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Shirin: Welcome everyone to the room today. Maitreya is with us here today. We see His name there on the list. Our set-up here in this particular session is that we open up the room to any general questions. Lou actually has one that we are going to start off with, but other questions will be welcome also.

We will pose the question. Maitreya will answer this one. But then any other question, pose it, and then we will all discuss it, talk about it, and see how we would answer that question. It could be a difficult question that you have heard here in PalTalk. Or, it could be a difficult question that someone has asked you about the teaching that you did not quite know how to answer, and maybe you would like to hear another way that someone else might answer that question.

Today we are going to start off with Lous question. I am going to post it here in the text area. It has a couple of verses behind it to substantiate the question. Here is the first one from Genesis, 15:13: And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years Here is the second verse from Exodus, 12:40: Now the sojourning of the children of Israel, who dwelt in Egypt, was four hundred and thirty years. The question from Lou:

Truthseeker_36: You asked us to distinguish between Abram and Abraham. Why then did the seed of Abraham become a stranger in the land of Egypt and not the seed of Abram? The seed of Abraham is the Children of Israel. The seed of Abram is the Ishmaelites or the Arabs.

Maitreya: Sal-Om everyone. That question is about the suffering of the Israelites, or the Children of Abram, or Abraham; which one was to endure the four hundred years of suffering?

If you noticed, the verse that has been quoted here is Genesis 15:13. If you have your Bible, if you look at that verse, God had not changed the name of Abram to Abraham yet. Therefore, He was telling Abram what was going to happen to his children, which of course, Abram had Ishmael first and Isaac later.

It is just like my name was Mohammed, and God would come to me and say I am going to have a child by the name of Isaac. How would He have addressed me? He would have told me, Mohammed, you are going to have a son called Isaac. However, when I had the son, by then my name was Joseph. But I did not know that. And Abram did not know that. God knew that. But He was talking to Abram at this time.

At this time He was saying that something is going to happen to Abram, but He was not revealing to him that his name was going to be Abraham. He had not even had a concubine to have Ishmael yet. In chapter 17, verse 5, it is the first time that God said, Neither shall thy name be any more called Abram, but thy name shall be Abraham; and from then on God called him Abraham. Therefore from then on he was no longer called Abram but Abraham.

So again our teaching stands correct because before that he was called Abram, and therefore God was addressing him as Abram. After God changed the name, he became Abraham.

Also in Exodus as you see it says, Now the suffering of the Children of Israel,.. it does not say the Children of Ishmael. So in that verse in chapter 15 of Genesis, most probably God was referring to the Children of Israel, not to the Children of Ishmael.

It is possible that the Children of Ishmael also went through a period of suffering. That is because we really do not know what happened to them. Ishmael went to the desert with his mother and he was saved by a well that they found. So a mother, a son, and then Ishmael married someone. They probably struggled for a long time before they became a nation. But the Bible is very silent about what happened to Ishmael from then on, until later on when they become a great nation by God. It might have also been referring to Ishmael; they went through the struggle for the same period of time that the Children of Israel went through it.

We have to go and study the history and probably find out more about the Ishmaelites. What happened to them after they went to the well and continued their life until they became a great nation? It is not inconceivable that it would take four hundred years before they would become a great nation from one man with twelve sons.

Again that is a possibility that also God was talking about Ishmael who would go through a period of struggle for the same period of time. Either way, it does not affect our teachings that his name was Abram and the child of Abram was Ishmael. God changed his name to Abraham, the father of many nations, and the child of Abraham, of course, was Isaac.

The rest of the Bible concentrates on Isaac and his children. The only thing we hear later is that the Arabs become a great nation, and than a Prophet came from them, which has been promised to come also from Ishmael.

I hope that answered your question. If you have a follow-up, go ahead, otherwise we will continue with our room and the program in it.

Shirin: I see that Lou has typed, That is fine. He does not have a follow-up.

We would like to open the room now to any general questions that anyone would like to post first, before we go to our list of questions. Dont be shy. Just go ahead and speak up, or, type in text. That is fine. We can all brainstorm it and see what we can come up with.

