Further Clarifications


By Maitreya


Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone, welcome to the room. We have some questions that we are going to answer before we start the session. So I will release the mic for the questions to be read.

Question: What do these verses mean?

Matthew 24:27, 29-31: For as the lightning cometh out of the East, and shineth even unto the West; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.

Acts 1:9-10: And when he had spoken these things, while they beheld, he was taken up; and a cloud received him out of their sight.

And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as he went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel;

Maitreya: OK. Well, let us read the parts from Matthew, verse by verse, and lets answer that. Do you all want to participate in explaining these verses or do you want me to just explain them?

OK, let us read the first verse.

Q1: Matthew 24:27-28: For as the lightning cometh out of the East, and shineth even unto the West; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

Maitreya: OK. Well, does anyone want to take the challenge and answer the question? [silence] Learning the teachings is important. That is a part of the Mission, that everyone knows the teaching well. Go ahead, Radah.

Radah: Sal-OM Maitreya. This is a prophecy given before the coming of the next Prophet, before the coming of Maitreya. For as the lightning cometh out of the East Maitreya was born in the East, and shineth even unto the West, and Maitreya came to the United States, in the West, after. So the prophecy is about Maitreya.

And the next verse: After the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, the sun represents men and the heads of the society. The moon represents the women, and the stars represent the children. And all of them will fall and will not give light.

Maitreya: Great, Radah. I could not have said it better. That is it. That is the answer. It is the symbolic meaning of what is in the Bible, which has confused many for thousands of years. They have tried to interpret things that they have not been authorized to interpret. Everyone writes books and gives lectures, and creates organizations based on their interpretations, but really the interpretation is not going to be given until the Seventh Revelation or opening of the Seven Seals.

Now that is what it means. He comes from the East and shineth in the West. That has happened.

And after the tribulation, can we say that the first and second world wars were great tribulation for humanity? After these wars, suddenly humans became more materialistic and the leaders were darkened and other problems that happened in the last century, and shortly after this Revelation would come.

Again we see this is the Revelation that should come at the end time, not the teaching of Bab and Bahaullah, which was two hundred years ago, or Prophet Muhammad, which was the Fourth Seal and 1,400 years ago and still has not completely brought the Kingdom of God on earth.

So those verses are surely for this Mission and of the coming of this Revelation to humanity.

OK, let us go to the next verse.

Q2: Matthew 24:30-31: And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.

Maitreya: OK, that also should be pretty easy to answer. What is the sign of the son of man, the Son of God? He comes from heaven. What does heaven mean?

Anyone want to answer that? We need everyone to learn this teaching inside and out, take it to humanity, and spread it wide to everyone.

I have done my job. It is now up to all of you to really put this first in your lives and learn it well. We all can see what is happening on earth, the economy, housing, war, destruction. These are all the signs that are given to all of us that tribulation is coming; the destruction is coming. The Call is out to all of you to truly set up your lives based on this Revelation and God, and come together and learn the teachings and start reaching out to humanity.

What else should God do that would make everyone realize that they have to get on with it and do His Will? It is time to learn the teachings as deeply as possible.

I know all of you struggle out there with the mundanity. But it is not time to be attached too much to the external world. It is time to see the signs. It is like the time of Noah calling, Come to the raft, come to the ship. Come and bring your talents and abilities to the Mission so we can see that this happens. We should not be resisting it anymore. It is OK, but how bad should it become before humanity eventually realizes that something is happening on this earth and everyone has been called to drop everything and dedicate their lives to Gods Work?

So the Call really is for all of us, each of us to understand the teachings, take the mic, take the teachings and the life with its horn, and reach out. Give lectures, reach out to humanity, and wake them up to this Call.

These questions have been sent to the Mission. I decided to answer them because we have not really given any commentaries on those questions, although the answers are very obvious. True, the person who asked the questions easily could find the answers in the website.

As many people said, those are the prophecies at this time. After World War II, the signs were going to come and the tribulation would come to humanity. It is after that, that we have had all these things happening to us.

