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<1>Science should conquer space and bring a high standard of living to help unit consciousnesses to accelerate their journeys.

<2>Science should be directed toward the goal of the human life and The Plan of God: for all to reach Pure Consciousness. <3>By occupying other planets more and more, eventually all unit beings will come to Pure Consciousness.

<4>It is up to humanity to advance in science so far that they can make other planets livable and spread the seed of man all throughout the universe. <5>The Plan of God in the beginning was to see the human race inhabit all parts of the earth. In order to do that, He "confound[ed] their language, that they may not understand one another's speech. So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth and they left off to build the city" (Gen. 11:7-8).

<6>However, in the era to come the process should be reversed, and the humans should create one language again, but with the understanding that the Will of God is to see the humans scattered not only all over the earth but all over the universe.

<7>First man should establish the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and then try to completely understand the Laws that govern the earth and space. Then by the lessons given in history, humans should utilize all this knowledge not for selfish pursuance but toward fulfillment of The Plan for creation.

<8>However, understanding the earth and utilizing its resources (such as oceans, deserts, etc.) has priority in human advancement over discovering space. <9>Therefore, first man should expand his knowledge of the earth (with collective participation of all humans) and even start to live under or over the water if it is necessary. Then after that (or parallel with) conquer space also.

<10>In short, science should and will discover all the Laws that govern this manifested universe, <11>but never will be able to enter the realm of the eternal, un-manifested world. <12>Science should be used for the well-being of humanity, not for self-destruction.

<13>Also, in all discoveries, the by-products of those discoveries and their effects on human life should be predicted. If there is some by-product (such as pollution) in that discovery which will adversely affect human life and health, the way to eliminate those effects should first be determined. <14>Otherwise that discovery should not be used, until those shortcomings are corrected. The science based on spiritual Laws has no side effects!


<15>Science should conquer the universe and enable the human to reside on other planets. <16>That is the reason why so many planets have been made. Science can and will do it.

<17>Still, by doing meditation and yoga (becoming familiar with the Universal Laws governing the human body), the human can become more familiar with his body and will be able to gain more of his basic life energy from the air and sun. <18>Also, by becoming more vegetarian, we will be able to feed more people.

<19>However, only giving food will not solve the problem. People should be educated on how to obtain their basic necessities from the environment.

<20>The sources of the ocean should be utilized and science should understand the basic Laws underlying the different necessities for the body, and these should be created by extracting them from the environment.

<21>Also, excessive and improper use of available food for humans should be discouraged. As Mahatma Gandhi said, "There is enough for everyone's needs but not for everyone's greed." <22>Sacrifice is necessary. This is the lesson humans should learn. Without sacrifice, nothing is possible, and no comfort for all will come.

<23>Therefore, it is not the population which is a problem, but the other aspects of the present society: (l) The misdirection of science and resources toward discovering luxury items and warfare instruments, instead of utilizing the brains of scientists toward unveiling the true Laws governing the universe which will bring higher standards of living to all; (2) The lack of an environment that gives an equal opportunity for all to develop to the highest possible potential. Therefore, many great brains remain dormant; (3) The mismanagement of space and food available to humanity; (4) The abundance of undereducated nations which do not utilize their fertile lands in full capacity; (5) The wrong philosophy of life in some cultures which teaches that this world is illusion and therefore the people do not strive for material advancement, etc.

<24>Again the next era is the age of cooperation and unity between all. The human has no choice. <25>This is God's Plan. <26>It does not matter how much intellectuals argue about human problems (and come up with no solutions). The Plan of the Father will be fulfilled and man will learn that God, like a good father, will guide His children until they learn the lessons. <27>Going against His Plan will hurt no one but the human himself.

<28>Therefore, again we can see that the human should destroy those barriers that have separated man from man and utilize all his abilities toward the goal -- <29>all toward Pure Consciousness. And that requires sacrifice by all.


<30>There are four classes of humans who are beyond the categories of the five socially active classes (Shudras, Ksattriyas, Vipras, Vaeshyas, and Brahmins). These four classes are:

1- Prophets or Avatars: those who have a message or new teaching for humanity.

2- Gurus or Satgurus: those who manifest God's qualities and bring many to the realization of the Lord.

3- Paravipras: the true leaders who are classless but have the characteristics of all five socially active classes.

4- Artists: the intuitive intellectuals who manifest finer thoughts and understandings to humanity.

<31>Artists work in the finer levels of human thought. <32>They can influence humanity by their abilities to bring and manifest the deeper levels of their feelings. <33>The artist class can be a great guide and blessing in helping humanity reach higher consciousness.

<34>A true artist never sells his ability for commercial use or for cheap praise (gains the world but loses his Soul). He works for his perfection, both internally and externally. <35> His ultimate goal is to manifest himself and the relationship of this self with the rest in the most perfect way possible.

<36>Also artists can manifest the problems in society in their art and show the way through their subtle communicative talents. <37>They can be a guidance for the future progress of the society in any moment of time and history. <38>Because of their deep intuitive abilities, they can see the future and the way to reach the highest level. So they can then guide others also to the next progressive phase. They have leadership duties.


Letter to humanity and their leaders

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