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Feast Of Tabernacles



Shirin: Sal-OM everyone. It is nice to see our guests with us today. Maitreya is here with us to take questions and give further clarifications on any issues. We will be here for two hours. We will take some general questions about the teachings, about Maitreya, about the Mission of Maitreya. Also we do have some questions that have been sent to the Mission by people who want more questions clarified. When questions are asked here in text, what we want to do is everyone answer that question from your perspective to see how many different ways we can answer those questions.

It is up to us right now to bring those answers forward when someone asks about the Mission, about the teaching.

Waheedn: Can I know from which background Maitreya is?

Rohtheory: Maitreya is from the background of the Tribe of Judah, right?

Waheedn: Yes, I have gone to the website and I opened to this book, and read some notes. I read them in English. I did not find anything new; it is all general, general information of the older religions. I do not see anything special or anything new in it. I do not know what you are talking about.

Can we hear Maitreya himself to speak, answer our questions and, where is he from, what nationality, what religion, and what background has he got? How can he prove that he is a Prophet or a Messenger of God? This is not a joke. A Messenger of God is something, it is a Holy thing, you know? He can be a teacher. He can be a professor. He can be a doctor. He can be anything, but

Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to our room. Waheedn, we are not kidding either. We are very serious. This is the Revelation that all of humanity has been waiting for, including the Moslems. This is the end time. A great tribulation and destruction is coming to humanity. This is the fulfillment of the prophecies that Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, everyone, has been waiting for. We are not kidding here at all.

The teaching is absolutely new. There has never been a Revelation like this. Everything in it is completely new and is prophesied to come. We are not joking here. We are not kidding. We are very, very serious.

This is the Call to humanity to come together and see how God sent all the religions, and now it is the end time. This is the time that all will be unified and realize that there is only One God, and He has sent all these religions.

Go back to the website with the open mind. Read it and understand the Vision. You will see that this is the Vision that has not been on earth for 12,000 years. Everything in it is new. Do not jump to the conclusions but truly study it to see how new, deep, and consistent is the Revelation and the Vision that has come from God to humanity now. The teaching basically is revealing the prophecies of the coming of the Seven Seals, and the coming of the book that has been sealed with the Seven Seals.

I imagine that you have come from the Moslem background; therefore you have already rejected the Bible and other Scriptures. If you recognize and realize that God has sent many Scriptures and you have studied all of them, not just the Koran, then you will consider some parts of the Bible to be correct, that not all of them have been changed. And one of those books is The Revelation, the last book in the Bible.

If you go to our website, there is a book called, Revelation Of The Revelation. In that book it explains how God promised that there would be Seven Major Revelations that would come to humanity and none of them would be perfect until the Revelation of the Seventh Seal, or the last Revelation, that unifies all of them together and explains that last book.

As God said, it should be locked and anyone who adds to it, it will added to their suffering. And anyone who takes away from it, the Blessing of God will be taken away from them.

No one can open it but the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, or he who has fulfilled the prophecies of being the person that his genealogy connects him to Abraham and Abram both. Not only Isaac but also, of course, my genealogy goes to Ishmael as well and Prophet Muhammad.

That Book is now open. It reveals that every major religion on earth, including Islam, has a specific message: For instance, Islam reveals surrendering and submission. Christianity is the symbol of sacrifice. Judaism is the symbol of communities, the twelve tribes that God chose. Religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Christian Saints, and Sufis represent the Mystical people, the First Seal.

Even Prophet Muhammad himself meditated for fifteen years until he received the revelation. So this teaching shows how with each religion God sent a very specific message, and when you put them together then you see the whole vision of Gods Plan.

Mystics teach: Know thyself to know God. But that is not the end of Gods Plan. The next step is to create the Communities of Light that start at the Old Testament. God is struggling to create the Children of Israel who accept God as their King and His Laws as the Laws of the land.

To create such communities, sacrifice is necessary and that is what Christ brought to humanity. He sacrificed himself and released The Grace to his followers, The Grace that had been taken from humanity at the time of Adam and Eve.

Then it is necessary to know the Will of God for each person and surrender and submit to it. That is the message of Islam, the Fourth Seal.

Still you have to shatter all the narrowness of the mind, expand yourself, become a universalist, and realize that God is everything and that we are a part of Him. Each person has the Essence of God in them. Becoming a universalist is the message of the Bahais. The Bahai teaching and Bab brought the message of universalism.

If you go through the five steps that I just explained: Awakening of your spiritual forces (Mystical Paths), Communities of Light (Old Testament). sacrifice (New Testament), surrendering and submission (Islam), and universalism (Bahai), you will shatter all the narrowness of the mind and obstacles in your path, create the environment that everyone starts progressing faster, and you will become an Elect, the Sixth Seal.

That is what God has been saying to humanity, My Elect, My Chosen People. Those who follow these five steps become the Chosen People of God, and they come together and create the Communities of Light and bring the Kingdom Of God on earth. They accelerate the progress of the human back to God or Pure Consciousness, or the unification of all religions, which is the Seventh Seal. And this is this Revelation.

You can see that not only does this Revelation reveal to you a Path, also it unifies all the religions of the world, it is based on the Word of God, and it fulfills all the prophecies. It is the end time, therefore it is not a joke. It is not kidding.

All our credentials are impeccable. You can go to the website and see it and believe in it. See the Vision. Understand Gods Way and Work, and surrender and submit into it.

We are very, very serious about this entire thing. We might seem to be happy and jolly but we are not kidding. This is a serious thing that has come to earth and is calling humanity. If you look around on earth to see what is happening, you see destruction and wars.