What is the sign of the son of man? What has God been trying to give to humanity all along, all this time, to guide them to come to the realization that they have to bring the Kingdom of God on earth?

The Greatest Sign is the Sign of the son of man. That is the one that opens the Seven Seals. It comes from the heaven. Even some people put it on heaven as we saw in the poster that was made for the Mission. It is on heaven. It is at the top of the earth. And everyone can see it and it covers everyone. And people can see the picture and hear the Word of God from our website, all over the world. There is no place that you cannot see them.

Amazin_Sista_Gracee: Wasnt there a particular constellation, star, that formed on November 23, 2003?

Maitreya: There are many signs happening all over the world, and all signs are pointing to this Revelation. All is pointing to the coming of great tribulation.

I know a lot of people do not like to hear that. But that is the truth, it is coming. I am not trying to scare anyone but look what happened to the economy. The whole earth is going toward a great recession and no one knows how to stop it.

The sooner people come together, create the Communities of Light, and realize that they have to learn to live with one another, the sooner we can create the Kingdom of God on earth and prevent all these problems that we have on earth.

And the son of man comes from the clouds. What does clouds mean? Does it really mean that Christ is going to come at the top of the earth and the clouds, and suddenly all the people who believe in that are lifted up to the clouds? Or does it mean that whenever confusion comes (clouds on earth) God will send Revelation (Guidance), and His Spirit will come to earth to bring the Revelation to man?

So we see that explanation comes to humanity clearly. And not only it explains the relationship between this Revelation and God and what He was doing, also it explains how all other Prophets of God have been chosen and came at the time of the clouds and confusion, and brought a new Revelation and Way to man.

This is a new heaven and a new earth. We have to create a new man. We have to shed our old skins, our old skins of selfishness, self-centeredness, and being only interested in what we have. The new skin is the Communities of Light, sharing, the ability to live with other people in peace and unity, and to overcome our egos. So we can see those things also are fulfilled.

So let us go to verse 31. And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other. (Matthew 24:31)

That also is happening. We are calling the Elects. We are creating the facilitating body. As we have explained in other teachings, it is probably going to take three lifetimes to come to that point. By then hopefully, many people know the teaching, are a part of it, have created the facilitating body, they will be called the angels of the Mission, and they will sound the trumpet. And we shall sound the trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect.

So really, it goes very well with our approach that the facilitating body is the most important part to create at this time. And the Elects are going to be gathered later by them.

We can see that we are fulfilling everything that God said is going to happen and will come through, and it is unfolding right in front of our eyes. The only thing is to find the facilitating body to bring everyone and join here and have the expertise of setting up a good sound system and know how it works so we do not have to have a problem.

We all are amateur sound people. We do not have any experts here. If this is going to start happening over and over, I might just stop giving Satsang all together. If you guys are not going to come and join and help, I might just completely withdraw my Satsangs and say, forget it. If you guys are not going to come and help, I am not going to do it anymore.

So that is a warning. I need people to come and join. This is no longer a request. The tribulation is becoming worse, and we need good people who come and join the community and help out, and set up a good system, buy a building that we can move all these things from our house to a place that is called the Center, and start really reaching out instead of being in a small little place with a couple of houses or rooms, and a couple of amateur people who have to do it.

So this is the answer. The rest of the verses that were read are from Acts and Thessalonians, and we do not accept that part as the Word of God. I am not saying they do not have some truth at all. But they are not from Christ. They are from the disciples. Some of them were not even disciples that took over Christianity later on and people followed those words more than the words of Christ.

We basically follow the New Testament, the four Gospels, and The Revelation. Therefore we do not have to even touch those questions, and we can just forget about that part because we do not even accept them as a part of the Bible.

Now if there are other questions, go ahead and post them.

I am really serious. If we do not have the professional way of doing this thing anymore, I might say, just forget it and wait until people who are called for it, dedicated, and want to be here, come along.

Amazin is asking:

Amazin_Sista_Gracee: I'd like to know what is the situation with the planning of the temples and of the Communities of Light - what stage are they at?