Radah: Sal-Om everyone. I have a question: I was reading about dogmas on maitreya.org. There is a verse that says that any religion, ideology, etc. that divides people will be known as dogmas and will not be supported.

But in Luke, chapter 12, verses 49 to 53, Esa said that he came to divide.


Just so everyone can be thinking about it, I am going to read Luke, 12:49-53 to support that question. Starting with verse 49:

I am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled? But I have a baptism to be baptized with; and how am I straitened till it be accomplished! Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division: For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two and two against three. The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, the daughter in law against her mother in law.

So how would we answer someone who asked that question about dogmas and division?

Ananda Ma: Here is the way I would answer it. Esa was bringing a new teaching to humanity, the opening of the Third Seal. He was taking people and dividing them to the Father, bringing them back to the Father. He was not dividing them from the Father. I hope that is clear.

Radah: Yes, I think the division between one family means that one person in the family will understand the message and the others, the brother, the sister, etc., will not. So there will be division because one will understand, and the others will not. The division will be from there, I think.

Shirin: Well, another way too to look at that word from the teaching standpoint is that everything can be from three kinds. There can be division from knowledge, or from passion, or from ignorance.

Ignorance would be the dogmas that divide man. But if there is a division in the level of knowledge, then this is what God is doing right now. This is the time of sundering, which is the separating of the wheat and the chaff. That has been prophesied and predicted. There is that division known from that angle too.

I am not sure it still addressed the idea talked about, the dogmas. Actually it does, come to think about it. Dogma in that level of knowledge can be a truth too. So we have to just say, what level are we working with here, knowledge, passion, or ignorance?

Maitreya: Anyone else?

Tahirah: There was one thing that I was thinking that it could also be dividing from the lower self to the higher self.

Maitreya: Could you explain further? That was too masterful [laughing].

Tahirah: Well, from the lower self, meaning the lower chakras and the things that are the Maya in the world that pull us down and away from our true self, and overcoming, and being baptized in the Spirit, going to the higher self and following the Path to God, following the Eternal Divine Path.

Maitreya: Great. OK, anyone else? The question is, Christ said he has come to divide. We say we have come to unify. At the same time we say it is the time of sundering. How do the two go together, to unify and to sunder at the same time? How is that possible? That is the question.

I suppose no one else is there to take the challenge. I think there were good answers there. Some of them were very simple, right to the point. Some of them were more complicated, and probably the person asking the question has to be in a very high level to decipher the meaning that has been presented to them. We have many different people come to our room, so that is OK.

The teaching surely has unified all religions. I am sure those who followed Christ and became Christians at that time became unified. They became community. Therefore he did unify them together as Christians. Eventually many millions of people unified under the Christian banner, or the cross.

At the same time as we see in our teaching, in the families that see the Vision, many have a problem among themselves: The father against the child, the mother against the daughter, the husband against the wife, and the wife against the husband. We can see they see the Vision, but their families and spouses and the people around them do not.

Even me myself, when I received the Revelation and I said to my family, I am going to do this, everyone dropped me like lead. Have I brought unity among my family? No, it was a division even between them and me.

That is the division that Christ is talking about here. Although he would unify those who were Christians, at least in the beginning, many would oppose him. They opposed their children, their families. And it has happened in every new Revelation that came to humanity.

There were even people at the time of Prophet Muhammad who joined him and went to Mecca with him. They had war, and many of their fathers were on the other side. So they had to actually fight and have war against each other.

In the Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna is fighting with people that are family of Arjuna. Arjuna is fainthearted, falls down, and says, I cannot do that. These are all my uncles, my brothers, and my family. I cannot fight them. Krishna comes in and says, No, you have to. You have to do your duty. It is the new wine in the new skin, and you have to continue teaching them, continue to try to help them to bring them to see the Vision, to change their hearts.

We can see that division is different than the unity that Krishna brought to his camp with Arjuna. Arjuna and his army were united under Krishnas teachings, abilities, and revelations. At the same time the other people were against them. Therefore they had to have a war.

