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(The last Further Clarification Session)
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Topics Covered:

1. What do these verses mean? Matthew 24:27, and 29-31?

2. Wasn't there a particular constellation, star, that formed on November 23, 2003?

3. What is the situation with the planning of the Temple and of the Communities of Light - what stage are they at?

4. Maitreya, where are you from?

5. Maitreya, are you the Mahdi that the President of Iran is speaking of?

6. The President of Iran has been saying he knows who the Mahdi is and is from Iran.

7. You want people to come together physically to act as facilitators?

8. The Vision is sound, and the Vision is heartfelt.

9. What kind of system are you referring to?

02/02/2008: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered:

1. It is said to be in the world but not of it. Could you please talk more about that state of mind? (a).

Follow Up1: Even when things are going good, is it an attachment to being in the world?

Follow Up2: When we take ourselves living in this world to a place we know we should not be (mentally,
physically). What process do you suggest to get back to where we know we want to be?

2. How do you know if your on the right path? I want to be a doer of the Word not just a hearer.

3. Question: (not sure I have this right) What does it mean to spiritualize/overcome the subconscious mind?

01/05/2008: Listen - Read - FTP site
Topics Covered:

1. Can truth not be seen for self in any other way than "following" anothers' path. Is that not "their" truth, "their"
belief" ego based, thus rendering it subjective and contextual?

2. A question in reference to Isaiah 58:3-8..... Are there 2 types of fasting?

3. What is the significance of fasting 11 days after the full moon and 11 days after the new 1st moon.

4. Does the soul have levels of growth or consciousness? Is the souls growth dependant upon our thoughts and

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