Maitreya: They are in no stage whatsoever. We still are struggling with bringing some people together here and make them to learn how to live in a community together and get along.

Of course the purpose of the Mission at this time is not really to create the Communities of Light, the purpose is to create the facilitating body and dedicated people who will come and have the ability to lead. They are the leaders that can make this Mission start reaching out to humanity and create an organization that can spread this Message and eventually have a body that came from the top to bottom to reach to the grassroots. And then from the grassroots, the hierarchy from people will emerge and the Paravipras or the Elects will be emerging from them.

So the facilitating body is the one that is going to eventually create the Communities of Light by creating the environment that people can see the Light and the truth, come together, and choose their own leaders.

So the community is not the goal at this time. What we are doing here is trying to bring some people together to at least have some rapport and ability to work together and create an environment that we have a viable organization.

And the temple: We have the plan and graphics of it, in the website. Even it has been proposed how to build it. And we have a model that someone made for us twenty some years ago in the Center in the Mission.

Also in Second Life, now we have the Temple, the Community Center, the Satsang Room, the e-commerce section, and the six-house of communities are built and easily you can go to Second Life and see how they look.

Of course they are models. They are not written in stone. We have tried to make them as diverse as possible so people realize they can have many different plans of housing around the Center that they can come together to meditate and do their rituals, study, be together, and invite other people in the community around them to come and join them.

So the whole Plan and the way it should be manifested has been given. We need people and resources. That is what is lacking at this time in the Mission.

Of course in this lifetime God has made it very clear that it is the time of the thief of the night and we are going to be quiet, we are going to be very hidden. But eventually with the tribulation and the shaking up of humanity, they will recognize and realize that they are Called to bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

And God truly exists. He has said that He will do these things, and they are done. Therefore there is no doubt that God exists and He is in control. He has created this universe for a specific purpose and reasons. The more humanity realizes that there is a purpose in this creation and the more they overcome their egos and become a part of the Body of God, the stronger Body we will have. And therefore we can come together and manifest this Mission.

So that is the state of the Communities of Light and the Temple. After we create the facilitating body, have enough people and resources, hopefully we can create an area that we will have places people can come and visit, and build the Temple.

This place itself, which will be called the New Jerusalem, will become an attraction for other people or humanity to see this Revelation more clearly and become a unifying Center for everyone to come together and see Gods Revelation.

That is why this Call is to everyone to come and join us. It has been twenty-five some years and we need people to eventually realize, it is serious. The tribulation is coming. How long the tribulation should come and how bad should it become before eventually humanity says, Yes, I better go and join this Movement because that is where the energy is and that is where God is going.

I hope that answered your question.

Josh is asking:

Josh131516: So Maitreya, where are you from?

Maitreya: If you go to our website, there is a writing, How He Became Maitreya, and you will receive all your answers you need to know about who I am, where I came from, how I received this Revelation, what does it say, and all that.

Josh again is asking:

Josh131516: So Maitreya, are you the Mahdi that the President of Iran is speaking of?

Maitreya: I do not know what the President of Iran is speaking of. But that is what the President of Iran, you, and everyone else, has to prove to themselves. And I hope all the presidents all over the world will prove that to themselves and eventually realize that their ways are not going to work, neither the way of the President of Iran, nor of the way of the other presidents, or the other leaders on earth.

The only way that will work is the Way of God. And if you want to know who I am, go to the website, study, see the prophecies, see the Revelation, see the genealogy, genetic make-up and all the things that God has revealed to humanity, and draw your own conclusions.

As Christ said, If I say I am Christ, you wont believe me. And if I say I am not, I am lying. So it is really up to you to prove that to yourself.

It is time for humanity eventually to destroy the barriers they have created between themselves for the last 12,000 years and recognize that there is only one humanity and one God, and He has sent all religions. And as it was before the flood of Noah, and the fall of man and destruction, humanity has to come together and create an earth that belongs to everyone. Therefore they can accelerate their progress toward the fulfillment of the purpose and reason for this creation.

Josh again is asking:

Josh131516: Because he has been saying he knows who the Mahdi is and is from Iran.