No religion can become the one that takes over the whole earth. That is because even Islam, God clearly said would take over only one fourth of the earth.

Therefore Moslems, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Jews, Bahais, everyone should realize that they are just a part of the greater truth, and this is that greater truth.

So if you want to go to the website and try again, understand what the teachings are. If you want to know, just send an email to the Mission, we would be more than glad to answer your questions.

OK we have a question from Rohtheory.

Rohtheory: What about, Thou shall live once and then the judgment, compared to reincarnation?

Maitreya: Many things have been changed in the Bible. Therefore every word you hear is not completely correct.

What about when Christ said that John the Baptist was Elijah? Wasnt there a conflict between that sentence and John the Baptist is the reincarnation of Elijah? We can see right there that there is a conflict between those sentences, unless that sentence is symbolic. That means before you awaken your spiritual forces you are dead. Then after you awaken your spiritual forces, you live. You go through the struggle of Spirit until you reach Pure Consciousness, and you go through the judgment.

Reincarnation surely is in the Bible. John the Baptist was the reincarnation of Elijah. They could not wipe that off the Bible, which really says that there is reincarnation.

There is no question on the table. We can go to the questions that have been sent to the Mission. I think we have one left from the previous list and two new ones. We can go to the last one and see if you can answer them. Please take the microphone and answer them. Go ahead.

Shirin: Sal-OM everyone. We just posted that question in the text area. It is: Does meditation take lots of practice to do properly and to have good results? How would everyone answer that question?

Rohtheory is saying:

Rohtheory: No. Just meditating once is effective.

Shirin: That is all we have to do, just meditate one time and weve got it? We do not have to do it anymore? We do not have to practice it? OK, maybe you did not mean it that way. Anyone else?

Radah: To answer the question, If meditation takes a lot of practice, I could say yes because for many, many years I am trying to meditate and to attain a goal of calm and quietness, and it is not easy. I think it takes a lot of practice.

Tahirah: Yes I would agree that meditation does take a lot of practice. In fact the Mission recommends that you meditate and/or do The Reminder at least twice a day. I would say, yes, it does take much practice.

Shirin: Something that strikes me which is interesting is that, a lot of people say, Oh I meditate, or, I follow a guru who gave me a word, or, I have a mantra that I use, etc. There are all kinds and types of meditations out there. There is formal and informal, etc., to get quiet and calm the mind, that sort of thing. That is a type of meditation.

But we want to realize too the goal of the meditation, why do we meditate? Do we meditate just to have a calm mind?

We realize that meditation simply is the process of going from that outer world, all the stimulations, etc., to that inner quiet place, that center, that calm place within. That way we learn to be ourselves. We learn to look at our patterns. We learn to look at our lives. We learn to be where we need to improve, where we need to learn lessons, where we need to burn karma, so to speak. As we improve, as we learn our lessons, our meditations become calmer, more centered, more to a point that it seems like we reach a point that we become the meditation. We are just in meditation all the time, no matter what we are doing. Right here on PalTalk, we are in meditation. That is because we are coming from that calm place within. That is just a thought.

So for people first learning to meditate, it might be a really hard struggle. They might say, Oh boy, I am having a hard time with this. This is really difficult to close my eyes, go within, and learn the Mission meditation process, learn the Mission mantra, learn how to use The Word in our meditation so it gets gradually deeper and deeper.

Maitreya: Well, it first depends on how long you have been meditating in previous lifetimes. It depends on what environment you are in. If you are in the external world, and you are bombarded by the stimulation of many different pulls and your mind is full of advertisements, bulletin boards, and work, that everyone talks about everything else but God, it is harder.

What kind of food do you eat? Lots of tamasic foods, coffee, even tea if you drink too much of it, alcohol, smoking, any kind of stimulation that pushes the body toward the limit, or the edge is a hindrance to meditation. We can see that meditation depends on many factors that affect our state of mind and ability to see and calm ourselves.

But if you meditate on the technique and The Word that we have given to humanity, after a while, when you recognize the stillness between breathing in and breathing out, and breathing out and breathing in, and you master that energy and you will master meditation. After that nothing really can affect you. You become a tantric meditator. You can go to the worst environment and stay calm and centered because you hear The Word within. Your diet does not have to be as restricted as before, for the person who has not mastered meditation. You can live the meditation all the time.

So meditation is a hard work. It is hard for those who do not master it completely. For those who are mastering it, eventually it becomes a way of life. It becomes a constant reminder of why we are here. God is with us, within us. The energy of God is present all the time.

As I said many times, if you put your question in that stillness between the breathing in and breathing out, and breathing out and breathing in, you will receive your answer.

A great tool has been given to humanity, and a technique. But if humanity loses that center, then we will have the situations that are not Godly and we will create an environment on earth that we have now, full of destruction, distrust, wrong decisions, struggles between people and cultures, and eventually the tribulation and destruction that unfortunately is coming to them because they did not respond to our letter and invitation to come and join us and create the Kingdom of God on earth.

The whole Mission goes hand in hand. You cannot separate a part of it and say, OK, I am going to do this. That I am not going to do. By creation of the Communities of Light and an environment that will have a calming effect on people, they could live together and satisfy the basic needs of the human to be in touch with other humans and live in a community and family environment and peace.

Even if you were the greatest yogi, it would be very hard to meditate in Iraq. If you cannot trust your neighbor, if you are afraid a bomb is going to fall on your head, if you do not have your basic necessities in life, then how can you sit and calm yourself and meditate? We have to create an environment of light, peace, and security before we can even ask people to sit and meditate.

