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<1>Islam comes from the word "tasleim" which means to be surrendered and/or submissive to Him. To be surrendered means to do the best we can or to do His Will and surrender the result to Him. <2>Because His Will is not clear to everyone in any moment (His overall Plan and Will is revealed in The Greatest Sign) so we try to do our best to do His Will. Then if God wills ("Enshallah"), the action we do will give a great result. <3>But there should be no attachment to the result.

<4>There are three principles which are accepted by all Moslems as the basic principles of Islam. They are:

1 - Tohied = One God.

2 - Nabovat = Acceptance of Prophets sent by God.

3 - Moaad = Day of Judgment.


<5>Some light will be shed on the meaning of these principles with the following explanations:

Tohied: <6>In its lower meaning, tohied means that there is only one God. <7>But it comes from the word "vahdat" or "vahed" which means "to become one" or "one," so its greater meaning is that He is everything and all is God. However, this greater meaning is not understood by many.

<8>This is a great truth in spiritual understanding, because if "He is everything," then each unit consciousness is a part of Him, so the illusion of separation will vanish. <9>Even accepting the first meaning as there is only one invisible God in the universe (formless, nameless, etc.) can unify humanity, because anything else (anything) besides the invisible God accepted will divide humans on earth.

<10>Even if God Himself comes to the earth and calls Himself by a name, the result would be a division between people. Those who followed Him would use the name He was given on earth, and those who followed an invisible God would not use that name, or other people would follow the same God with a different name. So the division would start. <11>It is not the Will of God to divide humanity from Himself, but He wants to see all come back to unity with Him and be unified.

<12>Through the virtue of this unifying aspect of the invisible God (Allah), Prophet Muhammad unified Arabs and created the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth for a short period of time in a small part of the world.

<13>Only He (the nameless) unifies. Any other thing divides. That is why in His Ten Commandments to the Hebrews, God emphasized that they should not have any other gods beside Him, and they should not make any image or anything as their object of worship (not even pictures or names). <14>The reason is very clear: it is true that He is everything and if you look at anything He is there also, but this apparent division, which is relative, will bring disunity to humanity, especially to those who cannot see the unity between the seen and unseen.

<15>Therefore, tohied should be followed by everyone in order to bring the unity to all. The other names and images all should be forgotten and thrown away. There is only One God -- the rest are dogmas.

Nabovat: <16>This means acceptance of the Prophets and Messengers from God as those who have been chosen to bring messages of the Lord to humanity. These Prophets should not be taken as God Himself, but as His Messengers. Although they are in complete tune with the Lord, and might even be the Father Himself, accepting them as the Lord God will again result in disunity. <17>Indeed the Prophet himself or his miracles are not important but his teachings are what is important. The teachings are surely from God regardless of whether the Prophet was the Father Himself or not.

<18>The Prophets come with definite signs and fulfill many prophecies about their coming. God does it this way so everyone can be sure that the person who claims to be the Expected One is true and chosen. <19>Otherwise many will come in their name and deceive many. It has been done this way so only the True One will be recognized by the Elects.

Moaad: <20>This means that there is a last day of judgment when the good people will be separated from the bad. This also will happen. <21> When the original energy which was generated to create this universe is consumed, then all will be dissolved into its original form, and those who have reached Pure Consciousness or higher consciousness will enter heaven (Pure Consciousness), and those who lagged behind will have to wait until the next generation (creation). They will then have to struggle again for crores of years for their salvation, because they have lost the opportunity that was given to them in this creation to reach Pure Consciousness. <22>That is why this life is an opportunity, especially for humans, to reach Pure Consciousness. Otherwise who knows when another chance will be given to them?

<23>Also every day and every moment is the time of judgment, and human actions create karma (the Law of action and reaction) or judgment, and man reaps what he sows.

<24>Three other concepts in Islam will briefly be explained below:

<25>It is believed by Moslems (followers of Islam) that Muhammad was the last Prophet. They refer to a verse in the Koran that contains a word which has two different pronunciations, each with a different meaning. <26>It can be pronounced Khatem (last, the end) or Khatam (the seal).

<27>The true meaning of this word has been the subject of dispute for centuries. Some say it is Khatem, so Prophet Muhammad was the last Prophet. Some say Khatam, so he was the seal of the Prophets but they do not give an explanation as to why he was the seal.

<28>However, in truth the word can be pronounced in both ways, and both meanings are correct.

<29>Prophet Muhammad brought the highest spiritual realization for humanity, to be surrendered and submissive to the Lord. So there will not be any higher realization brought to humanity (for more detail, read Revelation of The Revelation). <30>So from this point of view, he is the last Prophet, the "Khatem" of the Prophets.

<31>Also as it has been shown in The Greatest Sign, the sign of Islam (islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)) is at the very top:

7th150-c.gif (2828 bytes)

<32>Therefore, it is the seal in The Plan of the Lord, and Prophet Muhammad is the seal of the Prophets ("Khatam" of the Prophets).

<33>The problem is that the human wants to narrow God's works into one aspect or dimension. But God's words and actions are multidimensional. That is where the misunderstanding starts. You cannot narrow the expanded work of the Lord to the small understanding of man. <34>To know Him and His Words requires bringing yourself to His expanded level.

<35>This endeavor of man to narrow the works of the Lord is another reason for human sufferings.

<36>Another concept in Islam is the word "jahad" which is loosely translated as "holy war." <37>The true meaning of jahad, however, is internal and external struggle to establish truth and holiness. Its meaning is the same as the tone of the Bhagavad-Gita with its warrior Arjuna, who should internally and externally struggle and overcome the obstacles toward his perfection.

<38>In fact only those who internally and externally struggle all their lives are the ones who can declare a holy war. <39>Otherwise, holy wars can be misused by those who have narrow interests and manipulate the emotions of the people toward their religions for their own selfish ends.



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