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12/01/2007: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered:

1. How can we prevent a similar situation occurring to the Communities of Light (which will have more peace-loving, fair people) like what happened to the Tibetan Buddhists (that were attacked and almost destroyed by the aggressive, more powerful Chinese)?

2. What is the best age for marriage?

3. I do not totally understand about the concept of Mahdi. I believe that Maitreya (GIWH) is the Mahdi that the Moslems are waiting for, yet I have read in the teachings that we consider Bab to be the Mahdi? Could we say there were two Mahdis? Is the concept of Mahdi like Messiah ("Anointed One") so there could be several Mahdis?

4. I was wondering if you could comment a little bit on telepathy and molecular transportation.

11/03/2007: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered:

1. Do not judge without knowing the teachings first.

2. Can regression therapy be helpful for an individual to learn the necessary lessons to clear his/her karma?

3. I have to ask myself: "What makes me resist the Call?"

4. It is OK if there is no question, it is because all of them have been answered.

10/06/2007: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered:

1. What was the cause for the beginning? Or was there a cause for the creation?

2. "Before the beginning there was nothing" is not true. God was there before the beginning?

3. The evolutionary way of God?

4. Why Maitreya says humans evolve?

5. If there is no reason for God creating the creation, this makes Him incomplete?

6. What is the devil? (a concept from Zoroastrians)

7. Is Ahriman the same as personification of sin?

8. What is the etymology of the term GOD?

09/01/2007: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered:

1. How do you bring peace to someone who doesn't want peace?

2. How can I get a name like what you people have, eg. Tahirah, Radah, Hosanna, etc. (other than giving myself one)?

3. Was Elijah the reincarnation of Christ?

4. Are there different degrees of sin?

08/04/2007: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered:

1. Introduction on why this room was started.

2. What is the base of the teachings?

3. Why only One God?

4. What is the evidence of God's existence?

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