himself, and when we see that qualities we live are one with the Lord, then we will know that we are perfect.

Whatever we see in this world is only relative.  Whatever we see, like one man could say, it is like for example, there may be one man doing a work.  Like there may be one man typing a letter.  Or he may be typing about fifteen words a minute.  Another man is typing the same letter.  He may be typing thirty words a minute.  There is still another man who is typing, say, something like forty-two.  Who is more efficient?

Does it seem that the man, who is typing forty-two words a minute, is more perfect?  So it is only relative.  The perfection that we see here is only relative.

How do you become perfect?  That is again, it is not really a question that really to ask, because we are perfect.

Maitreya:  But there is a state that is perfect.  It is not relative.  It is absolute.  Yes, you are correct, in this external world, everything is relative.  But there is a state that is not relative.   

Perfect in that state means perfection.  You neither can be less than that or more than that.  That is it!  It is absolute.  That is the perfection that we are talking about.

Go ahead, Love_Moves_the_World.

Love_Moves_the_World:  That perfection is only possible if it emanates from the Perfect Being.  That is the Lord Himself.  That perfection is not possible if it is not Divine, that perfection has to be Divine.  If you are referring to consciousness that is Pure Consciousness, yes, Pure Consciousness unifies itself with the Divine so it has to be perfect, yes.

In both it is absolute.  As Maitreya says, when that comes it is perfect perfection.

Maitreya:  Well, that is the perfection that we are talking about here.  Why didn’t God create me in Pure Consciousness?  Why am I not perfect in every essence of the word?  Why am I not an Avatar?  Why am I not Krishna, or Buddha, or Muhammad, or Bab?  Why am I not perfect?  Why didn’t He create me perfect?  That is the question.

Not relative perfect.  We are not talking about the typist who is a little more perfect than the other person.  We are talking about, why do I need to be imperfect in this life?

That is exactly what you said, “We are not perfect,” because we are not in Pure Consciousness.

Go ahead.

Love_Moves_the_World:  This we seem to answer by saying we are not the perfect beings is the truth.  But that we cannot be perfect is not the truth.  We can all be that.  We can all be what we can choose to be. 

That was the mission of Buddha.  Buddha wanted every other person to realize this realization.  That is what he called, realization.  In realization you become perfect.  It is the same as with Krishna because Krishna was there every day.  Krishna was the Lord Himself.  So he said when I am there, everyone is there, everyone is me.  Everything is me.  And when everything is me then everything has to be perfect.

Then you asked the question as to why we are not Pure Consciousness.  That is a difficult question for me because for that I do not have any answer.  Why are we not Pure Consciousness?  If the Lord Wills, we can become Pure Consciousness.  And if the Lord does not will, I do not know what can get us to that state.  Thank you.

Maitreya:  That is the question, exactly.  You see these questions are difficult questions that people sent to the Mission, and they want their answers.  That is exactly what you said, “It is a difficult question.”  Why did God not create us perfect?

We have the answer.  No other religion has.  As you said it is difficult, you cannot answer it.  But we can.

See that again has to perk you up to go and see, what is this religion that answers all the questions?  No matter what the question is, the answer has been given.  That is one of the difficult ones:  Why did not God create us perfect?

Actually that is one of the questions that humanity has to have the answer for, to realize why God created this universe, what is the goal of life, why we are here, and these questions have been answered in the Mission so that is why we are asking our members, what is the answer?  Why did God not create us perfect?

Go ahead, anyone.

Love_Moves_the_World:  God did not create us perfect so that people, people have varying standards of perfection.  That is because if everyone were perfect we really would not know what is perfect.  We need to know the standard of perfection.  In the relative sense, no, even in the absolute sense, when you are absolutely aligning yourself to the Divine, because then that is the only conscious, when He is perfect. 

 Maitreya:  Why do we need to know what is perfect?  If we are already perfect there is no reason to know what is perfect, we already are, and we are It. 

Love_Moves_the_World:  The perfect man will never ask you a question on perfection.  It is not necessary for him.  Similarly, it is when we know that a man who is in Pure Consciousness can be absolutely perfect.  When one is purely conscious of the Divine, then he is absolutely perfect.  And when he is absolutely perfect, he will not seek perfection at all because there ends it.  That which is already God, man will not seek. 

Maitreya:  But if you are already perfect you will not be in the body.  You will be One with the Essence of God, and therefore in the Essence we do not have anything you can see completely perfect in the manifested world.  Even Avatars have to have a small Karma in order to stay in the body.

Go ahead.

Love_Moves_the_World:  You are dead right on this issue.  When you are absolutely perfect, when you are one with the universal energy, that is when you are one with the Lord Himself.  It is also true that Avatars have to have some kind of Karma, otherwise they will not take birth.  That is because if the Karma is spent, then they are liberated from this body.  It is then that they are powerful, and then they are the very Divine.  Then they are Pure Consciousness.  And then they are perfect. 

Maitreya:  Absolutely.  So again the question is posed, “Why didn’t God create us perfect?”  He is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient; He has all the power.  He would have created us perfect and that was it.  Then we do not have any creation, we do not have any suffering, and we do not have any Karma.  We do not have any religion.  We do not have any Hinduism, or Buddhism, or Christianity, and all these things.  We would not have any of this.  We would be perfect, and that would be the end of the story. 

Why aren’t we?  That is the question.  I am looking for an answer.

Shirin:  God did not create the ego.  It is not His Will, God’s Will, that we have ego.  Perfection does not have that false ego.  God did not create this play.  Our Essence, who we truly are, is of God but man fell to the illusion of separation from God and thus created the false ego and fell further and further and cruder and cruder to this illusion and the attraction of this external world.  So again we became more attached to it and this relative truth. 

