THE HOLIEST Children of Abram (Abraham)...


Tablet Nine


Fulfillment of the "birthright"

<1>Before the House of Israel was attacked by Assyria and taken away captive, many of the people of this nation, through Prophets and the signs of the times, predicted that the disaster of being conquered by other nations was near. Therefore, a great movement started from the House of Israel. Many people left this part of the territories of the Children of Israel toward the west and northwest. Furthermore, after the fall of Assyria, even more of the House of Israel immigrated toward the west.

<2>In fact, as the records have been preserved by God and given to the Mormons, even some of these immigrants crossed the ocean and came to America.

<3>However, most of them stayed in Europe and in England. These Children of Israel were the people of the ten tribes of Israel. The tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh also were with them. <4>However, for thousands of years this birthright did not materialize until the nineteenth century. About this time, in the 1800s, suddenly the English-speaking nations flourished and two great countries were born.


The nation is the United Kingdom

<5>The first or elder one (the children of Manasseh) became the United Kingdom with a territory where "the sun never sets." England became a great empire which had never been seen before. This whole United Kingdom was under the rulership of one king in London and was very prosperous.

<6>So with this sudden flourishing of England and creation of the United Kingdom, the promise of "a nation" to Israel was fulfilled. The promise which was given to Manasseh ended with the fading of the power of England over this vast kingdom.

America is the company of nations

<7>Then after England, its younger brother the United States (Ephraim), started to grow and prosper. Through the Louisiana purchase and access to the west of America, and because of the events which happened later on, suddenly it became the wealthiest and most powerful "united states" ever existing in history. <8>With this, the promise to Ephraim about becoming a company of nations also is fulfilled (Gen. 49:22-26).

<9>The land which was divided in the time of Peleg is the land of America, "for in his days was the earth divided;..." (Gen. 10:25), and was kept apart from the rest of the world for a great purpose. <10>Both the U.K. and the U.S.A. spread their dominations abroad, "whose branches run over the wall" (Gen. 49:22).


The promise was unconditional

<11>The promise of a nation and a company of nations was given to Israel (for Abraham's sake) unconditionally. That is, the land and greatness given to these two countries is only to show that God exists and never fails to fulfill His promises, even if the people do not follow His commandments or their covenant with Him (one covenant was that all Hebrews should be circumcised).

<12>He fulfilled His promise without the people who received it even realizing why they had been given such a blessing. However, the promises are now fulfilled; only those who follow His Laws are Blessed.


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