Revelations-1(The Voice Of God)

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God: This is the Voice of God.

We indeed have created the Universe. In the beginning a part of the Essence and the unity was disturbed. We have meditated in that darkness for a long time before We created this universe, which is very temporary.

In the beginning the gaseous elements and dust were created. They were gathered together. Then supernovas, eventually the heavy metals and heavy stuff were formed, galaxies, solar systems, and earth-like places that life can germinate and evolve.

The universe is not a permanent place and is in a state of flux. Therefore, there is no permanency in this universe.

The evolutionary process was created to evolve from this crude state of creation, the state that beings can be created, that they can progress spiritually, and turn around and go back to the Essence that was separated. Therefore the Body that was One once, can be restored to its health.

We used that darkness with Our Light and Body to create this universe. The goal of this life, which has been given to humanity and all the beings in the higher level, is to recognize the state of this universe as a temporary state, and being attached to anything that is not permanent eventually will be destroyed. Although many forces have been used to create this universe, those forces are working toward the return to their natural state. Therefore, decay and destruction are a part of this universe.

However, the human is in a state of not seeing this truth. They take this life as permanent and become so attached to the things that are not permanent that they cannot separate themselves from these temporary things and concentrate on permanency.

Before this creation was created, the unit consciousnesses or those parts that were created by going away from the Essence would not progress and would stay in the darkness. That is why this creation is created with the beings that can turn around and be one with the Essence.

The evolutionary progress has shown that any time any species or beings in the process of evolving to a higher level lag behind, there is no choice but to eliminate them. Therefore, the way is open for those who are evolving to a higher level to go further. That is why this time of human history is the time of sundering.

Indeed as dinosaurs that could not progress and evolve in a greater degree had to be eliminated, the work of Spirit also eliminates those who could not progress and evolve in a greater degree and help those who are progressing toward a higher level.

Before twelve thousand years ago, humanity had the ability to access the powers of the spiritual world. But they did not progress. Therefore, what We call "the flood of Noah," was created. Those who did not evolve were eliminated, and a new man was created whose third eye was closed and only intellect was given to them.

Then Our Revelation was given to Our Prophets, Our Servants, who brought these messages to you. They do not make these things up but they receive them through the Revelations and connection in the Spirit. The decision has already been made that these things are going to happen.

That is why opposing the Prophets, crucifying them, stoning them, shooting them, or doing whatever humanity has done to them before, does not make any difference. The decision has already been made in Spirit that these things are going to happen.

Our first Prophet was Noah who taught his children the Essence of the Spirit that spread all over the world and became the base and the Essence of all religions. All Prophets meditated. All Prophets spent quiet time by themselves. All Prophets were guided to a point that they recognized that they had a message from God to man. They brought those messages to humanity; they asked them to be perfect, to progress, to go to Spirit, and not to be attached to this external world. When the Prophets leave, then man brings some dogmas, then become attached to them, and then say, "This is the only way."

But We have clearly indicated that no one knows the truth until the Revelation of the Seventh Angel. Therefore, all the revelations before this Revelation have only a part of the truth, but not the whole truth.

We chose Abraham and We promised that his children, Ishmael and Isaac, would receive a Prophet and a great portion of this earth. We chose the Children of Israel to show that only in the communities can you create the base of the longing of humanity, bring unity and sharing, and the faster elimination of the ego. That also will be accelerated by marriage and by those who dedicate their lives to do the work and become light workers.

The Prophet came from Isaac as Christ, and he brought the teaching of sacrifice. Christ brought the message that such communities can be created only by sacrifice. He indeed became Our Mouthpiece for humanity. We and he were One. There is no separation when a Prophet gives the Revelations. God and the Prophet are One.

The next Prophet came from the Children of Ishmael as it was promised to Abram. He brought the message of surrendering and submission. It is not that We need you to surrender and submit to Us, but by doing that you focus all your attention and intention toward the goal, which is to return to the Light.

Indeed, We are standing in the end of the darkness, at the end of the tunnel, as a beaming Light for you to come back to the Essence. Therefore, surrendering and submission makes you to follow what this creation has been created for. "Not my will but Thy Will," which is the Creator and is the Essence of this universe.