But then there is the way out through God’s Messengers of how to return back to that perfection, which is to be in His image, in that Pure Consciousness again.

Maitreya:  Good answer.  Anyone else?

Love_Moves_the_World:  Here is where I beg to differ.  This is because the ego…you say the ego is not the Lord’s creation.  That is also not entirely true.  That is because everything is His creation including whatever, including the good and the bad.  Everything is His creation.

It is because of Maya.  Ego arises because of Maya.  Maya is a game.  The spiritual energy of the Lord is transformed into material substance.  Maya is governed by the gunas, that is the mode of goodness, the mode of consciousness, and the mode of ignorance.  OK.

Maitreya:  OK.  Let me see.  God created us, God created Maya, we fell into it, and we sinned.  Then He created Karma, and then He punishes us because He created all of that so we fall for it and we sin and then --- what kind of God is that? 

Go ahead.

Love_Moves_the_World:  Before I answer this question, I will ask you one thing.  Say, there is a test.  There are two soldiers in life in a test.  One scores 90 marks on the test, and the other scores only 10.  Who would you rate as an outstanding student?  

MaItreya:  In the external world, the student who has 99 gets an A+, and the student who gets 10 is going to get an F.  That is really how the schools work for the student.

Why don’t we go back to my question and answer that:  What kind of God is that, that He creates such a creation?

Love_Moves_the_World:  Yes, here I would like to clarify one thing, as to why is this purpose of creation needed?  No one knows, I mean no one in Maitreya’s sphere.  All the created beings can never ever comprehend as to why the Lord created them, why the Creator created us.  It is only the one who unifies himself with the Creator that will be able to ascertain as to exactly why the Creator created us.  And when we say that, “Why is it then that we have to pass through the miseries, the trouble, the struggles, and all these things, what is this?” 

These do not actually exist.  This is the creation of Maya.  OK it affects us.  Why?  It is because we are bound by Maya.  How do we come out of it?  Is there a way to come out of it?

Yes!  And that is realization.  Yes, that is the Eternal Divine Path.  Followers of the Eternal Divine Path are all these realized Souls.  Thank you.

Maitreya:  You said no one could answer that question.  We can.  We already have answered that question:  Why did God create this universe, and why is there suffering, and Maya, why do we fall into it, and why did God say do not do it, why did He create the Laws to guide man?

You see you do not have the answer.  We do.  That is another perking up, isn’t it?  “Oh, someone has the answer.  Even the Vedas and Vedantas do not have it?  Oh, OK.  There should be another reason for it.”

The question again is, “Why did God not create us perfect?”

Go ahead Love_Moves_the_World.

Love_Moves_the_World:  What is perfect?  Back to square one.

Maitreya:  No, we are not going back to square one because that was already answered, that perfection is to reach Pure Consciousness.  Perfection is One with God.  There is nothing perfect in this manifested world, and getting attached to anything, or trying to satisfy yourself with this external world, never will satisfy you because it is not perfect.

Again, the question is, “Why not?”  Answer that question.  That is the answer we are looking for.

Go ahead.

Love_Moves_the_World:  Why not perfection?  It is like this.  There is someone like, let us say, who is running the bases.  Someone is starting from the starting point, someone is mid-way down the track, and someone is three-fourths of the way to the end.  Who will reach there sooner?  Yes, who will reach there sooner among the three runners?

Maitreya:  You are still staying in relativity.  Why are they on the track in the first place?  That is the question.  Why are they on the track?  Why was the track created?  Why should someone be a little ahead and someone should be a little behind?  Where are they running to?  What is the goal? 

You say it is just a play.  We are saying, No, it is not a play.  It is a very serious matter, having a body and being in this universe.  Some people say, Well, God is omnipotent, omnipresent, just like you say, He can create man.  Why didn’t He create it perfect?

You say, No.  He created Maya, He created man, and man falls into Maya, destruction, and suffering.  Why?  What kind of God is it that He created Maya, we fall into it, and then He punishes us?  It does not make sense.

We are asking, “Why didn’t He create us perfect in the first place?”  Answer that question, anyone.  If you guys do not answer it, I will have to go ahead and answer it in a couple of minutes.

Shirin:  God did not create us.  We are not created.

Maitreya:  Yes.  A lot of people here already know that answer.  God did not create us.  That is when Hinduism stops and the Old Testament starts.  “In the beginning there was darkness.”  And the Spirit of God moved over the waters and went to that darkness, went through that darkness, became Christ, realized the Eternal Divine Path, came to humanity, and tried to guide them back to the Light.

It was our decision from the very beginning, the free will, to separate us from the Essence, from the Unity and create that darkness.  Therefore Maya is our free will to turn against going to God, and falling into darkness.

So God did not create Maya.  We created it by going against the Essence, God, Unity.  Therefore God decided to create the creation to accelerate the process of the return to the Godhead.

There is your answer.  You said no one could answer it.  Here it is.  It has been answered.  It is on the website.  It is again reiterated that humanity has to realize:  They have the Essence of God in them.  God did not create them.  They are just in amnesia.  They do not remember. But when they have the experience of unity, when they realize what looks, what does, and what realizes is God, not you, then you see the unity and you remember that you were a part of God.

If humanity realizes that, they do not come and ask, “Why didn’t God create us perfect?”  That is the typical dogmatic understanding of the old religions.

This is new.  This absolutely explains why this creation, and the purpose for it, by understanding that God did not create us.  If we understand that, then we can explain everything.

I hope that answered your questions for the time being.  I think we are pretty much out of time.  We leave you all to God.  I will be here tomorrow at the same time again.  Anyone who wants to be here and discuss things with me, you are welcome to come back.  We will discuss the greatest Revelation that ever has come to humanity for the last 12,000 years.

Sal-OM everyone!

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