Further Clarifications


By Maitreya


Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. I just wanted to bring everyones attention to what is happening on earth. We can see that things that God has promised to come are becoming clearer to everyone. All of us have to see this and see this is Gods doing, and accelerate our outreach and explanation to humanity to let them know and realize, it is not really Gods doing in a way that He is creating all these problems, but it is the way God said would happen because the human is going away from God more every day. They put Him out of their system, out of their world.

This is the time for humanity to be educated that Gods Grace is the most important thing for humanity. When they follow His Ways that this creation has been created and based on, we have to make them understand that as Nineveh listened to God and turned around, they received back the Blessings and Grace. The only way is to turn around and God will again Bless them, Grace them, and send them great leaders and people who can bring them peace, unity, and prosperity.

So be more vigilant. See what is happening on earth. Learn the Ways of God and also teach them to other people so the Mission can progress faster and we eventually can bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. That is our salvation.

Tahirah: Sal-OM, Maitreya. I had a question. In our teachings and especially in the meditation process we say, To be in the world but not of the world. I was wondering if you could talk more about that being that we are, the attitude of the mind when we are in the world but not of the world? Thank you. Thanks God.

Maitreya: Sure Tahirah. Really we essentially or originally are not from this world. We all know this world is temporary. We are all going to be here temporarily also. There is nothing in this external world that we are attached to, or we think is the reality, that is going to stay forever. It is a necessary state to be created so that we come here, progress, turn around, and receive this Revelation and other revelations from Prophets and God so we can realize that there is a purpose and reason for life and being here. [the sound went out, so Maitreya repeats]

I hope you can hear me now. I was saying that, we originally are from the Spirit, from the Essence, and this external world has been created as a temporary state so that we come here, read this Revelation, read the revelations from other Prophets and what God has sent to humanity to teach them that there is a purpose and reason for this creation. Whatever we are attached to, or we think is the reality and we are so upset or unhappy about, is not going to last forever. They are temporary.

However most of humanity does not have this realization. Even those who meditate and have heard these truths, forget about them, become very attached to the external world, and it becomes their reality. The moment this external world becomes our reality, the internal world or Spirit, is no longer the Reality for us. We will belong to this world instead of belonging to the spiritual world, or the Essence.

Therefore the realization that this universe is not permanent and whatever is in it will not last forever, will make us understand that we are just temporarily here and whatever is happening around us, and whatever is in life, is not going to last forever. That is the realization that yogis and great beings had, and they abandoned this external world and said, This is just an illusion. We want to go back to the Permanency.

Still they had to have their physiological and safety needs taken care of, to receive some sustenance in the world and therefore they could continue to meditate. Some of them went to extremes, abandoned everything, and tried to even overcome the need for food. They did not succeed, or they became too rigid.

Therefore, God sent the Revelation that those who try to do that, I will spue them out of My Mouth, back to this world. They realize that they should also engage themselves with this external world.

How could it be possible that this external world is temporary and at the same time God is telling us, Do not come in; go back and be a part of the community and this world?

If the realization came to humanity that this is not permanent, everything is really kind of an illusion, not a complete illusion, a relative illusion, it exists, it is here, but it is not the manifestation that is going to stay as is forever. We can see it easily can be realized by looking at the decay that exists in every level in creation. There is nothing that can be created that will stay fresh and permanent forever.

So, decay is built into the system. Therefore destruction will eventually come to whatever in this universe is and seems to us, permanent.

With this deep realization, humanity eventually will realize that all their fights, all their destructive tendencies, all the things that they are doing to each other is illusion and is not something that they should be attached to. All the proud-ness that they have about their belongings, their religions, their society, whatever, is not going to stay forever.

If we can have more people realize this, more people will come together and see that there is only one God, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, and in order to be(come) Divine an environment should be created that everyones physiological and safety needs are provided for. They should stop fighting with each other, and stop scratching each others faces, but create an environment that the very purpose, the very reason, for this creation is manifested.

People will start meditating. There is a peaceful place that people do not have to fight. Therefore, that realization of the permanency of the Spirit and the state of being temporary in the creation should bring us to realize that we are in this world but not of it.