Maitreya: Oh well, great! I did not know that. That is interesting, because we sent the Letter to Humanity to many leaders on earth. Maybe he is the one who is listening to it. That would be great. If he knows, then he should come and surrender Iran to me, and we can make that country the first place that the Mission will manifest the Revelation of God.

But if he knows someone else, he might be referring to himself, I am not sure. We have a lot of people coming to our rooms who say they are the Messiahs. He has explained sometimes a light envelops him when he gives speeches so who knows, maybe he thinks he is the one?

But if he comes and they come and surrender Iran to me, actually I am looking, I am waiting, for what happened to Prophet Muhammad that the leaders of Medina came and accepted him as the Leader, and that is when Islam started.

I am waiting for some people to eventually recognize this. And there are some countries that they do, it is not only Iran, there are some countries in Europe that they are waiting for Christ to come or the Mahdi to come. Maybe they will eventually realize, yes, that is it. They will come.

And I do not mind whatsoever to go and make Iran or any country in Europe or anywhere else the first nation that will accept this Revelation. And we will start working with them and bring peace instead of wars that are happening on earth.

Amazin is asking:

Amazin_Sista_Gracee: So you want people to come together physically to act as facilitators?

Maitreya: Yes, it is important for people to come together physically so they can create an office and a place that we can have computers and reach out and a Center that they can answer the e-mails, reach out, send the teachers, etc. We need the facilitating body. We need supporters. We need teachers. And we need the staff.

These are the things that the Mission is lacking at this time. For example, buildings that people can come and see what we have. So we need a lot of things for this Mission in this manifested world.

We are very practical people in this Mission. We are not only saying, Oh, just meditate, you are going to be OK. We are talking about the communities. We are talking about coming together. We are talking about countries coming, joining us, and calling us to come and become a nation of God.

We are having a great Vision that covers the whole earth. It needs a lot of resources, a lot of people, a lot of egoless workers that are here to absolutely dedicate their lives to God and His Work.

We are creating the biggest, largest religious organization ever on earth for the last 12,000 years. Hopefully one day we are going to be bigger than the Catholic Church, then the Islamic Nations, and that needs a lot of resources and people. It is a huge Vision, and it has come to earth and is becoming sharper and asking for the really dedicated people to step forward.

Amazin is saying:

Amazin_Sista_Gracee: It will work well.

Maitreya: Well, that is one of the things in the Mission that we teach that even the people who work out there should become the most proficient and best workers. We need professional people.

We need professional people who set up our sound system. I do not know too much about the sound system, like that we have right here, also we set it up some. The people who are here do not know too much about this system. So we are pretty much struggling to make it go.

And all of them are working very hard, believe me, every person in this Mission, in this Center, they are working very hard. And I appreciate their work and their dedication. There is no doubt about that. But we need more people, and more dedicated and professional people to come and join and help.

Amazin_Sista_Gracee: Because the Vision is sound, and the Vision is heartfelt.

Maitreya: And the Vision is the Word of God. The Vision is what has been sent to humanity. You are absolutely right. It is something that makes sense. That is the only thing that makes sense.

Believe me, if nothing happened in the Mission, that is my religion. That is fine with me. That is all I need to know, and it makes sense.

It should happen for everyone. Whoever reads this teaching and understands it, that should become their religion, their Revelation sent by God. They should come and work for the Mission hard and not expect much because their reward is with God and is in heaven.

Amazin_Sista_Gracee: What kind of system are you referring to?

Maitreya: If you read Zion and Mt. Zion in THOTH, in the website, that is the system we are talking about, or The Plan, or The Map in The Plan. That is the system we are talking about.

OK if there are no other questions, we are over our time. Hopefully this Call gets to you, and you get it to other people and become more serious about this Revelation. It is the time of manifestation and coming together.

May God be with you. Be a part of God and His Instrument, and Revelation. Go to the website. Know the teachings. Come. Participate. Tell us you know the teachings and let this teaching become The Teaching on earth.

Sal-OM everyone.

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