Christ was talking about the same thing. The new teaching unifies. At the same time it sunders. Those who see the Vision unify together and bring the new teaching and revelation to humanity. Those who do not see the Vision will probably not be reincarnated for a long time, especially in this last Revelation to humanity.

I hope that answers the question. If you have a follow-up, go ahead.

Shirin: Maitreya, we lost part of that last answer.

Maitreya: Can you hear me now? Apparently we had some technical difficulties here, and we lost sound. We had to go completely out of PalTalk and come back. Still there was a lag when Shirin was talking. I do not know how much you did not hear.

Basically the answer was that Christ came, and those who went under his banner and teachings were unified. Those who opposed it were sundered. It has happened in every new revelation. It happened to Prophet Mohammed. It happened to Krishna. The whole epic of the Bhagavad-Gita is about how Krishna unified Arjuna and his people under his banner, and Arjunas family were against them. So they were sundered.

That is also true for this Mission. We have experienced the same thing. Those who see this Vision and come to the Mission are unified under these teachings. Those who oppose it, including the families, spouses, mothers, fathers, sons, all kinds of people who oppose them, might be sundered. That is basically the answer to that question.

When Christ was talking about that he has come to divide, he did not come to divide his own people who follow him but those who do not follow him. That was the gist of it. I hope that answered the question.

Shirin: Elyas had a question, or a comment rather. I just posted it there in text [it was a question about, If the Revelations from God will continue forever.] We asked him if he had a follow-up. It looks like maybe he does. Elyas, if you would like to type it that would be fine too.

Maitreya: OK, what was the answer to that question?

Shirin: We talked about how God furthered His Plan by the coming of each Prophet, that each Prophet had a part of one plan to reveal, and that each Prophet did in his own way say that he finished his mission. But that there would be seven sections, or Seven Seals, that would reveal all of Gods Messages, and in the Seventh Seal all would be totally revealed. So not only did God reinforce His Message with the new Prophets but also the message evolved itself and now it is fully revealed in the Seventh Seal, but that each of the Prophets did not come and say the same thing.

Maitreya: Yes. The question sounds like a Bahai kind of understanding that there are going to be Prophets coming forever to bring new revelations. But that is not the case. The case is that there was a Plan that there would be Seven Seals and revelations. As you explained, eventually it is going to stop.

That Plan would eventually be revealed as the final Revelation. There will be enough Elects to come together and create the Kingdom for at least 1,000 years.

The Bahais teaching, although it has some truth, is not completely correct. So the answer you all gave is correct.

Sponsored: What I learned in Christianity about Esa said that he came to divide is, divide from darkness to light. That is what I understand about that verse. I do not know if there is another meaning. Maybe there is more than one meaning for each verse.

Maitreya: No, it is the same meaning. The people who do not see the Vision, that have not been meditating for 12,000 years, that have not progressed, that are not open to new revelations and new teaching, are in darkness. They are still hanging onto their dogmas and religions and believing that what they have is the last one. Therefore, they will not go to the new Revelation. God said there are going to be seven Revelations.

They say, No. We have one part of it, and we have all the truth. That is why they cannot explain everything. But we can.

That is why the light on this earth really is this Revelation. Those who do not join it are in darkness.

Again it is the same thing. The Christ unifies by his teaching, by the new Revelation. But those who are of the darkness do not accept it. They want to stay in the darkness; therefore they sunder themselves from God.

Again it goes to the free will. If they had not exercised their free will to go away from God, we would not have all this darkness, creation, teaching, revelation, the Prophets, the struggle, and the history. All these things are to teach humanity that there is a purpose in life; there is a reason for this creation. The purpose is to follow the Eternal Divine Path

, reach Pure Consciousness, and become Divine.

So this is the Light. Those who join this Light become unified under the Light, those who do not, exercise their free will to stay in darkness. It is as simple as that, and that is what Christ is talking about here.

I hope all this made sense. If you have a follow-up, go ahead. Otherwise we will continue to the next question.