It is very hard to meditate in the West because there is so much stimulation going on: bulletin boards, television, radio, etc. They are all teaching the wrong things to humanity and stimulating the lower nature.

That is because they know if they can stimulate your lower nature, you will keep buying junk that we all buy when we do not need them. We drink coffee, eat meat, and consume a lot of those things are not going to let you meditate.

We can see again that the Communities of Light, the education of humanity to go to a calmer food and stop stimulating the environment so we can eventually sit and meditate, is possible. That is why we can see a lot of people in the West complain, We cannot meditate. It is very hard. It is difficult. It is because they live in an environment that it is very hard.

It is not only in the West anymore, it is in the East too. A lot of people in the East are also doing the same things. It is not to blame the West only.

Again we have to go to the whole package of the Mission: Following of the Eternal Divine Path, creation of the Communities of Light, going more and more to a vegetarian and grain diet. We are not completely against meat. We are not saying that you should not eat it. But it should not be three times or two times a day.

Meditation is not that difficult, but it is difficult in the environment that we are in now, with our background, with our education, with our food, with our understanding of what meditation is. If we master The Word, we will meditate well.

I hope that answered your question. If you have a follow-up, go ahead.

We have another question here from Tom Erwin.

Tom-Erwin: Do you believe in the Bible, the Torah, and the Koran?

Maitreya: We do. Add to that the Bhagavad-Gita, Upanishads, Vedas, Bayan, Ananda Sutras. We believe in all of them.

If you have a Scripture that is from God in any religion, we believe in them. This is the beauty of this Mission. You can pick up any Scripture in the world, read them, and understand where they fall in the Eternal Divine Path and The Greatest Sign. Not only do you understand that religion but also you understand where that religion falls.

In the future when we will create the New Jerusalem, we will build a Temple that its design has already been given. You can see it in the website. Maybe someone wants to put up the URL, how to see the Temple that has been prophesied to be built in New Jerusalem, not in Old Jerusalem.

In New Jerusalem, in that Temple, we will see the building of the libraries that will have all the Scriptures and spiritual teachings of all cultures and religions in it. When you go there you will be able to read all those beautiful Words and Scriptures and bring humanity to a much higher level of understanding God and His Revelation.

Yes, we do believe in those Scriptures.

Tom-Erwin: Is the world ever going to end? I am already in the website.

Maitreya: Great! Well, I am not sure that the world is ever going to end. But this creation that is a relative state will end one day because the original energy that it has been created with will exhaust and finish. Therefore it will revert back to its original state. Hopefully by then everyone will have reached Pure Consciousness so we do not need another creation. But for those who do not make it, there will be another creation millions and billions of years later when the energy has been restored to a point that it can create another creation.

Yes, if you mean by the end of this creation, there is an end. But for the state of Pure Consciousness or Beingness, it has been here, it is here, and it will be here forever. There is no end to it. That state is beyond mind, beyond intellect, beyond I know, I do, and I have done. Therefore it has only to be experienced, not explained.

Tom-Erwin: Do you believe in the Aqhas (Abbas, or Aghadas), the Holy Book of the Bahais?

Maitreya: We believe that the original revealer of the Bahai Faith was Bab, and Bahaullah was a reformer for that religion. We read their book and we tried to understand what they are saying. They have a lot of beautiful words. Bahaullah seems to have had a poetic ability, and his words are beautiful.

But according to God, the Bahai Teaching is not perfect. That is the only religion God said is not perfect.

If you study our teachings, the BahaI revelation has one outstanding Message: Universalism. The Bahais say that all the religions of the world basically reveal the same thing, which is not our teaching. Our teaching says that each religion teaches a different message.

So we read their Scriptures, we study what they are saying but we do it with a grain of salt, with the realization that what they say does not cover everything that God tried to reveal to humanity because their founder was shot and killed and their Scripture, The Bayan, was lost. And really very few people have a copy of that Scripture around. There are some in the website in Persian and Arabic but I think it was more than that.

Yes, we believe that Bahaullah was the reformer. He tried to reform and make Babs teaching more appealing to a lot of people in the hostile environment that Babs teaching and Bahaullahs teaching came. They are representing the twin prophets of God.

Kitab-i-Aqdas and all those books are good to read with the understanding of our teachings that you have to be careful with those revelations.

Tom-Erwin: Creation means humanity for the whole world? Is creation going to

Maitreya: Well, creation means everything that is manifested. That means more than thirteen or fourteen billion light years from the center of the universe that has been created by God eventually will dissolve back to its origin. That is what we mean by creation.

Tom-Erwin: It is very interesting. I would really love to hear more.

Maitreya: Sure. Go to the website. We are here every day. There are people here from 6 to 9 AM in the morning, and from 12 to 2 PM and 8 at night until 9:30 PM (all MST). You can always come here and learn more.

Go to our website. You are going to find it is a fascinating Revelation. You will find great material to understand and learn. Of course the final expectation is that you understand it, come to the Mission, and put your effort behind this Revelation.

Rohtheory: God takes care of us through Jesus Christ. Through accepting the offering of Jesus Christ in our hearts, we can become also the sons of God. On one level they are all brothers I think. So is it possible to make this transition in the world according to Maitreya and just still have fun and smoke cigarettes and try to follow the Eternal Divine Path? Is it possible?

Maitreya: First of all, his name never was Jesus. His name was Esa. Again he came seven times. Which one are you talking about? The third?

You can do whatever you want. No one is going to come and try to change you. It is you who wants to change yourself by realizing that smoking, drinking, drugs, and not listening to God, will not take you back home.

