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<1>The false ego has different ways to feel alive. Because in truth it is an illusion, so in order for a person to feel his separateness and glorify the self as the only being, it needs to constantly have different ways to prove it exists.

<2> So it is not wrong to say that even creating problems is a way the ego can feel it survives, because if there is a problem which is related to it, so it surely exists!

<3>Also in this category is to create excitement and constant stimulation so with it a feeling of existing is created. Usually the person says that because of these stimulations, he feels good. <4>In truth what he is saying is, "'I' as a separate ego feel alive."

5One way for the ego to feel this existence is to choose the way of masochism or sadism. <6>By becoming an object of torture and misuse, a person feels he exists and derives energy from the person who misuses him or her. Also the person who misuses others, thinks he is powerful, so his ego derives satisfaction.

<7>However, the dilemma is that the one who assumes the role of the torturer (sadist) assumes this position because of his inadequacies, and by taking on this role he feels like a god. But because of his feeling of separation, after the act of excitement is finished, again he falls into his agony of feeling nonexistent, inadequate, and separate. So he has to repeat the act more often and more brutally. Therefore after some time he becomes completely separated and lost.

<8>Also the masochist who becomes the object of the torture feels the other person has misused him. Although he continues his relationship with this other person, because that is the only way he derives his satisfaction, he creates resentment and looks down upon his torturer.

<9>The sadistic person who tortures to be glorified not only does not achieve his objective but even will degenerate. Also he loses his power to the person he misuses. So this again adds to decline and this cycle goes on and on until both of them go to the depth of their hellish situation.

<10>Ego at the same time is not. Those who realize this do not strive to prove they exist by creating problems or deriving satisfaction from the outside world. It is then that such a person becomes one and a part of the universe. <11>Then not only does he cease to create problems but actually will start to solve some true ones (ninety-nine percent of the problems in the world have been created by the false ego and are not real).

<12>Those who are masochistic activate the sadistic part of the sadist, then derive power from it. So the sadist loses power (prana), and the masochist lives on this energy.


<13>Besides the consciousness, there are three gunas which exist in the universe. Satva guna is neither male nor female. It is passive and positive. Raja guna (life-force) is the female principle. It is active and neutral. It activates and brings all into life. Tama guna is also neither male nor female. It is passive and negative. Consciousness is passive and neutral.

<14>Raja guna (energy) is the only active force in the universe. When it is in the passive state the universe will be un-manifested. Universe (God) will be in the state of "Be"-ness, which is formless, nameless, invisible, eternal, neither male nor female. 15This is the seventh state of consciousness.

<16>When the same consciousness becomes activated, but still is in pure form (Pure Consciousness), it will become engaged in planning and guiding the universe. In this state it becomes pure Divine Logic (Father). <17>Logic is male energy or principle. This is the sixth state of consciousness.

<18>Raja guna in the active state, however, receives the polarity of positivity when directed toward higher things (satva); will be neutral when pure raja; and negative when directed toward mundanity (tama).

<19>When satva guna is activated (by raja guna -- female principle, Grace) and it dominates the consciousness (Logic or male principle), in this state God is Male (Father) Female (Mother) God. <20>It is the fifth state of consciousness. It is in this state that The Holy Ghost (Bliss) is experienced which is full of Grace (female principle) and knowledge (male principle).

<21>Raja guna is Grace, when it dominates the consciousness and is directed to higher things. Because it has no polarity, it becomes the unconditional Love (Mother, no polarity or condition) or The Divine Grace (The Divine Mother). <22>This is experienced in the fourth level of consciousness (chakra).

<23>Tama guna is bondage. When it is activated by energy (raja guna) and dominates active satva guna and the consciousness, then the Logic becomes earthly. It is then that a person becomes man (earthly). <24>This is the third state of consciousness.

<25>In the state where tama dominates the active raja and consciousness, then The Grace (female) becomes passion and temptation. A person then will become woman. This state is what is referred to as woman in the Bible. <26>This is the second state of consciousness.

<27>In the first level of consciousness, tama guna dominates with complete force. The consciousness (kundalini) is dormant. <28> By meditating and creating greater prana (raja guna) in the body, the grip of the tama guna will be loosened and the consciousness will be brought to higher levels. <29>This is called the awakening of the spiritual forces (kundalini).

<30>As long as the consciousness is latent in the first level (chakra) a person will be bound by his physiological and safety needs. His energy will be used toward maintenance of his physical body and worldly activities. He also will receive most of his energy by consuming food. <31>In this state man is a rational animal and has no Divine consciousness. He identifies himself only as being the body.

<32>Although the physical body of the human as male and female has some relationship with manifestation of Logic or Grace, it is not absolute. Each of these qualities can be developed by practice in either sex and also there are exceptions.

<33>Whoever opens his heart chakra (fourth chakra) will manifest unconditional Love or Grace (Divine Mother) and he who reaches the sixth level is one with the Father (pure Logic controlling the emotions -- first five levels).

<34>In the explanation above the most important thing is the dual nature of raja guna (female principle activating energy). It either can be directed to positivity as Divine Grace or Holy Mother, or toward negativity as the lower nature of man. <35>These two sides of the same phenomena (energy) have been mythically symbolized in Hindu religions as the two consorts of their gods such as Krishna and Shiva. Usually one of them is the symbol of the energy of transmutation and destruction, such as Kali and Durga, and the other as one full of Grace, Shakti, and Radah. <36>These two consorts actually are the two sides of each person or the mythical gods themselves.

<37>This part of female energy is symbolized as the woman in the Bible, the same meaning implied by the goddess Kali, who is shown as an old dark-skinned woman who has a necklace of skulls around her neck and is dreadful.

<38>The same phenomena (raja guna) when directed toward higher things, becomes The Divine Grace or The Holy Mother.


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