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<1>The universe consists of three forces and the consciousness. In Sanskrit, these three forces are called tama (static), raja (mutative) and satva (sentient). <2>Tama guna (guna means force) is that force which crudifies consciousnesses. Raja guna is the active force or action. Satva guna is the force of logic or decision-making. <3>The Soul (unit consciousness) uses these forces to relate to and control the universe. <4>However, we can never separate these forces with any clear-cut borders. There is a range between almost complete domination of tama guna to almost complete domination of satva guna. This can be represented by the graph below:

Satva-Tama.gif (3692 bytes)

<5>When tama guna dominates, there is still some raja guna and satva guna present which is shown as the small area at the bottom. This is also true when satva guna dominates (right side of the graph). There is still some tama guna and raja guna present.

<6>Tama guna is the force responsible for this manifested universe and also for the unawareness of the consciousness in the unaware part of the universe. <7>As it is illustrated in the graph above, as the satvic force becomes more dominant over the consciousness, tama guna loses its power over the Soul. <8> That is why through gaining power over the tama guna, spiritual people feel freer and freer from the bondage of this external world and become closer and closer to the spiritual world which is beyond the control of this crudifying force.

<9>The material world (manifested world) is made of consciousnesses crudified (bent) by the power of the tama guna ("gathering of the waters," Gen. 1:9). This was created in order to help these unit consciousnesses to progress toward higher consciousness and eventually Pure Consciousness. <10>Also this tama guna is the force responsible for crudifying the consciousness of the human. That is why the human should overcome the tama guna and avoid anything that empowers this force over his Soul or reach a state that it has no power over him. <11>When this manifested world is not used properly (by becoming attached to its illusion, Maya) or a sentient environment is not created to direct the consciousness toward higher thoughts (by creating crudifying images or objects which bend man toward his lower nature), the consciousness becomes more and more self-centered and separated from the spiritual world -- where tama guna has no power over it.

<12>These three gunas are represented symbolically in the Bible as the three famous angels Michael, Gabriel, and Lucifer. <13>As it is mentioned in Isaiah 14:12, Lucifer (which means "the shining star") was made by God to be the king of the world. But he failed and was cast out (that is exactly what the tama guna does when a Soul is under its influence). The Soul becomes so crude that it is drowned in the ocean of Maya (ignorance) and will not be able to understand the realities behind this universe. That is why we say that person is following the devil (satan, evil, etc.). In other words, he is under the influence of the tama guna.

<14>Therefore, it is the tama guna which bends us toward the excessive attraction to the external world. When tama guna is present, raja guna (action, mutative force) will be bent toward excessive materialistic possession, or we will be attached to the result of our actions, or we will create expectations. When tama guna is present, satva guna will be bent toward the material world (satva guna is that part of us which makes the decisions and commands the ego to do the decisions). When tama guna dominates, decisions will be directed toward bondage toward the material world (attachments, desires, greed, etc.). <15>However, when tama has been overcome, decisions will be selfless toward the spiritual Laws and for the welfare of the whole universe. This will make our actions (raja) also pure and free from bondage. <16>So it is the tama guna (devil) which should be overcome and controlled.

<17>Again we can see that the devil is the same as the tama guna which crudifies the consciousness. <18>When tama guna dominates the human Soul, it is the devil (satan). <19>When the human Soul dominates tama guna, it becomes a "shining star" (Lucifer). Then this manifested world becomes a guiding light toward reaching the spiritual world. Hence, we see that the foolishness of the external world is a shining star to guide us to God.

<20>Tama guna is any force that bends the human Soul toward the excessive attraction to the external world and therefore creates unnecessary attachment, desires, expectations, greed, etc., toward the external world, <21>or anything that looks good to do or follow but after it is done or followed brings suffering and the feeling of emptiness and separation from God (universe).


<22>As the tama guna is the devil when the Soul is under its influence and becomes a shining star (Lucifer) when it is overcome, so is the lower nature. <24>The lower nature in itself can be a hindrance in spiritual progress, or, if its selfish tendencies are overcome, can be used for physical, mental, and spiritual progress of self and others (others as the rest of the universe).

<24>For example, the desire to survive, which is related to the first chakra, can be an inspiration for material advancement. But if a person is ignorant of the unimportance of what we see as our only life and is desperately afraid of death, then it can be a hindrance in his path.

<25>Or sex, which is a powerful force in the human body, when controlled and used to channel its energy to the higher self (psychic centers) or used to create a healthy body for a new human being, it is a blessing. However, if it makes a man heedlessly seek its satisfaction uncontrollably and makes him do whatever is necessary to gain this satisfaction, then it is an obstacle in human progress.

<26>The use of the power of the third chakra is similar. When this center is controlled and used for gaining power in order to establish the Kingdom Of Heaven, then it also becomes a guide for human progress. But using it for gaining positions and prestige for the sake of self-gratification, makes it a devilish center.

<27>However, selfishness resides in these first three centers. Therefore, man should gain control over them first by raising his spiritual consciousness to the higher self and then use the power of these centers for the progress of the self and others.

<28>Notice that you have to gain control over these lower centers, not destroy them. You do not kill a wild horse, but instead break him down in such a way that he is under your control. Then you will have a powerful horse to give you rides and pleasure. That is also true about the lower self. <29>When you gain control over it, then you will have many powerful forces to use for the progress of yourself and others.


<30>We learn that God is invisible, but is not man invisible also? We think that man is visible but indeed he is not. We make the mistake of identifying a person as his body. The truth is that we are not our bodies but the consciousness which is so subtle, even subtler than the ether. <31>We have this body; Father does not have any body (if we do not consider the manifested universe as His Body). That is the only difference. Therefore, we both are invisible. <32>We know Him by His qualities and actions (creation), and we know a person by his qualities and actions also.

<33>When a person does not act and remains inactive, we assume he is dead. The reason that the person remains inactive is because there is no Soul in that body any longer, so there is no human consciousness there. <34>However, because the Soul is invisible, the only way for us to relate to that person is when he is in a body.

<35>In fact man is visible only in the interval from birth to death. It is through his actions by his body or through the effect of his actions on the environment that we know him. <36>After a person dies (leaves his body) people will remember the many things he had done in his lifetime and will see the results of his actions. But they cannot see him because he is a Soul, and a Soul cannot be seen by these naked eyes.

<37>This is also true about God. We can know His existence through His actions, or by contemplating this perfect, self-sustaining universe made by Him. We can know He exists by the way He is guiding us toward the goal. <38>There is no doubt as man progresses toward higher spiritual understandings and develops his spiritual faculties that the existence of God will be insured by establishing a direct telepathic relationship with Him. <39>However, even He is invisible as man himself is invisible also.


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