If we realize that, then it becomes easy to be in the world but not of it. If we keep forgetting, if we keep falling into this world and forget that it is temporary, and the illusion of the permanency of this world again takes over our Spirit, we will become a part of this world but not of the Spirit. This really means to have a deep realization of what is right, what is correct, what is permanent, and what is not right, temporary, and a relative illusion.

When we are in the world, when things go wrong, when the mortgage comes and the people cannot pay, or when the life is not according to what we want it to be, we feel unhappy, we feel bad, we feel abandoned, and we feel all the vices of human beings. But if we recognize this truth, that situation also will be temporary; it will pass. We will go somewhere greater, later.

That is especially if we are not attached to the things of this world, we can change our situation. We can go to another place, to another situation, that is more conducive to our Spirit and will help us to progress in the spiritual world. This deep realization that we really belong to the Spirit automatically makes us realize that this world is not anything that we can be attached to, any part of it. If you are, then you are still in illusion.

I hope that answered your question. If you have a follow-up, go ahead.

Tahirah: Thanks God, Maitreya, for the answer. The only follow-up I just wanted to mention, is it even when everything seems to be going good? Is it still considered as being in this world? Like when you are doing, or being, or doing the things that are necessary and it seems to be good as opposed to being the bad things in the world, is that still an attachment to being in this world?

Maitreya: Well, even when things are going good, still it is temporary. Always things go good, and then they do not go as good, as you thought they would go.

The goal of the Mission is that we reach a point that we can create the Communities of Light, we can create an environment that the peace and unity is on earth, and therefore the Kingdom of Heaven will be on earth.

In the Kingdom of Heaven, hopefully everything is going to be good all the time. Even then we have to realize that life is up and down. It goes up and it goes down, especially in this time that humanity is not yet enlightened. Many people are still attached to the external world.

So in this world yes, even when things are happening that are good, enjoy it, do your best, but if it did not go the way you want, then stay still until that wave passes over and the next good thing comes to you. If it keeps going good, great, you are very exceptional that everything is happening good for you all the time.

That is also temporary for a lot of people.

Hosannah: I would like to ask a follow-up question on this very same topic, if I could. I have been thinking about and trying to come up with a good way to word it.

When we find ourselves more in the world and further away from where we know we should be, what process would you suggest, or maybe it is just a mental/intellectual game that we play with ourselves, or our ego plays with ourselves, to get back to where we know we need to be?

Maitreya: Well, that is a part of the meditation that we practice. We meditate. God said, Create the Communities of Light and bring the Kingdom of God on earth. I want to do it. I really, really want to do it, but I am not reaching there. There are things that are keeping me from going all the way.

That is when your meditation comes in, you say, That is where I want to be but this is where I am. What is it that is keeping me from going where I am supposed to go? Then you will see, little by little, clearly that there are attachments, there are desires, there are fears, and there are many things that ego is going to throw in your way and say, No, you cannot do it. You are not worthy. You are not good enough. Or you are too good for this. Or you have this problem. You have this person to take care of. You have that thing that you have to do. You are still the doer. You are still the fear that is in you.

What do we teach? Go where the fear, fears to follow you. Actually God puts the fearful in the same level as the whoremongers and other things in the Bible, in The Revelation (chapter 21, verse 8). He says, Those who overcome will become My son, then He says who will not become His son, and one of them is the fearful. Others are the whoremongers and fornicators, etc.

So we can see, through our meditation, we have to face ourselves. We have to clearly look at ourselves and say, This is a Revelation from God. God sent His Prophet with clear signs, and He is telling us to create the Communities of Light, come together, and become strong in the community, therefore we can withstand the tribulation and the destruction that is coming to us.

As the reader today just read about the five brothers, that none of them could break the five sticks of wood that were together, but if you could divide them you can break them. Even in this country, the movement of the founding fathers was based on that premise. They said, we either stay together, or we are going to be hanged separately. The number is strength. The number and unity is manifestation.

Now why cant I do this? Why cant I overcome my personal things that I am attached to, join the community 100%, become a part of it, and create that strength and unity that we are talking about here? Does God have to put humanity through such a huge tribulation that eventually they have no choice? Or, they realize Gods Way and this temporary place that we live in, and dedicate themselves to the Permanency?

Meditate on where you are, where you want to go, and why you cannot go where you really want to be. Then eliminate the obstacles in your path. Eliminate the things that are keeping you from going there, one by one. Any one you break down and you eliminate, you are one step closer to your goal of where you want to be.

