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<1>Humans never gave up idol worshipping. They discontinued idol worshipping of statues but they replaced it with the worshipping of certain humans (for example Prophets), or they have created psychological idols such as status, name, power, etc. <2>Even some people worship themselves and what has been imposed on them psychologically or socially.

<3>Still in this century (where man claims to have reached a very high civilization) we find some humans worshipping statues as their deities and gods.<4>However, their type of worship is more acceptable than those who have created psychological gods for themselves, have narrowed their minds, and are the source of suffering for others.

<5>It is inconceivable that the human cannot direct all his attention and adoration toward the Creator of this perfect universe which is the source of all these other things that attract him.

<6>The very reason is that the human does not utilize his mind and other faculties given to him to think about life, its purpose, or the perfection of all things. He is lost in the small things in life and the attraction of Maya. <7>Also he rejects God because he wants to be God himself. So by rejecting God, or by replacing Him with false gods, he can follow his own false ego and feel himself to be the God of his destiny and life. But God will make him realize, with His Power through the events of his life, that in truth he is a very helpless being. <8>However, man loves his false ego so much that he does not want to give it up and continues to be blind to the truth.

<9>If man could adore only the invisible God and direct all his attention toward Him, most of the problems of today's human would be solved in a very short period of time.

<10>Therefore, keep your attention with the whole power of your being toward Him. <11>Otherwise, the rest is just an illusion of the lower nature, and whoever falls into the lower nature is lost.


<12>When a group of people gather around one personality, attach much importance to him without him fulfilling any prophecies, and rely on him completely (not on God's Laws and prophecies), then we can say a cult is created.

<13>In fact the very reason the followers of central figures attach such importance to him and are apt to believe in this importance, is so that they who follow him are also important. <14> Or the central figure gives them a false assurance that they are fine as they are and/or they can do whatever they want. <15>So these people accept this so to not see the truth about themselves.

<16>In truth such a people do not differ from those who put their importance on their wealth or anything which is from the external. <17>Both have a false sense of importance for what is not directly of them but is outside of them.

<18>Of course this rule of creating a central figure and making him the point of importance is applied in all walks of life, in all levels of society, and in all social relationships. <19> Instead of looking at their own merits and developing their own abilities, people praise others, become latent, and do not develop themselves.

<20>In brief, when a personality becomes more important than the teachings based on God's Laws, that group can be called a cult.

<21>That is why to submit to the Formless, Nameless, and Invisible God enables a person to free himself from becoming attached to a person or figure <22> and allows us to learn from each being and message. Then we can pick the best of all of them, and so at the end become Great.


<23>A middle path (balance) is the best way, not reactionary solutions which are called thesis and antithesis. <24> In the past history, the human has always handled the situation of this world in a reactionary way. He always reacts to what happened to him after the cause of dissatisfaction becomes unbearable. This process is so common in human life that he has come to believe in the theory of thesis and antithesis. <25>According to this theory, there is an antithesis for everything in this universe. So there is a struggle going on between the thesis and its antithesis. Eventually one of them will dominate, and a new antithesis will be created for this new thesis. So it will go on and on.

<26>The true reason for creation of an antithesis, however, is disequilibrium of the thesis. <27>That is, whenever the equilibrium between the elements of a complex system become disturbed, it is then that an antithesis will naturally be created to bring the situation back to equilibrium or to create a new thesis (equilibrium).

<28>That is why a controller in a system is necessary to maintain the equilibrium between all the elements of the system. However, so far the human has used such controlling elements only in his machines (such as thermostats), but not in his day-to-day life or in society in general. <29>Only by creating a system with a sensitive controller at the top who does not ignore any act which will lead to an imbalance in the system, and who has enough incentive to allow all the elements of the system to grow together, can humans establish a society of harmony and peace.

<30>That is why the advent of true leaders and a very sensitive system is necessary, to prevent the misconduct of the elements of the society and classes within it. Only these true, selfless leaders can maintain an equilibrium between workers, warriors, intellectuals, and businessmen (read The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth). They will not let any of these classes exploit others, but will allow all four classes to grow hand-in-hand. <31> However, if any of these elements went out of hand, they should be guided back to their places. <32>If their growth seemed necessary for the progress of society, they will be allowed to do so, but they will be guided so that others do not become exploited with any of these elements.

<33>The theory of equilibrium or balance is not only applicable to the social system, but is true in all affairs of life. <34> Indeed, it can be said to be what the great masters called the "middle path."


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