Tahirah (reading): The next question asked was: People say the universe is perfect, yet the Mission teaches it is not. How can we explain this?

Shirin: This is like a pop quiz from yesterday. Great.

If anyone goes to our website you will see a lot about perfect and Pure Consciousness, and so forth. A lot of people go around and say, Well, the universe is perfect. We accept that as some kind of truth. But the Mission says, No, the universe, the creation, is not perfect. It has decay. It has deterioration. It is not permanent. It is not the ultimate. So it cannot be perfect.

To be perfect (we talked about this yesterday too) is beyond these kinds of things. So the universe is not a permanent experience. It is not the ultimate experience. The ultimate experience would be to be(come) in His Image again and reach Pure Consciousness.

That is one way to look at it, about how the universe is not perfect.

Maitreya: The question is that some people come and say, Well, everything is perfect, we do not have to do anything. We are already perfect. We are already god. We do not need the Eternal Divine Path. We do not need the Messiah. We do not need the Scriptures. Is that true? If that is true, then what are we doing here? That is the question.

Does anyone have an answer, why are we here doing this and which one is correct?

Tahirah: God has prophesied that the Seventh Angel will come and reveal this truth.

Maitreya: So one answer is that no one knows the truth until the Seventh Angel comes. Anyone who comes and says, I know the truth before that, they cannot be correct. That is a good answer.

Unus: I would also like to say, if that was the case, if everything was perfect and if there were no need for this manifestation, and if God could bring everything back to perfectness right there, then He would not create this creation and this process. If we did not need this process, if we did not need to meditate and improve ourselves and go back to Light, He would just do it right then and there.

Maitreya: So true. We also discussed yesterday that if you were perfect you would not be in your body. You would not be in manifestation. How can then this be perfect?

Also those who come here and say everything is perfect and, I am god, if you go and study their lives, you see they have a lot of problems with their lives and how to handle their situations. If you are perfect, how can you have a problem?

If it is perfect, why does it decay? If it is perfect, why is the karma created? If it is perfect, perfection does not have karma.

If anyone else wants to take the microphone, go ahead. Otherwise I will come back and wrap up that question.

OK. I think the answers pretty much answered the question. This creation is a relative truth. Anything that is relative is not perfect. It cannot be perfect because it is not absolute. Since it is not absolute it has suffering in it, it has karma, it has falling of the self to the lower nature. The very existence of the lower nature means it is not perfect.

Humanity has been struggling to reach this point and now we can see that God has sent this Revelation and even in this Revelation, it says it is not perfect. We have to go to perfection, which is the Godhead, is the absolute, is the Essence.

The answer to their question is, No, this universe is not perfect. All the evidence is there that this creation is in flux. It is kept together with force. If that force is taken away, everything is going to dissolve to Pure Consciousness and darkness.

When that time comes and the universe dissolves back to its origin, those who have not made it to the light will stay in the darkness. As Christ said there is going to be gnashing of the teeth. That is not a very nice place for billions of years. Those who say that this universe is perfect, really do not understand the truth of the creation and why we are here.

Unus you raised your hand, go ahead if you have a question.

Unus: I just wanted to ask if maybe one could say, would this be true if they say, the Laws, how the universe works, like how it is set up by God, is perfect. Could we say in that sense, the universe is perfect, how the process is working and how the Laws are working?

Maitreya: Absolutely. That is absolutely the truth. God made this universe perfect in the sense that it will guide us to go to Pure Consciousness. That is true because God is perfect. He does not create something that is not perfect. That is why the scientists can explain it. It is explainable. It is logical.

The scientists say, Oh, I found this. He did not find that. God has already created that and it is perfect the way it is. If they realize that it is not them that found the things that have already been there, they will realize how logical and perfect it is.

You are absolutely correct. This universe is created perfect to guide us to go back to the Essence. But creation itself is not perfect because it is a relative truth.

I just was informed that there is another question. Makam-2 is asking:

Makam 2: Does the bloodline of the Chosen Ones come from a woman or man?

