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<1>Does life start at the time of conception or when the child is born? The answer is neither one! <2>That is because life is there even before the conception of the child. In fact the reason conception occurs is because the life is already present.

<3>The question might arise then as to why the Bible calls the child in the womb a fetus.

<4>The reason is because the Soul enters the body at the time of birth. So the body which is prepared in the womb has no Soul, because the body can only have a Soul when it breathes by itself independently. <5>The body in the womb is the same as a body which is kept alive on a machine, when the Soul of the person is no longer there but the body as a machine continues to function with the help of artificial breathing technology.

<6>Occasionally when the child is born, he does not breathe. He should be hit on the buttocks (over his first chakra where the kundalini resides) to connect the Soul to the body (consciousness of the body) through the spirit (of God). <7>It is then that the child starts to breathe and becomes whole.

<8>The body in the womb of the mother is being prepared for a very special Soul who is waiting to enter this world to further its progress toward the goal of his life.

<9>So by aborting the fetus, that Soul will be deprived of coming to this world and that is a great sin.

<10>However, in the cases in which the life of the mother is in danger, the fetus is dead, a conception has occurred because of rape (God forbids such a great sin) or for any other cause which is not selfish but has a profound reason behind it, abortion can be done. It should not be done for financial reasons.

<11>The final decision rests on the couple, their family, and their spiritual teacher. <12>God is the Judge!


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