Further Clarifications


By Maitreya


The DreamWalker: Can truth not be seen for self, or in any other way than by "following" anothers path? Is that not "their" truth, their "belief" (ego-based) thus rendering it subjective and contextual?

Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. The question basically says that the truth, can it be found in any other way than this way?

We have to see what God said about His Revelations. If you study our teachings and the Scriptures, it always says, I will send My Truth through one person. Throughout history they are called Prophets, Messiahs, Major Manifestations, those who fulfill the prophecies and come with the impeccable resume from God who makes it very clear that they are the chosen people from Him to bring a revelation or truth to humanity.

From the very outset we can see that God said that not everyone has the truth. They might have opinions, ideas, and some realizations. They might even have great realizations, but they are not the Mouthpiece of God.

Such a Being has been sent to humanity all through history, since 12,000 years ago, as Moslems believe there have been more than 130,000 of them before Prophet Muhammad. In The Revelation in the Bible, God clearly says, There are going to be Seven Revelations. Prophet Muhammad was the fourth one. Three of them will come after him, and the last one will be the Seventh Angel who comes with a long resume of who he is and how we can recognize him. He will open the Seventh Seal and reveal the truth to man.

There was a Plan from the very beginning to put humanity through history and close their third eyes, and they would lose all spiritual connection to the higher level; then teach them to meditate and guide them to the Seventh Revelation, to this point when God sends the Seventh Revelation and says, That is what I was doing. That is the history. That is how I closed the third eyes. And now it is the time for the humans to realize that the only way is My Way.

It is not in an egoistical way that God wants to be correct. But He has created this universe, He knows man very well, and He knows that man fell from The Grace, or Oneness, or Pure Consciousness, and the darkness was upon the face of the deep.

Man in the Essence has not been created. They have fallen from the original innocence, God. Now they have to turn around and go back. The whole creation, history, sending of the Prophets, and this Revelation is to guide man to turn around, to create an environment that everyone can meditate, awaken their spiritual forces, and go back to God.

Your question, with all this explanation, comes to the one point of guidance to humanity. And that is the Revelation of the Seventh Angel.

As God clearly said in the Bible, No one knows the truth until this Revelation comes. You can read that in The Revelation, chapter 10, verse 7.

Also it says that there was a Book sealed with the Seven Seals, and no one could open it until the Lion of the Tribe of Judah came and opened it. That is the only time that the whole universe rejoices.

We can see the importance and the depth from the historical, spiritual, and any way you look at it, point of view, that God is saying, There is only one Book that has My Truth, and no other revelation, truth, before that, or after that, is the one that explains My History and teaching of spirituality.

With that understanding we realize that this is it for humanity. No other way, no other person, no revealer before this, and no revealer after this, can have the whole truth.

The answer to your question is: There is no other way. This is it. Whoever wants to go to the Father has to follow the Eternal Divine Path and Gods Will. That is why this room, the website, the foundation of creating the United States and freedom of religion, the reason for the Internet and our ability to reach the whole earth at the same time, is for this Revelation to come to humanity in a most perfect and safe way, reach everyone, and they understand that God is behind it.

You can see that God indeed is behind it. He said there is going to be One Revelation. That is why our website is the central focus for our teaching and learning.

Actually I have requested many people to start their own websites. They can bring their own ideas and their own understanding of our teachings, but they are all going to have the link to the Mission website.

No matter who tells you what, in what website you go that they are explaining the way that they understand it, there is always a central focus and resources to go to our website and see what is the original teaching and understand it yourself.

I hope that answered your question. If you have any follow-up, go ahead, otherwise, I will release the mic.

Sponsored: My question is about the verses in the Bible, Isaiah 58:3-8. I will post the verses:

Wherefore have we fasted, say they, and thou seest not? wherefore have we afflicted our soul, and thou takest no knowledge? Behold, in the day of your fast ye find pleasure, and exact all your labors.

Behold, ye fast for strife and debate, and to smite with the fist of wickedness: ye shall not fast as ye do this day, to make your voice to be heard on high.