Maitreya: It should really come from both. It is two bloods. It is not one blood. It genetically was affected with both, man and woman. Therefore, it does not matter which one you are from. Both of them are contributing to the genealogy of the person.

I might add to that, that because the father usually was more dominating in many cultures, he was chosen as the person who was considered as the bloodline. Also since they had many children from more than one wife, it would have been a little difficult to say I am from this father and this mother so they connected a person to a father so everyone was from the one father. They would have been closer as brothers and sisters. Traditionally it eventually evolved to, I am from this father, he was from that father, and he was from that father. You can explain it also that way that it eventually evolved that the father became more prominent than the mother.

Also those societies were patriarchal so the father usually was considered more than the mother in the bloodline. But in truth and reality the mother contributes to the child as much as the father.

I hope that answered your question. If there are no other questions, if no one has anything to add, we can go to the next question now.

Radah (reading): What does, Leave them to God, really mean? This was heard in Pal Talk.

Maitreya: The question is, we leave them to God. Many times I have said that if people come here and we give them the Vision, then if they did not come and join us we leave them to God. What does that mean?

Shirin: To me it goes back to that previous discussion that we had about the sundering, the separation, and the division. God is the Judge. If people refuse or reject that, we leave them to God to be the Judge of what their situation is going to be, whether they go to that outer darkness or they can hang onto the Path and go to what the goal is. We leave them to God to be the Judge.

Tahirah: Also God is the Doer. We let go. We surrender and submit to God. We leave the results to Him.

Maitreya: Great answers, very great answers. Or, when we say, We leave them to God, it really says it is between them and God now. We just wash our hands and say, we gave the Message, we leave them to God. It is between God and them. As Tahirah said, we are not the doer. We are just here to give the Message. Whatever happens that affects them to see the Vision, we do not know.

As Christ said, it is the same thing, you just throw the seed. Some of them fall in the very fertile soil and give 100% fruit, some 70%, some 50%, some 30%, some 20%, and some of them none.

Sometimes we work on one person or a group of people, and we see no manifestation. Suddenly someone sends an e-mail that says, Well, I put The Greatest Sign at the top of earth, and, I am going to make The Greatest Sign in even a greater degree, or, I will read this, or I will do that for the Mission, or, I will translate this to this language, or, I will do this and that. Also other people manifest every day for the Mission.

We did not push them to do these things. The Vision fell in the right soil. They saw the Vision. It is their Vision now. It is their religion. It is between them and God. They saw the Vision. They want to help, and they do things they want to do and we say, Thanks God! So we leave them to God too.

But they manifest. Other people we leave to God, and the world comes, the Maya comes and catches them, and pulls them down to the lower nature, and they manifest nothing, or even lose the Vision.

It is a very simple Mission for everyone. We do our best but leave them to God. Those who manifest, their reward is with God. Those who do not manifest, their reward is with God.

That is what that means, Leave them to God. We are not attached to the result. They had already answered the question so I will just let it go. If someone wants to add something, go ahead.

Otherwise we will continue the room.

Tahirah (reading): Sal-Om. There was a question asked, I was talking about the Messiah on earth. The person told me that the temple in Jerusalem is not yet built, and he cannot be here now. How can we answer something to that?

Maitreya: How can we answer such a question? Someone comes, we tell him or her about the Mission, and they say, No it cannot be that. Jerusalem still does not have a temple. It has a Mosque. It has to be destroyed, and we need to build a temple over it. Then the Messiah will come.

How can we answer that question?

Shirin: The first thing that jumps into my mind is that, that is Old Jerusalem. It is very clearly stated that the temple would be built in New Jerusalem. And that is here in Rio Rancho.

Maitreya: Well, good answer. Anyone else?

Radah: I can try an answer. I do not think that is a prophecy that the temple has to be built in Jerusalem. I do not know where the person took this assertion but I do not think it is a prophecy that we can trust, maybe.