That is a part of being in the stillness in our meditation. Put your question in that stillness. What is it that makes me not to go all the way? What is keeping me? In that stillness you will see, Yes, that is what is keeping me. That is why I am not going where I am supposed to go.

If you keep them in the Light, little by little it will become clear how you can overcome them. You overcome your desires. You overcome your wants. You overcome the things that are keeping you from going where you are supposed to go. Therefore you progress.

If that makes sense, that is great. If you have a follow-up, go ahead. Raise your hand, otherwise we have question from In The Silence.

In_The_Silence: How do you know if you are on the right path? I want to be a doer of The Word and not just a hearer.

Maitreya: Finding the right path is different for different people. Some people hear my Voice, hear this Truth, and that is it. They say, The things he says makes sense. There is only one God. How can He send all these Prophets and religions separately, differently, and create so much confusion? God did not create confusion. Man did.

Now God says, That is what I was doing. I was sending these separately and now We put them all together, and it makes sense.

Another person comes and sees that the prophecies are fulfilled. There has never been a Prophet, ever, fulfilling as many prophecies as we have done. Some people say, No, you have to be from the Jewish genealogy and background. Then they see the results of the genetic testing and say, Yes, he is also connected to the Hebrews.

Actually, in reality Hebrews are connected to Persians because they came from there. Probably all the Persians have the same genetic makeup as Hebrews. That is because Abraham was from Persia. All the Great Prophets came from Abraham and the Zoroastrian tradition; at least the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahais came from that area.

Then you read the teachings, and you see the truth. You ask questions. Your questions are answered. Little by little you have to come to the conclusion that, Yes, this is the right Path. This is what God said, I am going to send at the end time.

We are at the end time. The religions are unified. The prophecies are fulfilled. It makes sense. Then what am I waiting for? I accept that and test the Spirit as much as I can. Then after that you can see, What can I do to help? That is when you become a doer.

Yes, if you come here every month and listen to me, and do nothing the rest of the month, then come next month and listen to me and do not do anything, and then come the next month, then yes, you are just a hearer. You are like those churchgoers that go to the church once a week, a couple of hours, and they say that they have done their spiritual duty. The rest of the week they drink, smoke, and do fornication and a lot of other things, and say, OK, now it is Sunday, let us go to the church again. I am Godly.

That is not it. Godliness is a lifestyle. It is twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three-hundred and sixty-five days a year, for the rest of your life. It is something that you constantly remind yourself that, This is temporary. I am here just to go to God.

Meditate on these Words.

If we can create more and more people like that, we can create a beautiful environment and many problems of humanity will be resolved. That is really your personal decision. First of all, find the truth. Realize that you have found the ultimate Reality. Dedicate yourself to it and follow the teachings.

I hope that makes sense. If you have a follow-up, go ahead.

In_The_Silence: Yes, I believe this.

Maitreya: Yes, great, Silence. Just let God come through, and let the Beauty of God manifest through you.

Unus: Sal-OM Maitreya and everyone. I notice that we do not have much time but I would like to share something and ask a question. For those who do not know, I am a psychologist. I see many people on a daily basis who want to better themselves, their lives. Sometimes the person realizes what the problem is, knows what he should do, and sincerely would like to follow the solution.

The thing that usually happens, though, is that they cannot follow through. They fall into the same traps or do the same wrongdoings. When the temptation comes, they just cannot resist. Or, sometimes they cannot even realize what they are doing at that point.

For example, a person comes in very overweight and wants to lose weight. She knows what she should do, what kind of a diet she should follow, what kind of exercise she should do but sometimes during the day something will happen and she will find herself binge eating. She will just realize it right after it is all done.

Also in psychology it is said that there are four stages of brain waves. In beta you are in awake consciousness. In alpha you are kind of like focused on one thing, kind of like driving a car on a highway, or reading a book. At that stage you are two hundred times more suggestible. I think at that point the subconscious mind opens up, and you can put things into your subconscious mind. Many people, if they use this technique, as in hypnotherapy and others, hypnosis, they reprogram the subconscious mind.

But most of us, who do not know how the subconscious mind works, consciously realize things but cannot go through this. I think meditation is a really good, is the best tool to realize these things. Sometimes we again fall back in spiritualizing the subconscious mind, not reprogramming it, but spiritualizing it.