Then We sent the Prophet Bab who brought the realization that all religions are from Us. There is no separation between religions. There is only One Revealer, One Spirit of Truth. There is only One Creator that created all things.

We cannot send many conflicting religions and still claim that all religions are from Us. We are One. If humans understand this then they have no choice but to recognize that all the Messengers and Major Manifestations have brought the same message in Essence. By this Revelation also you are informed that each of them have a specific message for you.

With Bab and Baha'u'llah, who had been prophesied to come as two Prophets that compliment each other, the revelation of universalism was revealed to humanity. If this universe is a temporary place then being attached to any religion, any race, any gender, any nation, even any earth or our galaxy is based on ignorance and our misunderstanding of this creation.

We are children of the same Essence, and anything that separates us from each other is narrow and is from darkness. We have to let the Light come in and see the truth. There is a purpose in this creation, and We have created you to turn around and come back to the Essence, to the Light.

Then We accelerated the process of sending the Prophets. Then Prophet Baba came and he eventually explained who is a Sadvipra. That is what he called them. Of course, he did not reveal the Essence of all religions but he explained that a Sadvipra is an incorruptible person who has the ability and can manifest all the qualities of all the classes and can work with all classes and guide them to bring a smoother way for the societies to progress in a greater level without belonging to any specific group or class. They also follow the Eternal Divine Path, as We just explained what it was.

These Paravipras, which We call them because We added the following of the Eternal Divine Path, what Baba said, are those that will come together and create the body that will guide humanity to the next step. So the purpose of this universe is to turn around and go back to the Essence, and the whole society and earth have to recognize the Eternal Divine Path, shatter their narrowness of mind and attachments, and concentrate outwardly toward the universe.

If they concentrate on earth there are limited resources and therefore they will have fights, destruction, and wars. But by concentrating outwardly, they will have unlimited resources and unlimited opportunities for jobs and economic growth. Instead of falling on themselves as they are doing now, polluting the earth, and destroying this fragile natural environment, they have to concentrate outwardly, become one, create jobs for everyone, and know how to make other planets livable, or find planets that are already livable.

With this, humanity will not fall on their own limited resources. Indeed We want them to have unlimited resources and a higher standard of living for everyone. But also they have to remember history, this Revelation, the revelations before it, and use these resources and great progress toward accelerating their progress to turn back to the Light.

If they use their material blessings and what We give them for greater sensual gratification, forgetting God, and putting God out of it, then they become like dinosaurs that did not progress. They cannot blame Us if the forces of the universe go toward their elimination, but they are responsible for what comes to them.

The Law of Karma is not a fancy idea. The Laws of the universe are set up toward that end. We have not gone through the creation and creating the universe and the planets for no reason and stay on the side and let man to go against that purpose and reason.

Therefore this destruction that is coming to humanity is not created with Us but by humans who resist this Revelation and resist the Will of the universe.

Now with this Revelation, all the reason, the purpose of creation, and the way to progress for humanity has been given. Even the way of full employment for the whole of humanity and humans is revealed. There is infinite opportunity in space.

Humanity has to take their concentration from these limited resources to a greater degree in space. Therefore they can be expanding their vision and also their opportunities.

Eventually this solar system will not last forever. Even this sun will become a supernova.

We can see that We indeed created this universe with Compassion and Mercy. This Compassion and Mercy can be gained by recognizing the work that has been done for you to progress. So you would not eat, drink, and live without remembering why you are here and stay in ignorance.

We have to see that the responsibility has been put on your shoulders. We have done Our part by creating opportunities for you to progress toward the goal of this creation. It is not that a Savior will come and say, "Everything is going to be OK," and only chose one religion over the others, and the rest will go to hell.

Indeed those who will not succumb to this creation and its Will are already in hell. If that was true that a Messiah or even God could, with the snap of a finger, make everything OK, We would have done it in the very beginning that the darkness went away from Us.

The darkness is a part of Us. Therefore they also have the free will not to turn around. But those who choose to turn around are the ones that are the apples of Our Eyes and are the salt of this earth. They are the ones that We will help and cherish as the Chosen, as the Elects, as those that have called upon Us to come back to them. And We call upon them to come and join Us.

