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<1>Laws are created to bring justice. <2>But most of the laws were created in the past, and under the circumstances with which they have been implemented, they have been just. <3>However, these laws have accumulated and been written down, and then they are taken as just laws for all situations.

<4>By doing this, the written words have created power over the common sense and those who are supposed to bring justice will be caught up with the power of these words. They take them as the only way to deal with all situations.

<5>So even though each situation is unique in itself, and judges should consider each of them separately and bring justice to the parties involved, they find themselves bound by these laws and they follow the words of the laws instead of their spirit.

<6>That is why we see nations or people who have many laws and are creating more laws every day. They try to have a better and more just society through these laws, but in truth, they go more and more away from being just. <7>They become rigid in their interpretations of those laws, and the laws become a burden on them.

<8>That is when there are laws but not justice. <9>Such societies should then stop and ask themselves, "Why do our laws not bring justice?" so they would start to institute common sense in their system and choose those who have this common sense in themselves as judges. <10>Or they should see that their society is degenerating, and eventually will collapse and be replaced.

<11>This phenomena can be traced all throughout history. The lesson is that laws should be flexible enough to bring justice, <12>and also only those who have the ability to bring justice as a whole should be selected as judges. <13>Furthermore, justice cannot be brought to humanity unless all narrowness of the mind is destroyed and there are true judges who have no prejudices or other biases in their judgments.

<14>Otherwise this problem will persist and it will be another cause for suffering and upheaval in human society. <15> Therefore, justice should be the focus of the judiciary system, not the laws.


<16>In all the great religions of the world, the Law of Karma (a reaction for any action and its consequence) more or less has been accepted. Although this law has been presented in different terms or phrases, they all express this truth: <17>those who do not follow God's Laws (sin) will be punished sooner or later, unless they learn their lesson and repent.

<18>So if it is true, then why do we need social punishment and/or why did Moses and Muhammad constitute external punishment for the wrongdoers?

<19>Although the Law of Karma is true and man knowingly or unknowingly is punished for his wrongdoings, <20>this Law prevents only those who are sensitive enough or are in a higher consciousness from wrongdoing. They realize the truth behind this Law and therefore keep themselves from sin.

<21>However, those who are in their lower natures truly believe they are nothing more than this physical body. They have no sense of spiritual existence and no sensitivity toward the punishments which they bear because of their actions.

<22>They only understand bodily discomfort and punishment. <23>In fact earthly laws are for people in this level of consciousness who, by being punished physically or by seeing others punished physically, are prevented from wrongdoings.

<24>That has been the base for the laws brought by Moses or Prophet Muhammad. <25>The man who is spiritually aware knows that the judgment of God is enough for him, and His Laws are followed by internal awareness of the consequence of breaking them and/or the joy of following them. Grace burns all impurities! But the man of flesh only knows the punishment of flesh and how to avoid such a punishment.

<26>However, these laws are only valid and enforceable if a just society has been created and true leaders (incorruptible and just) are leading society.

<27>In order to implement God's Laws in society justly, the awareness of the people of the truth behind religions and God (truth) is another factor. So the mass would not be exploited by intellectual spiritualists (dogmas) because of their ignorance.

<28>These are again more reasons that each person should become familiar with the truth behind the spiritual world and realize that the leadership of Paravipras (true leaders, Elected Ones) is necessary. After such a society has been established, then the Laws of God can be applied to those who even in such a society will not follow the social orders but continue to commit crimes. Then they will be punished. With this, they would become an external symbol of internal punishment for those who need such an example.


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