Maitreya: The person who said that is either a Jew or a Christian who believes that a temple should be built in Jerusalem and the Messiah will come into that temple. That means creating the same temple that Solomon built in Jerusalem. That is the belief that has been with the Jewish people for more than 2,000 to 3,000 years. That is what he is talking about.

It is the same thing as, Mohammad is the last Prophet and no other Prophet is going to come. Or, We have the last word. Or, We are the chosen ones. We call those things dogmas.

Well, I gave half an answer. If anyone wants to take it from there, go ahead. Actually both answers given by Radah and Shirin are pretty much correct.

Shirin: Just thinking out loud, if someone really wanted the understanding of the Temple and they only want to concentrate on their Temple, like you are saying, then again they only have a part of the truth. But if the Temple is a central thing that they are really interested in, when they could see the Temple as it is built for all the Seals, then they could see the Temple as God designed it. Then that would make so much more sense to them. Maybe all the other factors could come into play also: The New Jerusalem VS the Old Jerusalem that has so much blood on its hands, etc.

It is the New Jerusalem that will manifest the new teaching, and that is where the Messiah is.

Maitreya: That is why we started the project of New Jerusalem. As we said, if many people come, join, and we can buy land in Rio Rancho I do not think there is any land of 200 acres left anymore. They are all bought up, and the prices are skyrocketing here.

We could have probably bought 200 acres for ten million dollars at the time that I proposed. But I do not think that you can do that any more. This same kind of land is fifty million or even more at this time. Actually, a hospital here bought fifteen acres for fifty million dollars.

So absolutely we need to create the New Jerusalem and build the Temple. Then it will become a center for re-evaluating themselves.

God never said it was going to be in Jerusalem. It is going to be a New Jerusalem. The Old Jerusalem truly has burned and finished its usefulness, and now we have to look where the New Jerusalem is.

Actually, there was an article in Time Magazine that compared Albuquerque and Rio Rancho to Jerusalem, the way the sun comes up and the way the building on the other side, on the east side, reflects the sun to the west in the sunset, and the buildings that are being built in it, and all that, and the weather.

Even it is in the same latitude as Jerusalem. If you follow the latitude of Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, it goes right to Jerusalem.

We can see God sent all the signs: Here is the place also that the Children of Abram (Abraham) meet.

There are all the signs that say, We need a new place. We need a new Jerusalem. And I am very open for the people to come, to join, so we can have the New Jerusalem built. Then we can create the center in that place, build the Temple, the university, the dormitories, the welcoming center, and create an environment that a lot of people can come, read the teachings, see the Vision, and understand that now the Temple is built and the teaching of the Seventh Angel indeed is here.

So we are aware of the prophecies, but that prophecy is not for Jerusalem. They are spending their time, energy, efforts, wars, destruction, political maneuvering, and their desires in a place that is not from God. God said differently. We can again see that humanity is so lost.

We have the answer for them because God gave the answer. He said He would give it in this time. So the answer to that question is very simple: It is not the Jerusalem but it is the New Jerusalem.

Of course at this time we are the thief of the night and we have come very hidden. Maybe that is what they mean in Islam: Hidden Imam. It goes the same as being the thief of the night. We are hidden.

Now is not the time. We do not have enough people. You can see right now with this fantastic Revelation we have only a few people in this room, and even the people who joined us, it just went right over their heads. They could not even fathom the depths of this teaching, which is OK.

But we have to be consistent and completely dedicate ourselves to reach in any way we can, in any way to help. We need people who can come and put their effort and their material blessings into buying the New Jerusalem. Or, we can wait until our members increase, until the whole city of Rio Rancho will become the New Jerusalem. As the motto in this city is: The City of Vision.

We did not even chose that name. Someone else did. And the city is called: The City of Vision. Most of the people do not even know why it is the City of Vision, but it is.

So the answer to that question simply is: It is the New Jerusalem. It is in the process of being created, and we are all a part of it. We have to be dedicated and recognize anything we can do to manifest it.

If there is any question about the answer, or follow-up, go ahead.

Unus: Well, I just wanted to say two things. Maybe we could say that until the Temple is built in New Jerusalem maybe the Mission will not be outreaching in a greater sense?