Those who are Elects and realize, would not harm the temple, which is their body. If you are smoking and drinking and doing drugs, you are harming the body and therefore your temple is not pure enough to manifest God. You become confused and away from God. But still you think you have a connection to God.

Those who use drugs have some experiences but unfortunately because they open their ethereal bodies, or chakras to the forces that they cannot control yet, they will be possessed with the unclean spirits and their states will become worse than they were before. Of course, they keep insisting that what they do is OK. But that is not according to the Word of God. God said, Purify your body, and keep it Holy. And a Holy man does not drink, smoke, and take drugs.

So it is up to you. We leave you to God, or anyone, not you as a person, anyone who wants to know the Will of God. The Will of God is to become as natural as possible and go away from the stimulation as much as possible, especially hard stimulation.

Tom-Erwin: Does Maitreya have his own Holy Book?

Maitreya: Absolutely. It is called The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament. I am sure they have already put the URL up for you. That covers the base of our teachings. It is around 600 pages of amazing Revelations and unification of all religions, guidance, and light. Every sentence of that book you can write one thousand Scriptures from. So go and read and study and understand.

Tom-Erwin: I am sorry. I did not mean to ask too many questions.

Maitreya: That is OK. They were good questions. You were just in our room and we welcome good questions.

Go ahead Rohtheory.

Rohtheory: When you force someone to do something because you say it is bad to do it, and to follow meditation, not to drink alcohol, or smoke cigarettes, then I say, what if God is patient with me and allows me to take the path step by step?

Maitreya: We are forcing no one to do anything. Actually we say that you are welcome to stay in the Mission or leave. It is not up to us. But it is the time of sundering. It is the time that God says, the time is up.

Of course, He is patient with you. He will give you as much time as you need. But hurry up. You do not have much time left. It is the time of the end time.

It is not that we force anyone to do anything. It is not a cult. We just say the truth, and we leave you to God. You can follow it. You do not have to follow it. But the result is on you. It is not on us.

No one has to listen to me a bit. People come. People leave. People stay. I am not attached to those things at all. People follow. Some people do not. Some are even in the Mission, and they claim to be a part of the Mission and they do not follow everything I say. But I leave them to God.

It is between them and God. I am not here to become a taskmaster at all. I am here to tell you that drugs, cigarettes, drinking, alcohol, too much meat, tamasic foods, and the things that affect your environment, the things that are not natural, are not Godly, and are not good.

99% of humanity says, No, they are good. Christ drank wine so it is OK for us to drink beer and hard alcohol. Christ never drank wine. He drank the wine of the Spirit, the nectar.

It is up to you. It is not up to us. Go ahead.

Rohtheory: Yes, OK. It sounds very confusing and in my environment, I would have no problem with stopping drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. But in other environments then I say, now I have difficulty to keep on stopping. I stop for a while thinking I have to do my best and then I just get weak or something and maybe I can find some help, or maybe by connecting with other members of the Mission or something I can get some moral support because it is really not easy to get rid of Maya.

Maitreya: No one said it is easy. We understand. We have members that smoke. They tried, and they failed many times. It is up to them. It is up to you. I understand your situation.

Actually there is a contact in Russia; you might get in touch with him. Maybe you guys can get together or communicate if you want. But the truth is the truth, is the truth. You cannot smoke, you cannot drink, you cannot use drugs and at the same time say, I am Godly.

God said, No, your body is the temple, and do not harm it. You cannot take a shovel or something heavy and beat the temple all the time and destroy it and at the same time say, Oh, I love this temple. Which one is it? If you love the temple you should add to it, you should purify it, you should make it more beautiful. Instead of taking something heavy and start destroying the walls, the inside, and the outside and say, I love this temple, but I am just going to beat it down to the ground. It does not work.

I am saying the truth. I am not blaming you or anyone. I am saying that this is the way of God.

Now it is up to you to go and purify yourself. But it is not a judgmental call. It is revealing the truth. I cannot say anything else but the truth. If it hurts some people, I am sorry. The Prophet is not a politician.

The politician or businessman promises a lot of things and tells you it is OK. Or the false prophets, dozens of them out there, say, Do not worry about it. Do whatever you want.

The truth is that it is not fine. It is a package. You have to go back to the natural ways. Stimulation of the body too much in any way is not good. You have to put your life, your neighbors, your cities, your countries, and your earth based on Gods Laws.

That is why I am here to warn humanity to turn around and be baptized, purify yourself, and go to God. I am not here to blame you. I am not here to watch everyone to see if they are following everything that I say. No. I do not care. I say it and leave it to the wind. I leave it to the ethereal level.

What I say is what God says. Do you want to follow God? That is the way it is. If you fail, it is OK. If you are trying to quit smoking and you fail, OK. Do not beat on yourself, but try again and again. Do a different approach. Meditate. Strengthen your will. Eventually one day you will say, I do not need to smoke. Smoke, drink, and all that, I am no longer interested.

OK we will go to the next question.

Shirin [reading]: The next question sent in is: The Catholics say a phrase of, Blessed is He Who Takes Away the Sin of the World, referring to Esa the Christ. Is there any truth to that sentence? We know that we each have to overcome but doesnt also Maitreyas teaching take away the hatred, dogma, separation, etc., sin of the world?

Maitreya: The question is that they say, Blessed is he who takes away the sin of the world. Does it only refer to Esa the Christ?

