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In the book, Commentaries On Prophecies InDaniel, "Period Of Intellectual Domination," Maitreya explains the meaning of the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar, and other dreams and prophecies in the book of Daniel in the Bible. This book shows how it is God's desire to see His Kingdom come on earth and how He will fulfill this.



There are three very important prophecies in the book of Daniel in the Bible, which will be described in this commentary. From a prophetic point of view, the events which would happen in the future were foretold hundreds and thousands of years before and were done to increase the faith of the faithful and create faith in the skeptic.

In addition to the spiritual lessons and importance of the symbols which were used in this book, the main point to focus on is that these prophecies were revealed to show how, from about two thousand three hundred years ago, a period of intellectual development would follow. This is important because in this period two aspects of human abilities (characteristics) were developed to their highest. First, the intellect was developed, in the sense of understanding the material (scientific discoveries), social (sociology), and human (psychological) worlds, and other intellectual knowledge increased. Secondly, the development of human economical abilities occurred, which increased the standard of living of man through the stimulation of economical values, use of money, proper distribution of resources, and the use and coordination of these resources (material, labor, science, etc.) toward the betterment of life (business). In fact, the business and economic understandings can also be categorized as intellect directed toward the control of resources. So both of these characteristics can be viewed as the intellectual development of man.

These discoveries increased the knowledge and standard of living of the human and apparently should have increased man's happiness. But because of their side effects, such as discrediting the spiritual values of man, a great feeling of materialism and dry intellectualism (not combined with intuition) developed in the human.

This part of the effect of the intellectual discoveries in these prophecies is called "the little horn." This little horn will dominate humanity for this long period of time (two thousand three hundred years). The bad side effects of the intellectualization of the world (undermining the spiritual values) will dominate the world in this period until the human consciousness develops to the next step of the evolutionary development, which is intuition and understanding the spirit behind all the dry intellectual knowledge.

That is, nothing is bad in this universe. Things become evil or create suffering when they are not used properly. Intellect and economy are also not bad or evil. But they can become that when they are not used toward human spiritual progress. Then they become a burden on humanity ("little horn").

The point is that when in Daniel intellect or economy (business) is described as that which fought with the Saints and destroyed spiritual truth, it refers to this bad side of them. Otherwise, when intellect is combined with intuition (spiritual understandings) and economy (use of resources on earth) for creating comfort for all to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually, then they both become blessings.

If they are not spiritualized, the intellect becomes dry, inflexible, and loses its common sense, and economy becomes a constant struggle to cope with a speedy life unsuited for human psychology. These bad aspects of the intellectualized world (which is Maya) are also symbolized as "the little book" in The Revelation chapter 10, which in the beginning seems sweet as honey, but it makes the life dry and bitter, "it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey" (Rev. 10:9).


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