Also would this be true, like what you are saying has a symbolic meaning also. Like until one person builds the Temple in his body, the Christ does not come. Could this be that until we reach the Seventh Chakra or to Pure Consciousness, Christ does not come? Could we look at it that way also?

Maitreya: Very good. Absolutely you are correct. As Christ said, The Temple is your body. Therefore, where you build the Temple and purify it, you will see the Vision and Christ. Of course, we also believe that whatever is above, so is below.

There are symbolic meanings of the Temple, as a building, as a place that people can go, can meditate, and recognize the Temple of their bodies. That has been given in the Mission as the Temple. The way to create it is to build it. Therefore it is also available for humanity.

So both ways of looking at it are correct. It is a Temple as a building, and it is also a Temple as the body. Both of them go hand in hand.

By building the Temple you have a place to meditate. By meditating you purify your body. By purifying your body you respect the Temple and build the Temple in a greater degree of purity and beauty. Eventually both of them go hand in hand, and help you to follow the Eternal Divine Path. You are correct.

Shirin: Just as a side note too, it is not really in the teachings about doing this, but we can look at it symbolically. In Genesis God created in the ethereal state first. Even right now the Temple is being built in that virtual state. We have the Temple being constructed closely in Second Life. So it is kind of in that ethereal, virtual world, being created right now.


Yes, Very Good. Absolutely! Actually the Temple is already built in the ethereal level. Gods Vision of the Temple has been given to us. But in the ethereal level, for Him the Temple is already decided to be built. So, in the ethereal level we have the Temple.

Yes, the New Jerusalem is already built in the ethereal level. So we have it that way. And as you said in Second Life we do have that also. That is being built and created. So the Temple is built.

And the Temple is now Christs body, Sponsored said. Yes, you can say that too, that probably that is also built now. It has all the signs in it. It has the place of the nails in my body. Some people say my ears are prophesied to come the way they are.

You can see so many ways that you can look at this question. That you can expand that person who asked this question to recognize that it is their dogma. It is their understanding. It is not Gods understanding. God is much more expanded. We just saw how many people came with different answers that were all correct.

Tell them, forget about the dogma. Go to the website, read the new teaching, understand the deeper meaning of the Temple, New Jerusalem, your body is the temple, and all of that.

In a sense, you say this person was a Jewish person. Their Christ came as their form of Christ. He told them where the Temple is, and they missed that.

Then Moslems came and Prophet Muhammad brought the mosque to humanity. And they did not accept that one in Christendom.

We can see that humanity has to be educated. They have to go through this tribulation. Unfortunately they are not ready to see this Vision. But that is OK.

We are the hidden Imam. We are the thief of the night.

But you are my hands, ears, and eyes out there to take this Vision to every corner on earth and manifest it.

Great questions. Great answers.

Shirin (reading): What is the difference before Esa came to earth and after his coming as Esa the Christ, keeping in mind that he releases The Grace to humanity?

Maitreya: I guess the question is, Christ came, released The Grace. What else happened?

Shirin: Well, he also came to teach about sacrifice. And he also came to gather the people under one banner. He had a three-fold mission. And he came to release The Grace to humanity.

Maitreya: That is true. That is truth. That is the three-fold mission of Christ. Now what else happened? There are more though than three. Anyone else remember what happened after he came?

Tahirah: Well, he came to fulfill the prophecies.

Maitreya: OK. That is a good one. Yes, there were some prophecies for him to come. If he had not come and fulfilled them, we would be in trouble. So he fulfilled the prophecies. What else did he do?

There is a post in text, Sir, we did not have to till the ground any longer.

You mean after Christ came we had the dishwasher, the refrigerator [laughing], we would stop growing things in the ground, use the tractor and all those things to do those things?

Shirin: No, what I understood for that to mean that when humanity fell away from the oneness with God, they lost The Grace. And that Grace is that Oneness. So God sent them to the manifested universe to go till the ground. It is like, OK, if you do not want it the easy way, you get it the hard way.