Brad: Sal-OM to all. Sal-OM Maitreya. I believed that we talked about The Grace being withdrawn and then returned with Esa, and that is a part of why they say, Blessed is he who takes away the sin, for Esa. That is because that is when it was released back to humanity. So that is why that was a critical point. Not that at any given time, I think that if you opened yourself to The Grace, but just in this creation in general.

Maitreya: That was a good answer. In one sense you can see Christ was special in a sense of releasing The Grace. He really permanently released The Grace.

Rohtheory: Personally I believe that Christ, Esa, is the savior of the world. He came to destroy our sins, to destroy our unworthiness, if we submit to God and we submit to Christ also as a person, I think.

Maitreya: We agree with you. But he came seven times. That is the part that we are trying to convey to humanity that you are not saved unless you see the Seventh Revelation that has come to humanity, which was brought by Christ, who takes the sin away and brings the salvation to man.

No one else wants to take the mic?

There is a huge truth in that sentence. Indeed whenever the Revelation of God comes to man, that period of purification also comes to humanity, and therefore the tribulation itself is a purifying process that burns the karma of thousands of years of humanity and prepares them for the next step or level.

That is true also about our teaching. As we taught many times, by the coming of this Revelation, The Grace and blessing have been released to the whole of humanity now. Every human who follows the Eternal Divine Path, sees this Vision, and follows It will be blessed beyond human imagination, as I have been blessed beyond human imagination. Therefore, those who will follow this will be as blessed as I am.

Also as has been mentioned, we are destroying dogmas, hatred, and separation, and we are bringing more unity and purification to humanity. Therefore it is a blessing that this Revelation is here for man to see the Vision and recognize It.

Basically any time Christ, or the Messiah, or the Revealer comes from God, it is a blessing to humanity. I know that usually we talk about the tribulation and destruction coming to humanity but in a sense, because it burns the karma of humanity and purifies humans, it is a blessing to the people who stay and continue. They are the people who have purified themselves, have seen the tribulation, and who understand Gods Plan in a greater degree.

I hope that answers your question. And if you have a follow-up, go ahead.

Go ahead Shirin.

Shirin: OK. Just checking a thought here that I have. I am looking at that question again. It says, Blessed is he who takes away the sin of the world. Now could we also look at it from a position that God promised that His Kingdom would come? His Kingdom would come on earth as it is in heaven. Of course, that is the teaching of Esa the Christ.

We know that all the teachings brought that but we also look at a level that we overcome on our personal level; we overcome on a societal level. But could we also say that we overcome on a world level? That the world itself has to overcome and become a better place, a Godly place to be? So when we can understand that it is the Christ who brings that teaching that enables the world to come to that Kingdom, then we could see, Blessed are all of those Seven Angels, so that the world could overcome and become the Kingdom. Is that a correct thought?

Maitreya: Are you saying that this sentence is for the Seventh Angel? It says, Blessed is he who takes away the sin of the world. In a way Christ just blessed his followers. Prophet Muhammad blessed his followers.

The only Revelation that takes away the sin from the whole is the Seventh Revelation. That might be interpreted in that way very easily. That is what might be the true meaning of that sentence because no other revelation took away the sin of the whole earth. We have been saying this all along that this is now, which released the Blessing and Grace to the whole of humanity.

I think that is probably the highest meaning of that sentence. What you say is correct but it is the Blessing of the Revelation that released the blessing to the whole earth.

Shirin: I think that if we are finished with that question, going back into the text, I think Brad said that he had several questions that he wanted to bring forward.

Maitreya: Go ahead, Brad.

Brad: Yes, I was trying to do my homework, which was to come up with three questions, I believe [laughter].

The first one is, when you were talking about the seven times of Christ, what is the best way to explain to someone, on explaining the Eternal Divine Path, about both Baba and yourself being on earth at the same time?

Maitreya: Go ahead. That question is one of the three questions on the table. You have to participate and answer Brad first. Go ahead, participate, and see what are your answers.

Radah: I think that Baba was not the Christ. He was a great teacher but he was not the First Begotten Son of God.

Maitreya: OK. That is one answer. Anyone else? The question is that Esa the Christ came seven times and revealed the seven major revelations, the Seven Seals, how can we explain Baba and me living at the same time? Two revelations came so close to each other. Also before the Bahai teaching it took at least 600 or 1,000 years before another revelation came. But we see 200 years later we have Baba, and probably 30 or 40 years later, we have this Revelation. Anyone else want to take up the question of how we can explain the Seventh Revelation and the way Baba and me were alive at the same time?

OK. I will give you a couple of minutes to see if anyone else wants to answer that question. Then I will come in and answer it.

Shirin: I am thinking about John the Baptist being here who was preaching the Kingdom of Heaven, and Christ was here at the same time too. That could be an analogy or a comparison.

Maitreya: Yes, that is a good one. You can say that probably Baba was also a forerunner for this Mission. Well, why dont I just go ahead and answer the question? That is one analogy.

Actually it was after I joined Ananda Marga that Ananda Marga started going down. Sounds like it was finished, the Spirit was no longer in it. They started having a lot of trouble. Baba was thrown into prison. He stopped preaching and eventually completely isolated himself from everyone.

You can see the Spirit of God moved from Ananda Marga to this Mission. Therefore Baba was a major manifestation in the sense of Mystical Paths and the Far East part of the Revelation for the Mission.

As we said, there were two plans of God: One was for the Far East, and one was for the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahai, which really came mostly from the Zoroastrian Religion.

Abraham was Persian himself and was Zoroastrian when he was in Babylon or Ur. It was because he knew there was only One God that he opposed the idol worshippers in Ur and Babylon. That is why the story of one day he destroyed the idols of that city, people chased him out of that city, and his traveling started. He took his family and went away.

