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<1>The beginning of this human generation started 12,000 years ago (12,000 years will end in the year 2017), after the flood of Noah. Therefore, the real base for this human history is 12,000 years minus the number of years before 2017.

<2>This manifested world was created millions of years ago, therefore, actually the base of history should be the date of the beginning of this creation. However, we cannot find the exact time of the very beginning of creation, or even if we find it, it would not be practical to use for our base of dating because it would be such a tremendously large number. Therefore we put a zero before 11,000 years, and this generation or the man with his present form will be 12,000 years old in the year 2017 A.D. <3>The zero is a symbol for infinity!

<4>Also, the most logical time to start the new year is in the spring, because it is in the spring that all things start to renew themselves. The trees bloom, and the new offspring of the animals and birds are born. <5>It was the best season to start the new year in ancient times. Even the astrological charts start at this time of the year.

<6>There will be two types of years, solar and lunar.

<7>The lunar year, which is twelve rotations of the moon around the earth, is about ten days shorter than the solar year which is one rotation of the earth around the sun.

<8>So the lunar year will fall around ten days short of the solar year. To correct for this, we have to add one month to the lunar year about every three years. Or more precisely, we follow the Metonic cycle, adding a thirteenth month seven times in a period of 19 years [according to a disciple's calculation].

<9>The lunar years should be used for the Holy Days of the Lord, and the solar years for the calendar and earthly activities. <10>With the use of the lunar year for God's Holy Days, the Passover will always be in the first full moon of the lunar year.

<11>As the sun is a symbol for the male, and moon is the symbol for the female, so the naming of the months of the solar year is chosen from great Prophets and spiritual personalities, and for the months of the lunar year (which are based on the moon, the symbol for the female) from the women personalities.

Solar Year Lunar Year




1 Adam (Atman) 31 Eve
2 Noah 31 Ruth
3 Shiva 31 Shakti
4 Abram (Abraham) 31 Sarai (Sarah)
5 Moses 31 Miriam
6 Krishna 31 Radah
7 Buddha 30 Maya
8 Esa 30 Mary
9 Mohammad 30 Khadija
10 Bab 30 Tahirah
11 Baba 30 Devi
12 Maitreya 29 or 30 Maitreyii
13 Since the lunar year is shorter than the solar year, we will have an extra month in some years. It will be called: Presence

<12>With this universal outlook of the base of history and the names of the months, the new dating system can be provided. For example, today, November 22, 1978 can be represented as: Mohammed Sub 2, 011961.

<13>The names of the days of the week (7-days) can be derived from the seals in The Greatest Sign.

Sunday = Awakening ()

Monday = Kingdom (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes))

Tuesday = Sacrifice (cross-s.gif (869 bytes))

Wednesday = Submission (islms15c.jpg (912 bytes))

Thursday = Universalism (baha-s.gif (97 bytes))

Friday = Paravipra ( kohw-s.gif (904 bytes))

Saturday = Pure Consciousness or Divine (center-s.gif (899 bytes))

<14>They can be abbreviated as Aw, Ki, Sa, Sub, Un, Para, and Pure.

<15>Therefore, today, Wednesday November 22, 1978 will be: Mohammed Sub (Submission) 2, 011961, or Sub Mo 2, 011961.

<16>The best way to eliminate the many different festivals, birthdays, memorial days, etc., now existing in many different religions, cultures, and countries which are considered to be holidays is to accept the Holy Days of God which He had demanded from mankind in chapter 23 of Leviticus in the Bible. <17>In fact other holidays, memorial days, or festivals are all man-made and usually narrow in view. But the Holy Days of God are directed toward the invisible God of the whole world, so only they can unify humanity and are not designed from narrowness of human view.

<18>All the great events which happened to advance human progress should be listed in all the different cultures and religions (those which historically have been proven or strong evidence shows them to probably have existed, or stories which are truly inspiring to be used as Satsang), <19>and on each day of their occurrence, a brief story or play (depending upon the time, place, and people) should be presented in each community center in order to inspire everyone mentally and spiritually.

<20>Only those events that mentally and spiritually are inspiring and have a universal view or are directed toward God (universe) can be used. <21>Stories that present narrowness of the mind and favors for special groups or people are not permitted.

<22>The Sabbath day (weekly Holy Day) will be Saturday as God demanded to be the day of rest and kept by Hebrews. <23>As humans progress toward a more advanced material life, if possible also Fridays and after that, Sundays, can be added to the weekly off-days and there will be three days in the week to rest and do things that are necessary to be done. If Fridays and Sundays become holidays, then Friday can be used for personal things, such as cleaning, shopping, personal business, Satsang can be given, collective meditation performed, and community problems can be discussed, but not necessarily resolved, if desired. <24>Saturday (Sabbath) should be used to fast. Also on Saturdays the silence should be observed and solitude is recommended. After a day of rest, meditation, and deeper thought, it is a good idea to have the community meeting to resolve community problems. <25>Sunday is the day of joy, gathering, picnicking, feasting, and interaction between people.

Wednesday, Nov. 22, 1978
Mohammed Sub 2, 011961


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