I think that is where the other spiritual exercises like doing The Reminder, chanting, and kirtan come in because what I am realizing is that if we do The Reminder in a state that we can lower our brain waves, we can spiritualize the ego, the subconscious mind, just like a hypnotherapist will do. We are giving ourselves suggestions to do Gods Will in the best way according to our Dharmas.

I just wanted to ask, it is probably a whole package as we realize the Light, where we should go? Then I think we should master our subconscious mind, clear it, and spiritualize it. I think God has given all the tools for us to do that for this reason.

I will release the mic; I took so much time. Thanks God for everything.

Maitreya: The subconscious mind is really where the karma is stored. When you reprogram the subconscious mind, you replace a set of instructions with other sets of instructions. Therefore, the subconscious mind, in a sense, is in your way to connect to the Universal Mind or Unconscious Mind.

It is OK to spiritualize the subconscious mind. It will be helpful. You will become a more spiritual person. Then you know the Will of God intellectually and you can teach it to other people, but you have not experienced the direct connection to God.

The goal ultimately is to eliminate the subconscious mind, not to put a new set of instructions into it because still it is going to be there between you and God, but dissolve it through your meditation, through thinking, dancing, chanting, etc. You call it spiritualizing but all those techniques actually connect you to the Spirit, to the Unconscious Mind, and eventually you will experience a direct connection to the Universal Mind. When that happens then your instructions come from God. They come from the Spirit directly. There is no umbrella between you and God.

Therefore the goal of psychology should be directing people to go deeper, even beyond their subconscious minds, eliminate those instructions, and eventually connect them to God. Then they will really become gurus and spiritual teachers.

Those who come and see their problems and then cannot overcome them, probably also are having a hard time to meditate because their subconscious minds are so strong, the ego is so powerful that it has complete control over them. It has run their lives for many, many lifetimes.

Suddenly this person says, No, I am not going to smoke. I am not going to binge eat. I am not going to destroy my life and be destructive to myself.

Ego says, Oh yeah? Let us see who is going to win. Are you going to win, or am I going to win?

That is when the person says, Yes, you are powerful, you are strong, but I am stronger. I will meditate. I will use my mantra. My mantra is going to be my salvation. Any time my mind, or you, ego, comes and takes me away from my concentration, power, and strength, I will gently bring it back to the mantra, the understanding of the deep silence within, and the unification.

Each time you do that, ego becomes a little weaker. You become a little stronger. You have the strength over the subconscious mind telling it, No, I am not going to listen to you. You have been programmed for many lifetimes to run my life but I am not going to listen to you. I am going to listen to The Word or the mantra within.

You eventually will win. You eventually will reach a point that the subconscious mind will give up. The ego will give up, and you can easily overcome all those psychological problems because you can face them squarely, see your problems, see you are weak in the face of the power of ego and the subconscious mind, and little by little you become stronger than the subconscious mind.

So you have to teach these people to become strong, to be able to overcome the temptation of the ego, and tell the ego, No, I am in charge. I can bring my mind to wherever I want to. You cannot take me to wherever you want to.

It is a struggle. It is not easy. No one said it is easy, however you will win eventually.

You as a psychologist have to strengthen their power of overcoming that temptation that comes over them. The only way you can do it is to bring their attention back that they are in charge of their life. They are in charge of their subconscious mind.

Each time they fall, it is OK. Do not blame yourself. Do not beat yourself up. It is not going to help. You can beat yourself as much as you want but the best way is to strengthen yourself. Put the light more and more in the subconscious mind so little by little one day you wake up and say, I do not want to smoke anymore, or, I do not want to eat too much anymore, or, I have the strength over my subconscious mind.

In this case, of course, Communities of Light help tremendously. You have to have the will and desire to overcome. If you have the want and the will, you want to go through your meditation and strengthen yourself against the subconscious mind. That desire should be there.

If that desire is not there, no one can help.

I guess our time is up. I will leave all of you to God. Meditate, read, go to the website, do The Reminder and all those things. Overcome your subconscious minds. Strengthen your mental ability.

It is not the physical ability. It is not financial ability. It is spiritual and mental strength that will bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

Sal-OM everyone.

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