One plan was the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahai that is connected to the Zoroastrian Religion. Another was the Far East Philosophies that we have Krishna, Shiva, Buddha, and all those revealers that worked with the Mystical Paths.

Actually Baba was considered to be the manifestation of Shiva. It makes sense that God again brought these two plans together and unified them. Baba found me and initiated me just like John the Baptist found Christ and initiated him. I would have never, probably, gone to the Mystical Paths if it were not the way it happened to me. I did not even want to be initiated and I was initiated.

In one sense you can say he was kind of a forerunner. In another sense he revealed the concept of the Sixth Seal, or Paravipras, or Sadvipras (according to him). Therefore he also had the Spirit of God on him as the Manifestor of the Sixth Seal.

Also in the Bible, when we study The Revelation, if you remember, the Fifth Seal is asking God, When are you going to bring justice to humanity and us? God said, In a short time. It sounds like God is saying that, I am going to shorten the 1,000 years with 200 years and then even shorter. And, I will reveal the last Revelation and will bring justice to humanity.

Therefore He shortened the time to 200 years. Then after Baba it was even shorter than that. Also He finished both plans of the Far East, which was Krishna, Shiva, the Mystical Part, and the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahai teaching. They came almost at the same time, combined together, and manifested as the Seventh Seal.

Without Baba probably I never would have connected to the Mystical Paths and added the Far East Philosophies to the Revelation, as many Islamic/Judeo/Christians did not do. They did not add the Mystical Paths.

We can see both were necessary to come at this time so I become complete from the East and the West, and I reveal this Revelation.

I hope that answered your question. If you have a follow-up, go ahead.

I have one question here from Sarah that,

Question from Audience: Enoch also was one who overcame early in the Bible?

Maitreya: Yes, he did. That is why God took him. Enoch overcame. God said at the end of The Revelation, Whoever overcometh will become my son. So Enoch overcame, and Christ the First Begotten Son overcame, and also there is the promise, whoever overcometh. That is why you have to overcome.

Do not argue about it. You have to overcome to become the son of God. It is not what I am saying; it is right in the Bible, right in the Scripture. You have to overcome. God did not say that, I will overcome it for you. He said, Yes, I will Bless you, I will give My Grace. I will help you out but you are the one who has to overcome because you are the one that went off from The Grace in the first place.

The idea of, No, I do not have to do anything, and all things will happen, is not what God said at all.

Tom-Erwin: How does it feel to receive a Revelation? Was it like a dream? Did you see God? How did He reveal it to you?

Another question is Actually, I am not a I do not believe so much in Bahaism but I have read it clearly that Bahaullah said, before he passed away, that the next messenger, the next message, and the next religion

Maitreya: You are breaking up badly Tom. We cannot hear you very well. I think we got your first question in, How did I feel when I received the Revelation? Also your second question, I think you are asking that Bahaullah said no one is going to come for 1,000 years after he passed away. So we got your two questions but you are breaking up badly. We could not hear you very well. If you want to listen to the answers to these questions, then if you have more questions you can raise your hand again.

Your first question was, How did it feel to receive the Revelation? Yes, it felt very good, very great. It was fantastic. It was the most incredible experience you can ever have.

Did I have my Revelation in a dream? No, it came very clearly through my own understanding and experience. It was like a quiet voice that you almost do not hear, but you hear it at the same time. It is strong. It is powerful. It is a Knowingness. It is a truth that hits your heart. It is just like when someone says a truth that you recognize is the truth, and it gives you goose bumps or it makes you cry, or you feel, Yes, that is the truth. That is exactly how the feeling is.

The feeling is, I know this is the truth. Therefore I have no choice but to reveal it to humanity. It is something that the Moslems call Vahd. It is kind of a strong impression of the truth that you have no choice but to accept.

It is just like people come to the Mission, see this Vision, and it becomes their Vision. They realize that, This is the truth. They have no doubt in their minds that is the truth. It is consistent. It is based on the Word of God. It does not contradict itself. With all the revelations all through the last twenty-five or thirty years, there are no contradictions.

You answer in short: Yes, it felt great.

Now your question about Bahaullah saying that there will be no one who comes after him for 1,000 years.

First of all, the real revealer of the Bahai Teaching was Bab. We accept him as the Major Manifestation. Bahaullah was a reformer, a person who tried to make the teaching more palatable to the environment that it came in, which was very hostile to the idea of all religions are the same. They believed that Prophet Muhammad was the last Prophet and whoever comes after him is an imposter, as now Bahais believe that anyone who comes after Bahai for 1,000 years is in that position, which is not true. As Prophet Muhammad being the last Prophet is not true, Bahai being the person that no one comes after for 1,000 years, is not true.

We just explained how God said that He was going to accelerate the process after the Fifth Seal. It took only 200 250 years for two Major Manifestations to come to earth. Actually we lived at the same time. It had never happened in history, and we can see Gods Revelation and way is different than man. Even those who have been chosen as a Prophet, especially in the Bahai teaching, we can see is not correct.

They have to listen to God, not to Bahaullah. Bahaullah made a lot of mistakes. They do not even include the Mystical Paths. They had a hard time with Hinduism, Buddhism, and the American Indians.

Also God said, It is not perfect. All this evidence shows us that Gods Word is going to be accelerated. It is going to be in 250 years that the last revelation comes. And we are correct, and they are not.

We are going to go to Rohtheory. We are going to answer one more question, Rohtheory, from you and then we are going to go to the last questions because we are almost at the end time. We are going to finish all the questions sent in, and Brad also has some questions left.