It has been said that you can go to the Essence by meditation and awakening your spiritual forces alone. As We said, We have used Our Body, the Light, to create this creation. Even Our Body, which was Light, was sent back to this creation, and no darkness can return to Light until all will be returning to the Light.

Those who think by forgetting about society, just meditating, and selfishly wanting to come back to the Light We say, "You are not going to be able to do that. We send you back." It is the Eternal Divine Path that helps you to progress faster, not by escaping, but by engaging into this process that We have created from the very beginning.

The Hebrews and those who created the Old Testament say, "We are the Chosen People." But We can see that the Chosen People are those who follow the Eternal Divine Path. Therefore they also have to recognize that the Chosen have a responsibility.

The responsibility of the Chosen is to teach these teachings and let humanity know that now We have revealed the last Revelation to them and they now have the whole answer in every level in creation, history, human life, the goal of the life, the reason for this creation, how this creation was created, and all the answers they need to know. But the progress comes by following the Eternal Divine Path and becoming a Chosen.

The Christians say that they have the only way because Christ said, "The Father and I are One, and no one goes to the Father but through me." So did all the other Prophets say similar wording. And they were all correct because Our Spirit came seven times. Each time We are the salvation to man.

Therefore, every major manifestation can claim that they are the way, and the truth, and no one goes to the Father but through them.

Also none of the Revealers to this point had all the answers. They did not know the Seven Seals and how they relate to each other. We indeed warned Our Prophets not to reveal their vision of the end time. We do not even reveal this to Maitreya himself as how it is going to happen because it is based on the reaction and the acceptance of humanity of Our Revelation.

We are flexible in our approach. If humanity accepts what has been revealed to them today, and comes together and creates the Communities of Light, the Kingdom would come tomorrow. But if they resist it, and they will not come and succumb to the Will of the creation, then the struggle will go on and We will have to go through Our own Plan, which We consider to be the worst scenario.

Since We know humans, We do not expect them to accept this Revelation right away. We are reaching at this time as an educational way to give this message to all men, women, and children on earth.

There is no other religion that We have revealed before this that is perfect. None of them have all the answers but this last Revelation. This humanity has to recognize, realize, and come to understand that We have told Our Prophet that at the end time there will be a book sealed with the Seven Seals, there will be a revealer that We have chosen from the genealogy of King David, Abraham, and Prophet Muhammad, there will be the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and the Revelation will be given only through this person. Now We have fulfilled them.

The responsibility now is on human shoulders. You have the free will to choose the Essence and Light, or stay with darkness. The only thing that separates you from Us is an illusion of separation, which is ego, which was the very reason from the very beginning that you separated yourself from Us.

This ego gives you all the excuses not to go to the Light, from all your attachments to this external world which all are temporary, to your desires, wants, sensual gratification, and whatever keeps you from turning around. It does not make any difference to Maitreya or Me if you resist this Call because We already have those who will respond to this Call, and they will.

This is not a cult. This is Our Revelation to humanity for all men, women, and children. That is why We do not create an environment that controls you. You absolutely have free will, and you have to choose this Revelation with the free will.

If you choose this Revelation with your free will, come, join, and become a part of it, indeed you will become a beautiful song in Our Heart. But if you choose to go away from it or stay on the fringe, We will also let you be.

The decision has to come from our hearts. The Vision has to be clear in our minds and in our hearts. All will eventually see that this has all the answers because We have all the answers.

We have created this universe, therefore We know what is correct about it, what is not, what is guidance and Light, and what is darkness. We want to guide humanity to turn around and see this truth, progress, and reach their goal.

Even science supports these teachings. Even science knows that this universe is not permanent. The only thing they cannot reach is that permanency that cannot be explained or put under a microscope, or tested in laboratories. That is where they stop. They cannot go beyond that.

It is amazing that with all the knowledge that science has and the logic that is behind this creation, they cannot call that logic "The Creator," "The Intelligence" behind the creation. But those who have the Spirit of the Truth and the scientific mind, are indeed rare and have a great responsibility to let other people know that science indeed is the Logic of the creation. It is what We used to create this universe.

If there is no Creator, what is the purpose of this creation? Is it to come here and eat, drink, sleep, make children, and die? Or instead is it to listen to those who have had an experience with the Spirit? Such people would come and inform humanity, "Yes, there is something behind and beyond this creation."