Is such the fast that I have chosen? a day for a man to afflict his soul? is it to bow down his head as a bulrush, and to spread sackcloth and ashes under him? wilt thou call this a fast, and an acceptable day to the Lord?

Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke?

Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house? when thou seest the naked, that thou cover him; and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh?

Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily: and they righteousness shall go before thee; the glory of the Lord shall be thy reward. (Isaiah 58:3-8)

My question is, is that a kind of spiritual fasting? I read it in French and I understand that it is not the same fasting that we do in flesh, if I can say so. Are there two kinds of fasting, or is this the real one? What is it?

Maitreya: That is what God said, I expect people who want to follow me to do. Sounds pretty demanding, doesnt it? That is the ideal fasting.

Many say it is too hard, too tough. I have my field to attend, My daughter has to get married, My son is sick, I have a lot of things to do; I cannot fast; I cannot spend my time in Sabbath to think about God.

That is what God demands and what is expected for humanity to be concentrated on and put God first, put the Light first, put the focus of their meditation and the light at the end of the tunnel, which is the Light to escape the darkness.

That is the expectation but the human has fallen to the darkness from the very beginning in the creation, and therefore they have all the excuses not to see this truth and the commandment of God. Now this Revelation has come and called them again to turn around, and still they have a lot of other things to do and they are not committed to what God commanded them to do. They are still thinking they are spiritual, they are Godly, and they are OK.

The more we focus on God and the more we realize the commandments and put our lives based on God, the sooner the Kingdom of God will come. As we said, God knows His universe better than anyone else. When He says things like that, it is not an egoistical demand. It is good for us.

It is good for you. It is good for anyone who puts his or her life completely on His Image of Light: Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. He also is flexible in some situations that are emergencies. But if they are not emergencies, we should postpone those activities for other days. Put them on the side, not to do them on the Sabbath. Focus on God and fasting.

Also as Christ said, a man who was rich, had a lot of money, and thought he was not a sinner, told God, Look at me. I am fasting. I am rich. I am not like that other man who is poor, dirty, and has not fasted. But the other man was humble and begging Gods forgiveness and progress, and he was not arrogant.

All these things are to fast correctly. Not to fast for show, not to fast to make other people think you are very spiritual but you do not even realize who you are and that most of the things that you do are to show off, as a spiritual person. That is another problem with not fasting correctly.

God is very demanding for humanity to completely turn around 180 degrees. As we talked many times, if even you turn 90 degrees, you are not going to go to God. Even turning 160 degrees, still you might miss It. You might see a shadow of His Light while you were passing by. But the only way is 180 degrees to turn around to go to God.

Now that is Gods demand. Just read those sentences that you just posted. It is very clear. He is not interested in your showing that you fast. He is not interested in, Oh, I fast but I am going to do anything I want to do.

He means it is a package. When you fast you fast correctly, and you follow the Revelation of God. You follow it correctly. That is the best.

When He calls you to the last Revelation, He means it. It is not a game, or it is not something that you can say, OK, well, I am just going to be lukewarm, and I can follow my own understanding, or this and that. This Message especially should be very strongly understood by intellectuals and those who want to explain everything away with their explanations.

So basically those verses are not different than what our teaching and fasting is on Saturdays. It is a day of rest. It is a day of self-examination.

When God says, Sit on the ashes and put on sackcloth, it means to be humble. At least on the Sabbath day, fast and meditate. Look at your week. Look at your life, How dedicated really am I? How much really do I see of the Revelation of God? Am I still craving approval of other people or even Maitreya himself, or am I absolutely doing it for God, becoming perfect in what I do, and helping Maitreya in his Mission because of God?

This fasting is not different than what we teach. It is not different than our fasting. There are not two kinds of fasting. There is only one kind of fasting, and that is the fasting of Spirit, turning around, examining yourself, making yourself humble, making it the whole package. I fast but I do whatever else I want to do. As it says, Do not do it.

If you fast and there are some people you can help with, that is OK. As He says, If you find the poor, feed them. If you find someone naked, cover them.

