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<1>After Sabbath, a day of fasting, prayer, and rest on Saturdays, the community gathers together for their regular weekly meeting. <2>Before the formal meeting begins, they read the words below. This will bring into focus and reiterate the purpose of Sabbath. It also reminds all that the meeting is for strengthening the community and furthering the resolution of any problems that might exist in the community. It teaches members not to be attached to their proposals and to learn to work with a group with diverse opinions and levels of consciousness. That group will grow together. <3> Communities of Light are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth:

<4>As God created the universe in six stages (periods, days) we also work to establish His Kingdom for six days each week and rest on the Sabbath (as He did on the seventh day).

<5>After He finished the creation, He sat back on the seventh period (day) and contemplated His creation. <6>We also have to use the Sabbath to contemplate the last six days of our lives and see how we spent them. Did we use them for His Purpose and/or Will?

<7>We eventually have to reach a point where we feel as God felt about His Work. We look and see that it has been blessed by God. When God created the universe and saw that it was Good (God), He blessed it and was pleased. <8>He did not look for approval or disapproval from anyone. He did not need to be praised by anyone. But He was pleased with Himself that He had done a perfect job.

<9>That also should be our approach to life. We do the job (His Will) but leave the results to Him. <10> On the Sabbath we re-evaluate our work and improve it to a higher level, as God also is perfect.

<11>We meditate on our week and contemplate on the problems in the community. We recognize the ones related to our own emotions and have nothing to do with community.<12> We find the true (real) problems. Then we can further contemplate what kind of solution we can offer.

<13>In the evening after the Sabbath is over, at the time of the community meeting, we will bring up these real problems to discuss them with others. We will not be attached to our findings but we will leave them on the table for all to see.

<14>This will result in "brain storming." The problem will be discussed. Maybe it is not really a problem. Maybe there are deeper reasons for its existence which we either did not realize or still are not realizing. Maybe it is a legitimate problem, but the community is not ready to see it yet.

<15>Therefore, if a solution is not found and/or a proposal is not accepted or is replaced by some other solution, we gracefully accept the situation. <16>We will further meditate on the situation, and if further reason is found to bring the matter to the meeting, we will do so at the next Sabbath community meeting.

<17>We always have to accept the limitations and sacrifices necessary to live in a community. We also have to consider the blessings it will bring to us, to the community, and to the earth in whole.

<18>Only then can we create Communities of Light.Communities of Light are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.


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