They are the mystics, they are the Revealers, they are the Prophets that come and inform you, "Do not be attached to this external world. Do not listen to science when they put God out of their understanding. See God behind the science."

The more people that realize this, eventually even the scientists have to recognize that there is an Intelligence behind this creation. Also the environment that encourages separation of science and Spirit will create the people who believe it is politically correct to put God out of everything.

But if you create an environment that our system, our government, our science, and everything that We see has Our Spirit and Essence in it, then We can create everything We have as before, but in a more perfect way without putting the Will of the universe out.

As We said, it does not matter if humans listen to Us or not, but you have to bear the consequence of your decision. Therefore, do not blame Us for the suffering but blame humanity for going against the set-up of the universe.

We indeed want to bring the Garden of Eden back to humanity. And humanity can have the Garden of Eden back but only if they do not eat of the fruit of the good and evil. They recognize that there is a set up in this universe, there is an Essence and a way that everything has been created. And everything has been created to guide man toward Spirit.

When man uses this external world against the Will, that is when they will create an environment that they suffer for it. So the suffering the human goes through is a way for him to look at himself to see, "What am I doing that is not according to the Will and the Essence of the universe?"

We created man and woman to create children. They each have been given priorities and abilities, and reason for being here. Meditate on why I am a woman, why I am a man. What is the difference between us? There is no one who is higher or lower but there are natural ways that We created to follow.

If We all meditate on the Daharma of everything created and We accept that Daharma, then We can create families based on great understanding between man and woman. It is not that women cannot be leaders. It is not that men should dominate them. It is what I was created for. There are always exceptions, and We have to accept those exceptions in every situation.

There are children that are given to parents. They will grow only to beautiful flowers and great men and women in the future, in the Communities of Light.

There are old people that should be taken care of. They learn to be in the community, and therefore they are also taken care of when they are in the last stage of their lives.

So there is purpose and reason in this creation. The best way to create an environment that everyone progresses is the Communities of Light. And the Communities of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path. Each part of the Eternal Divine Path is a major religion on earth. Therefore, this Revelation is the most perfect Revelation We ever revealed to humanity.

We expect humanity to respond to this. We expect them to come, join, help, spread, understand, meditate, and see the Essence of everything on this earth, create Communities of Light, build the temples, community centers, invite others to come and join, and help with the New Jerusalem project.

These are Our expectations of humanity: To come, join, spread this message and see the Eternal Divine Path, see the unity of all religions, and see the Essence of this universe, the ability to realize that this universe is temporary, and anything that they are attached to in this creation is not permanent.

Indeed, this Revelation is perfect in every level and it is the Plan that We had in mind from 12,000 years ago. We have sent all the religions and the Prophets, and they have revealed to humanity Our Will.

These sessions will be monthly sessions. This first session was a general all-inclusive Revelation to you as a base of what We will reveal in the months to come.

This Revelation today reveals the overall umbrella of why this creation was created, what was that darkness, how We created the galaxies, super novas, planets, and eventually beings that can meditate, turn around and go back to the Essence. We have created the history. We left the humans all by themselves. For the last six thousand years the history shows that they had wars, destruction, disunity, attachment to a specific area on earth, or many things that distract them from realizing the goal of life.

We promised all our Prophets that We eventually would reveal the whole truth to humanity. Each of them brought a part of it and now this is the last Revelation and the whole picture. If you recognize it, realize it, and meditate on it, you will see that indeed We are in charge and humanity has no choice. Those who go against Our Will, will receive their resistance to the goal of this universe. And they cannot blame Us because We have warned them for 12,000 years. And this is their last warning and Revelation.

Now this is the voice of Maitreya.

Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. I hope you recognize this Revelation which is directly from God. I tried to stay out of the way as much as possible. As it was revealed, this was the general all-encompassing Revelation, which was the essence of the teaching, the goal of life, and how humanity can progress and create an environment that will bring back the Garden of Eden.

I will be out of the way most of the time and we will probably go into much more detail in the next sessions and Revelations. Listen to these Revelations and realize that God indeed is Calling humanity to come, to join, to recognize, and to see this truth.

Sal-OM everyone.

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