Go ahead Rohtheory but make it pretty short. Go ahead.

Rohtheory: My question is to you, Do you have remembrance of your past life, Maitreya? Also can you read peoples Karma?

Maitreya: Do I remember my past lifetimes? I have had some visions, dreams, and feelings about them. I have some scars on my hands and other things on my body that confirm some of the things some people are expecting.

I did not understand your question about the Karma. Can I read peoples Karma or can I take peoples Karma?

Rohtheory: If you can read someones Karma. If I have good Karma or bad Karma, or some other problem in my life, if you can read that from God by revelation.

Maitreya: Well, what good does that do to you if I can read it or not? Probably you can read it yourself much better. That is what the meditation is for. When you meditate also look at your life, what kind of life you have, what kind of attitude you have, what purification you need to go through, what are the problems and the patterns in your life.

OK Brad. Do you want to come up and ask your other question then?

Brad: Yes, thank you. Right now we have a lot of conflict between Christianity and Islam. Sometimes in Christianity they cite the beginnings of Islam and some of the wars and things that happened at that time.

In our explanation we were talking about Esa and Prophet Muhammad being the First Son of God. There is always a conflict with the Christians when they talk about Esa and turn the other cheek of Christ, and then they sight the war-like beginnings with Prophet Muhammad.

My question and from reading some history books concerning Prophet Muhammad was, did he ever participate in any things in war, like actually in the war, or planning of war? Or other times I read where they looted caravans and he was part of the looting, and things like that, because that is always a hard thing to explain to the Christians, the understanding that we are placing these teachings equal and a part of each other.

Maitreya: Very good question Brad. Prophet Muhammad started his teaching in Mecca. When he was in Mecca the elite in Mecca became very upset about what he said. That is because they had 365 idols in Mecca and each of them belonged to some nations, or some people. They even had the four-armed Krishna so the Hindus could come there. They were attracting merchants and prospering because of them.

Suddenly Prophet Muhammad came and said, There is no God but God. That meant that the 365 gods, one for every day, were no gods anymore. They got up in arms. It reached a point that they were going to assassinate him, kill him while he was in the bed at night. That was when he ran away and went to Medina.

The people in Media accepted him as their leader, and the whole city was surrendered to Prophet Muhammad. He became their leader. He no longer was only a Prophet but also he was a leader of a city.

He had a lot of followers in Mecca who did not follow him to Medina. Then the elite who were very angry that they missed killing him started persecuting people in Mecca who were following Prophet Muhammad. They confiscated their belongs, tortured them, and killed some of them. When the news came to Prophet Muhammad that that was what they were doing to his followers, it was then that Prophet Muhammad started hurting them by attacking their caravans.

Now he had an army, he had a city, and he was a leader. He was not a completely helpless Prophet anymore. He had the means to get back at them by attacking their caravans that had to go from Syria past Medina and go to Mecca.

He kind of choked them there and got back at them and said, If you do this to my followers, I am going to do this to you. It is kind of a, No longer Christ being prophesied to come and be crucified, but he came as a King, as a person who now had the political responsibility for his people. He had no choice but to politically maneuver against the people in Mecca.

That is when he started choking them by making their lives more miserable because now their caravans were not safe any more to go by Medina. It was then that the Meccans got together and said, Well, we are going to go and fight him, conquer Medina and probably kill him and stop him from what he was doing.

They started creating a great army and started going toward Medina. The followers of Prophet Muhammad said, Well, we should fight. Prophet Muhammad said, No, I do not want to fight. But he was put in a situation that he eventually realized there was no choice. That is when the revelation of Jihad came, which really means, to struggle. He brought his followers together as a very small army compared to what was coming from Mecca.

That is when the war between the Moslems and Meccans started. The first war, although they had a small army, they won. The second one they lost. The third one they won. That is when they made their pact for ten years, not to fight with each other.

After ten years, the followers of Prophet Muhammad became so huge that Mecca became afraid of them again and they broke the pact. Then Prophet Muhammad marched toward Mecca. While he was going toward Mecca, all the tribes and other followers joined him. By the time he reached Mecca, he had 130,000 men with him.

The Meccans realized that they could not fight him. They opened the door, and he took over Mecca. After he took over, everyone thought that he was going to revenge the people who had persecuted him for all this time. But he forgave them and actually he gave very high-level positions to a lot of them in the Islamic society. It was then that the idea of Jihad came to go and spread Islam by sword.

Of course, in the Bible, it clearly says, They will conquer one fourth of the earth by sword. And they did. We can see it is historical. He was put in a situation that he had no choice. And if they really want to know the truth they have to read the history of Islam and see that he was put in a situation that he had to do what he did. Also the very Bible says that they would conquer one fourth of the earth by sword.

So it is from God. All had been planned by God. They brought the Kingdom of God on earth for a short period of time.

But, of course, they were not supposed to conquer the whole world. It is now that we are reaching out for humanity, for them to recognize that there have been Seven Revelations, that Christians are a part of it, Moslems are a part of it, and Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists are a part of it.

Therefore, they have to become seekers instead of saying, No, Christ is the only way, and no one should come after him. That is not what God said. But that is the whole point, they have to recognize, what do they believe, or what did God say is going to happen?

If God said this is the way it is going to happen, then they have to give up their dogmas, their beliefs, and understand and realize Gods Word. That is why we have to teach them. We have to direct them toward the history, toward the Scriptures, the way God promised to Abram and Abraham and He fulfilled both of them.