Of course in this time we can do those things in a very organized way. This time God wants to create an organization that eventually no one is going to be naked or hungry, create a world that if even one person is hungry, that world is guilty. If one person is naked, that world is going to feel bad.

The ideal is high. The goal is perfection. God said we could do it. God promised many things, and He has fulfilled them.

Now is the time also for fulfilling the promise of the Kingdom. But those who want to create the Kingdom have to respond to the call of God 100%, be self-sufficient, understand the depth of His Call, and not be lukewarm.

Actually all of the verses that you just posted are talking about people when they are lukewarm. They want God at the same time they want the world. Can that happen? Can we have two masters? We cannot.

Again it goes back to the teaching of, you have to have only one master. You have to do the spiritual things correctly, not just fast, do everything you want, and then explain them away as, Oh, it is OK. I am fasting. I can do other things. I am not going to take the Sabbath. I am not going to be humble. I am not going to try to help other people. I am not going to help the naked. I am not interested if other people in the world are hungry or naked, as long as I am not, that is all I want.

That is the human way. We are trying to create Elects, the Paravipras. Our teachings are against human nature. Human nature is selfish. Our teachings are to turn around 180 degrees and not be selfish.

The whole idea is to do it correctly: To fast on Saturdays, concentrate on God, humble yourself, examine your life, see if you have something extra in your life that you really do not need, and give it to those who do not have anything. Maybe we eventually can create a more equal world, stop the wars and destruction, and become a Kingdom for God.

I hope that answered your question, Sponsored, if it did not go ahead and raise your hand or type it in text.

Sponsored: A humble kind of fasting, if we can say so?

Maitreya: Yes, absolutely. Humility. Who did Christ say was the greatest? Who is the humblest is the greatest. As long as we have a big ego, we think we are great spiritual beings and everyone should listen to us and bow down in front of us, and if they do not we become angry and play games and throw tantrums, then you really are not. Be honest.

If you are humble and ready to progress, you are ready to fast. To put sackcloth means to not be attached to the external world. Ash is the humblest element. What remains of the fire is ash.

When you are progressing toward spirituality and a higher level, you are on fire of God and it purifies you. What happens at the end of the fire is ash. It purifies the Essence of the wood. That is what we become, ash.

Does he have any ego? No. Almost it is useless in a sense. You cannot burn it, no solidity very much, like powder. It is a kind of humility that should come in our lives, in our meditation, in our fasting, in the community.

The reason the communities do not prosper or are not created, especially the Communities of Light, is because the egos are still involved. There is no humility. There is no willingness to accept our own shortcomings or even sometimes say, I am sorry. It is me, I am the one who is creating the problem.

You have to listen to the Word of God and forget about what man says, what the intellectual says, what the people who say, Well, I do not follow anyone. I am going to just follow my own inner understanding.

God says differently. God says there are going to be Seven Revelations, and this is the way I want things to be done because when you do them that way you become humble, you turn around, and you focus on God. As you create Communities of Light based on these principles and sharing, everyone will progress greatly. If you do not, the Communities of Light are not going to form.

You can say, Oh, I just want Communities of Light, but I am not going to do what you say, or what God wants me to do.

Communities of Light will form when the members in the community become humble and follow the Eternal Divine Path. Humility is what takes you to heaven.

OK, I will release the mic, unless you have something else.

Mokie has a question.

Mokie661: I, too, have a question about fasting. I understand the purpose of fasting; I have read on the website the recommendation to fast on the Sabbath, full moons, first moons, eleven days after the full moon, and eleven days after the first moon. Why these last two? What is the significance of these days?

Maitreya: Fasting four times a month is recommended for the people who are married. Those full moons and the first moons have the affect on the chakras and our state of mind, so we need two more days to add to that.

Eleven days is a very good number. Some people say it is the number of Christ. Therefore those two days were added. Also by having some fasting between the full moon and the first moon, and the first moon and the full moon, you kind of balance between the two pulls of the moon.

When you fast, your body becomes more adapted to fasting. Eleven days are kind of close to the next fast, so you prepare yourself for another fast that is coming soon after.

