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<1>The human uses his imagination to create great fables and stories whenever he does not know very much. <2>In the past, stories were about the magical lands in other parts of the earth (although some of them were valid, because they were about the time before the flood of Noah). <3>After the human spread all over the earth and found there were no magical lands on earth, then those stories lost their validities. <4>However, the human loves to stretch his imagination. That is why now imaginary beings from other planets are created and movies are made about them. Many people love to believe in them even if they do not have a proven base.

<5>This stretch of the imagination has also been used in spiritual understanding. That is why there are so many different theories and so many imaginary concepts about God and the spiritual world. These concepts and distorted logics are so untrue that any logical mind cannot accept the religious concepts and myths that are told by supposedly religious leaders.

<6>For the person who knows the spiritual world truly and it is as real for him as this external world, then he knows that the spiritual world is as perfect and logical as our manifested universe, <7>and also is guided with definite Laws and regulations toward the goal of all creation.

<8>That is why humans should understand the realities behind exaggerated religious stories and find out the symbolic meanings of them, instead of accepting them as truth, and becoming an illogical person about spirituality.

<9>A person might listen to others and try to understand what they say, but he should accept only those parts that seem logical. He should strive to expand his own mind and spiritual experiences. <10>Whatever experiences he gains, he should just accept those as true. He should not accept anyone else's experiences as his own goal and should not use his own experiences on others as the goal of their spiritual achievement. <11>Each human should strive in his own path (in the middle of the collective path) to grow more and more everyday.


<12>Throughout all of history, there have been humans who have had visions of heaven, God, angels, and many other things. Many have seen the same scene or same angel in different shapes. So many have concluded these things truly exist and also many have become confused by their varieties.

<13>In truth, visions are nothing but the production of a scene to give a message to a person or to make him truly believe in the revelation which has come to him. <14>In fact, in most cases if such visions, voices, or signs had not happened, the person would not dare to speak out or to carry on his mission.

<15>So according to the state of consciousness of the chosen person, the proper vision is given to him so that he becomes inspired to do the work, <16>but in truth they are just a production of his consciousness, or the production of the Universal Consciousness (God) to convince him of his belief.

<17>Also images are nothing but the production of an individual's own consciousness and they are created by the concentrated mind. <18>In truth, they do not exist, and at the same time, they exist!

<19>However, the unconscious mind which knows all truth and solutions to all the problems, through visions, images, and dreams, communicates messages. If these are understood, they become a great tool in comprehending the solutions to worldly problems and increasing spiritual knowledge.

<20>In short, we can say that there are three kinds of visions, images, and dreams. <21>The first type are those which have no meaning, are scattered, and are useless.

<22>The second type are the ones which are related to day-to-day life and problems. Usually in this category the solutions to these problems are given and the consciousness is trying to transmit a message to the individual. <23>It is this kind of message with which the psychiatrists are most familiar. They are generated from the subconscious mind.

<24>The third kind are those from the unconscious mind (spiritual world) which have a spiritual and higher message for the individual. This message is not related to individual or day-to-day life but has a universal scope and is a spiritual message. <25>The person can then become the Messenger (channel) to convey this message to others.

<26>Therefore, visions, images, and dreams are not real, although they sometimes seem very real, <27>but they are the creation of the mind (either individual or Universal).


<28>Astral projection is of two kinds: those which are messages from higher planes or God, and those which are created by the ego.

<29>IIn truth, astral projection is nothing but the creation of the individual mind or the Universal Mind.

<30>Those whom God wants to use to reveal a message, but are not in that level to realize the Formless, Nameless, and Invisible, need another channel between the physical world and the Formless, Nameless, and Invisible. That is why God creates a master or guidance for them in the astral plane (or any other kind that the person feels he has communication with). <31>Then he can realize God through it, and also it helps people in this state to feel assured of the existence of higher and invisible worlds and truths.

<32>In truth such a master does not exist -- of course the consciousness in the image is a Master (God), -- but like visions and higher dreams, all is created by the Universal Mind. If a person realizes that even these are all illusions and tries to realize the only true source (the Highest Source or God), he can even overcome this last illusion.

<34>However, this process helps those who are in this level of progress, and if they could eliminate their egos completely, God can reveal many truths to the person through that created channel. <35>But that image eventually should be given up, because even that is an obstacle to complete freedom and perfect enlightenment that all is God (consciousness and the three gunas).

<36>The other kind of astral projection is to travel in the ethereal body and create images in this plane with the mind (ego). In this kind of astral projection, the person learns how to go to this plane but he is not advanced enough to be guided to higher truths. <37>In this plane the person can see what he imagines. So usually, with his bad thoughts (false ego), he creates scary scenes, and they seem so real to him that he rushes back to the body from fear of them.

<38>As it is said, the only reliable source is the Formless, Nameless, and Invisible (Universal Mind). Any other things are just illusions and so obstacles in the path to complete freedom. <39>Therefore, they have to be disregarded.

<40>True masters (Avatars) come to this world in the flesh like regular people. Then later on the signs that were prophesied about them will be manifested and they themselves realize their missions. <41>This has been true all throughout history. Examples are Buddha, Esa, Muhammad, Bab, etc., who all came as regular people and then realized their Divinity later on in their lives.

<42>Even in the case of these Great Souls, although they are subjects of reverence, what they said and preached is important, not themselves. <43>However, devotion to them works as a Bridge to God!


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