Gods Word is, there is going to be another Prophet, at least after Christ because a child of Abram was also going to be a Prophet, a Messenger of God. Of course, we know Islam also was waiting for the next Messiah to come.

Then the Bahais now come to us and tell us, No Bahai was not for 1,000 That is not what God said. God said, I am going to shorten the time. I am going to bring the new Revelation faster than this.

It really is, Do you want us to listen to God, or do you want us to listen to your dogmas and believe what is the truth? I hope that answered your question. If it does not, let me know.

Brad: Yes it does. Thank you. I often, when a person says how peaceful the teaching... But also there was a time in the first and second world wars when a lot of Christians had to kill a lot of other people in self-defense of the other regimes in Germany and Japan taking over the earth. So I think that is kind of similar in that they had to do that in order to defend themselves.

The last question I have is concerning atman and the evolution of consciousness. I understand that the consciousness that attaches to a human body is that which has gotten to a point that through the physical body and understanding the Eternal Divine Path, can then reach the goal or have the goal of Pure Consciousness.

My question is, could there be other consciousnesses as they are evolving in that process? Is it just an evolution from the consciousness of a single atom, and then also the consciousnesses of things like birds, animals, and whatever? Are they continuously evolving forward? Then would you be saying that those consciousnesses would eventually evolve to a consciousness that would attach itself or understand as our consciousnesses do here?

Maitreya: Yes. Actually, the evolutionary process has been created by God. It is like in the very, very beginning, God used His Own Body and created the universe. Then He manifested Himself as a Witness Entity to this universe.

Now the consciousnesses that have fallen, the only reason they have fallen is because of the ego. Then the ego evolves itself to a different level of consciousness, animal consciousness, and plant consciousness. Also they are alive but because their consciousness is not high enough to reach Pure Consciousness, they manifest themselves in different levels.

At the same time, because God used His Body to create the universe, the universe or most parts of it, already is in Pure Consciousness but it is the sacrifice of God to be here and guide us toward reaching Pure Consciousness.

It is like plants that have nutrition for the body. The sun, the things that come together so that we can live in this body, have oxygen, and stay in the body, progress, and eventually go to the higher level. Therefore also by evolving, the rest of the universe is helping us, which might not be completely in Maya or in darkness but they could be in a higher level, even as many humans.

Consciousness itself when it recognizes the Oneness with God, realizes that there is no separation: There is no me and God. It is only God. I do not really exist. My very Essence, my very understanding that I am me and God is God is the illusion of separation, which is really Maya. Therefore at the moment of realization you and God are One.

I do not know if that answered the question but if you are saying that ego is evolved or God created animals, part of the universe is in a very higher consciousness, it sacrifices itself so that animal consciousness in that level manifests itself and progresses.

I hope that answered your question. If it did not, go ahead and pose your question in a different way.

Brad: Yes. Thank you. That answered it. It is the understanding of the Daharma or the purpose that when you see, as you often talk about, understanding the purpose, you see the purpose of each unit consciousness, you see the purpose that that is to lead us to Pure Consciousness and the understanding that it is all one anyhow. So the evolution or to play the play is what we are involved in and when we understand it then we see that. I think what has always helped me a lot is to try to look at that Daharma. As you say, that is a great help in our progress.

Maitreya: Absolutely. If we understand the purpose of the universe, which is to turn around and go back to God, then we understand our purpose in that umbrella of purposes, then we do not create any Karma and we accelerate our progress toward God and unity.

The higher the consciousness is, the easier for the consciousness to recognize, What is my Daharma? OK I found Maitreya. This is the last Revelation. This is what this Revelation says. Now where do I fall into this Revelation? Then we understand our Daharma in this umbrella and therefore we do not create Karma, and we all dance together to heaven.

OK. Is there any other question? If there is no other question, let us read the last question so we are finished with it. I am going to give a very brief answer so that we are done with all the questions for this Feast. Go ahead.

Shirin [reading the last question]: Can we trust in the future, that they will not change the Mission website?

Maitreya: Well, we surely are going to do our best to make it as perfect as possible. Of course as we talked recently, the Revelation is finished. The only thing left and what we will concentrate on from now on is to perfect whatever is Revealed. We are going to perfect the audios. We are going to perfect the website. We are going to perfect anything that God gave us.

We just released a CD that if anyone wants it free, we are going to send it to you. It is an introduction to the Mission, the Letter to Humanity, and also a Satsang by me explaining The Greatest Sign. If you want it, just send an email or letter or something and say, I want the CD. It is going to be sent to you.

We have a brother, Michael. He has put The Greatest Sign at the top of a picture from NASA of the earth. That is also going to be available. We just printed 1,000 with the size of 22X37 and 11X17. So we have two sizes. They are going to be put in the website pretty soon. We are going to perfect the website more and more.

With the creation of the Facilitating Body, the Board of Directors, which is in the process of formation, hopefully they will keep it pure. But eventually we have to let it go, of course, at the end. As we know God is very protective of this Revelation, and He will surely protect this website and the teaching.

Also we have spread this Revelation in so many writings, and all the things in the website, and all that. It has been spread many places on earth. We cannot even imagine where our videos are, where our audios are, and where The Greatest Sign is. They are just spread all over the world.

It is very hard to stop and to influence this teaching as much as they did with the other teachings that came from a place no one knew and suddenly other people took it and let their cultures affect it. So in short, we will trust in God. We will do our best, but we will trust on God.

There is a comment typed: Thank you, Lord Maitreya, please remember that I will do my best.

Good job Rohtheory. I hope everyone follows Rohtheorys advice, do you best. We will see you next time that we have these sessions together.

Sal-OM everyone

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