The full moon actually has the greatest affect on the human consciousness. Probably it is good for everyone if they want to fast more than four times a month to consider to fast on that day too. It has been proven that on full moons there is more criminal activity, emergency rooms are usually more active, and peoples minds are not as stable and focused as other days during the month.

Therefore when you fast you create a kind of a vacuum in your stomach and your body, and it counteracts the pull of the moon on the liquid in the body. Your brain will not be affected as much with the pull of the moon as if you had not fasted.

Those eleven days after, which you are asking about, mostly were devised because it is a good number, a spiritual number. Also it makes you prepare for the next fasting.

I hope that answers your question. We will go to the next question, unless you have a follow-up.

Tahirah has a question.

Tahirah: Does the Soul have levels of growth or consciousness? And is the Souls growth dependent upon our thoughts and actions?

Maitreya: Every Word of God has more than seven meanings. It depends on who picks it up in what chakra. Even in every chakra there are many levels of consciousness that people relate to as the Word of God, as the way they want them to see it.

That is why we have so many teachers, preachers, mullahs, and rabbis, and other religions, and every one of them says, I know what God meant and said, and I have the truth. Come and follow me.

How can we escape so many different levels of teachings, understandings, pulls, and pushes that come to us all through earth, history, writings, and this and that? God made it very clear how it can be done. He sent the Eternal Divine Path and said, This is the answer. Everything I said, everything everyone else says, if it does not lead you to follow the Eternal Divine Path, it is false. It is from the lower nature. It is from misunderstanding, rationalization of the human, and one of the meanings that is not the highest. We can see there are many levels of growth in our spiritual progress to the higher consciousness and many people fall into hundreds of thousands, and millions of traps.

I remember when I started meditating in Ananda Marga they used to tell us a story about how everyone starts from the starting point to go to God. For every mile there is going to be a station that there are a lot of goodies there.

The first station that you reach, there is a lot of food and all kinds of delicacies, gourmet food, and the things that you have never seen in your life on earth. Half of the travelers are caught in that first mile.

The other people continue. Some of them say, I want to go to God. At the next stop there are a lot of drinks and the most beautiful things that you can drink and feel the best ever that you felt. Many of the people stay there.

By the time the seventh mile is reached where God is, there are only two people left that reached there. The one in the front looked back and saw there was another person coming, so he ran, picked up the crown of God, put it on his head and said, Well, I made it. [laughing]

The one behind him came humbly, bowed down to God, and sat there. God took the crown and put it on his head because he was humble. Back to humility!

We can see that there are so many traps, so many rationalizations, and so many ways the human decides that they know better than God, the Seventh Angel, the teachings, etc. They are caught in these traps of consciousness, and they do not progress.

The best way is to jump to the Communities of Light with two feet and say, Here I am. How can I progress? You can see you have a lot of ego. You have a lot of problems. You cannot get along with people. It is too hard. But you progress if you stay with it. Those who stay to the end will be saved.

Indeed it is a hard Path that few will find. And those who take the highway and wide path will lose it.

That is the call to humanity to see of the coming of the Will of God for man to eventually turn around and base their lives on His Ways. He has sent the Prophets. He created the creation. He gave the opportunity to every consciousness that fell from Him to turn around and go back to Him. Therefore we cannot blame God for the coming of the tribulation, the coming of the destruction, because God did everything He could.

It is time for the Elects to step forward and say, Yes, I am going to jump into the Communities of Light with two feet, and no matter what I will not lag behind. That is how you escape the traps of consciousness and the many levels of progress.

I hope that answered your question. And our time is also up. I will say my Sal-OM, unless there are more questions that you want to pose. I will wait a couple of seconds, if a hand comes up.

OK, then with that answer we again leave all of you to God.

Listen to these words. Go to our website. Of course these words are going to be posted in our FTP and the website. You can go download them and listen to them again, or download other Satsangs, Conversations, and the many other Revelations that have come to man, listen to them, and become Godly and One.

Sal-OM everyone.

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