Further Clarifications Of The Teachings
Feast of Tabernacles 2007

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Topics Covered:

1. From which background is Maitreya? 2. How Can we Prove He (Maitreya) is a Prophet or a Messenger of God? 3. What about "Thou shall live once and then the judgment of the birth to reincarnation"? 4. Does meditation take lots of practice to do it properly and to have good results? 5. Do you believe in the Bible and the Koran? 6. Is the world ever going to end? 7. Do you believe in the [sounded like he said Bathas?] Bayan? the Holy Book of the Baha'is? 8. Creation means humanity for the whole world? Is creation going to end? 9. Just by believing In Jesus Christ, as the son of God, will He take care of us if we drink, smoke, etc. and can we still follow the EDP and go back to God? 10. Does Maitreya have his own Holy Book? 11. When you force someone to do something because you say it is bad not to do it, and to do meditation, not to drink, smoke, etc. what if God is patient with me? 12. The Catholics say a phrase that "Blessed is He Who Takes Away the Sin of the world," referring to Esa the Christ. Is there any truth to that teaching? 13. When you were talking about the 7 times of Christ, what is the best way to explain about Baba and Yourself (Maitreya) being on the earth at the same time? 14. Enoch also was one who overcame early in the Bible? 15. How does it feel to receive a Revelation? Was it like a dream? How did He reveal it to You? 16. Does Baha'u'llah say no one is going to come after him for 1,000 years? 17. Do you have remembrance of your past life? 18. Can you read people's karma? 19. The conflict between Christianity and Islam, Esa and Prophet Muhammad: Did He (Muhammad) ever participate in any war? 20. With reference to atman and consciousness, and the evolution of consciousness, can the other consciousnesses as they are evolving, is it just an evolution from the atom, the consciousness of a single atom, and then things like birds and animals, are they eventually evolving forward and will they understand as our consciousness here? 21. Can we trust in the future, that they will not change the Mission website?

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Topics Covered:

1. The difference between the First Begotten Son of God and to be a son of God? 2. Does the Messiah know the future? 3. Why there are now fifteen commandments instead of ten as in the Old Testament? 4. Love is intuition? How can we relate this intuition/Love with the fact that God took away the intuitive part (telepathic ability) from man? 5. What is detachment from Maya and what is OK in life? 6. Is the Mission of Maitreya involved in political issues (like Iraq, etc.)? 7. Opinions of humans versus God's Way? 8. Know the Dharma of things. 9. How do we reconcile THOTH teachings and the teachings of Paul in the Bible?

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Topics Covered: 1. "I was reading about dogmas on maitreya.org. There is a verse that says any religion/ideology, etc. which divides people will be knows as dogmas and will not be supported. But in Luke 12:49-53, Jesus said that he came to divide?"

2. People say the universe is perfect. Yet the Mission teaches it is not,,, how can we explain this? 3. What does leave them to God really mean? (heard in PalTalk) 4. I was talking about the Messiah on earth and the person told me that the temple in Jerusalem is not yet built and He cannot be here now, how can we answer something to that? 5. What was the difference before Esa came to earth, and after His coming as Esa the Christ, keeping in mind that He released The Grace to humanity?

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Topics Covered:

1. Why do I have to believe in God? What has God done for me?

2. If there was one thing to do/follow/help for the Mission at this time, what would it be? 3. How can you think you can change the cultures/beliefs/dogmas that have been here for 1000s of years? 4. God is the Creator. Why didnt he make us perfect to start with?

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