When Christ came they had progressed to the point of overcoming that lower nature, so that, symbolically, they did not have to till the ground. The Grace was back and it seems to me like from that fourth chakra up, it would then be an easier way to go to God and not have to suffer so hard in those first three chakras.

Once that crossing over line, that baptism line from the lower nature to the higher nature, like Tahirah was saying, is crossed, we would not have to suffer so hard in that sweet of the brow kind of tilling the ground thing. Is that close?

Maitreya: You can say the people who became Christian received The Grace and therefore they received the fattest part of the earth, their lives were much easier, and they were Graced greatly, because of The Grace of Christ.

Even in the Koran it says that God will prefer, or give more, to the people who follow Esa, until the end time. Now this is the end time. This is the time that Grace now is released to every part of the earth and those who follow the Eternal Divine Path will receive The Grace.

So you can say, yes, in that sense that those who became Christian received The Grace of Christ. Therefore, that is one of the things he did. That is a good one. If you meant that, yes, that is correct.

He did not release The Grace to everyone at that time. It is now that The Grace has been released to everyone.

Also we can see that it is in this time that the human less and less tills the ground. They do not need shovels anymore. Even snow, they do not have to shovel the snow. They have a machine that can do that for them. Or, they can use machines that till the ground for them easily. We can see that it is this time that The Grace has come to lift up humanity from the curse of the tilling of the ground.

OK, any follow-up? Any question? Any additions to that?

Sponsored: The question would be, what is the difference with or without The Grace, before the Christ, without, and after the Christ came and he released The Grace, or with Grace? That is my question.

Maitreya: Without The Grace salvation is impossible. Without The Grace, we will suffer, we will till the ground.

And another thing that Christ finished is the sacrifice of animals, and of a lot of rituals that Moses brought to the Children of Israel and humanity. We do not have to do those things anymore.

Before Christ The Grace was taken away from all of humanity. After him The Grace was given to the Christians, and it shows that if Grace is there people do not have to suffer as much as they did before.

Who suffers more, European and Americans, or people in Africa and other places that do not have enough material things to support them? It is not because of what the Europeans or the Americans did. It is because Gods Grace was with them. If He withdraws The Grace, it is going to be famine, it is going to be destruction, it is going to be as we can see in many other places.

That is what the West has to recognize. It is because of Gods Grace that they have received such blessings. That is the difference. If you have The Grace, you will have great lands, your lands will give great fruits, and your life is going to be more comfortable.

But with this Revelation, after The Grace is released to humanity, they have to recognize: This is The Grace of God and use their blessings to have more time to meditate, to create the Communities of Light, to create an environment that accelerates everyone else, and themselves, to go to God as fast as possible instead of saying, We made it. It is ours. We did not have to listen to God. They have put God out of everything in their lives and do adultery, fornication, and this and that.

No. That is the Message now of the Mission to humanity and the West: It was Gods Blessings. Now it has been released to everyone.

So wake up. The only way the West can really manifest itself and its greatness again is by recognizing our teaching, coming to it, and bringing everyone else to it. That is the difference: The Grace brings greater prosperity, greater life. It has to be used to progress toward God.

Also it was typed, The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until the Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be. (Genesis 49:10)

That is a good one. That means he finished the mission for the Children of Israel as the chosen people to create the communities and set up the example as the Communities of Light, the Communities that are based on God and His Laws. That is a good one. He finished that. He finished the sacrifice, and he brought The Grace.

But the most important was the threefold mission that Shirin mentioned at the very beginning. Therefore he has a great effect on history.

Now we will have an even greater effect by bringing the whole of humanity under one banner with Gods Grace and the understanding of history and creation, and realizing that there is a goal in life and we have to create a society, an earth, that is geared toward that goal.

Sal-OM everyone. Again have a good day. We will have a gathering tonight at 8 oclock. We invite everyone to come back and hopefully it is going to be very informal and just getting together. This is the first time we are doing this, and we will see what happens tonight.

Sal-OM everyone.

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