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<1>The sun is the only star which rises in the morning. So it is "the morning star." <2>It is the symbol of the highest spiritual realization. When a person becomes spiritually realized, he will be like a sun which shines and gives life to all things.

<3>The sun is the symbol of the male principle (logic). <4> It refers to great leaders in the society and also the father (The Divine Logic, the priest) in the family.

<5>As it is said in the Bible and the Koran, in the last days the sun will be darkened, which is true spiritual knowledge. This will lead to the downfall of true fathers and leaders in the society. <6>Then the mountains (great persons) will not be found and the islands (comforters) will vanish.

<7>That is why the true fathers and leaders should also be the spiritual guides of the families and society.

<8>Moon refers to the female principle (Grace). When it is directed toward Maya, a female becomes woman (Maya). <9> The same energy directed toward the Divine Logic (God) becomes The Divine Grace and/or The Divine Mother.

<10>Women, therefore, should receive the light from their fathers, mothers, or whoever has the Light, and shine themselves. <11>Only these women can manifest the qualities of true females (Divine Mother) and assume the responsibilities of carrying out the most respected position, which is motherhood.

<12>Stars are also the children of the family. It is true that they can enlighten themselves and shine. But their shining quality is dependent upon the father and mother. <13>When the sun becomes darkened, and the moon becomes "like a sack cloth," (Rev. 6:12) then it is the time for children to fall from heaven also.


<14>Water is the symbol of manifested consciousness (ether), and restless water such as a river or ocean, is the symbol of confused consciousness or mind. Therefore to baptize in the river by letting the person merge in it, and then taking him out, is a symbol of saving the person from confusion (river) and pulling him out like a fish. <15>That is why Christ told his disciples that he was going to make them fishers of men.

<16>The feeling of bliss which accompanies baptism arises because when a person is suddenly immersed in water and then taken out again, the reaction to this act is the release of some prana from the solar plexus to the brain. <17>Also because the chakras become cooled, they will be quickened. Both of these reactions result in a feeling of bliss and refreshment, which is interpreted as receiving the spirit and being saved. This feeling is intensified with a religious atmosphere which stimulates the emotions. In truth, all of these result in the quickening of the chakras which is the same as receiving the spirit (awakening the astral body). <18> However, only those who truly repent and overcome the lower nature and go to their higher natures (to be born again) are the true saved ones.


<19>When a person sins and is not aware of his sin or does not see the wrong in what he does, such a person sins.

<20>But when a person sins and is aware he has sinned, sees the wrong in his action, is ashamed and repentant, and is ready to face that ugly part of the self and so overcome it, such a person has committed a sin. <21>He has not reached perfection but he is on the path to reach there.

<22>The person who sins is in a far worse situation than the one who commits sin. The one who sins has no consciousness of his own actions and their effects on himself and others. So he is very close to animal life.

<23>But one who commits sin knows he is not perfect, but is aware that his actions affect him and others. He can see how they cause him to go away from God and are the source of preventing him from being with Him. He realizes they are the very reason for his sufferings.

<24>Such a person has awakened his spiritual understanding and if he meditates deeply and sees his wrongdoings, they will be destroyed and little by little he will reach perfection and God.

<25>This truth about to sin or to commit sin is shown in the Bible in the case of Cain and Lamech.

<26>Cain sinned by slaying his brother, but could not see the wrong in what he did. So he received God's judgment (punishment), and if any human would judge him over God's judgment, "...whosoever slayeth Cain..." (Gen. 4:15), such a person will be avenged seven times for his judgment of Cain, "...vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold" (ibid).

<27>But in the case of Lamech who sinned but confessed and was aware of his sin and its wrong, if men judged him harshly for his wrongdoing, they would be avenged seventy times seven, "If Cain be avenged sevenfold, truly Lamech seventy and sevenfold" (Gen. 4:24).

<28>It is only this awareness that causes a person, with His Grace, to strive to overcome his bad habits and sins. Without it, all kinds of actions seem good to him, and he is doomed to fall into sin.

<29>This is also one of the reasons for confessing the sin. If a person feels guilty of his wrongdoing and confesses it, he then is aware he has done wrong and so will strive to overcome it. <30>However, the best confession is when a person deeply inside becomes aware of his vain hopes and desires, and he sees the reason for his sins inside in his meditation. <31>By facing them this way, he overcomes them.

<32>So those who are in the path toward perfection commit sin. As no man will be sinless overnight, it needs much practice. Such a person will put all his effort on not making the same mistakes but if he does, he should become aware of them and, with His Grace, gradually reach the state of sinless-ness.

<33>It is alright if a mistake is made, but its lesson should be learned and the mistake should not be repeated. <34> As man does less wrong, he will do more right and come closer to God, be more aware, and see even deeper and more subtle wrongdoings. Such a man is in the path of perfection (Divinity).


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