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<1>The best way to dispose of the dead body is to wash it with water which contains disinfectant material, then put some camphor in the mouth, and wrap the body in a white cloth. <2>It should be buried at least three meters under the ground.

<3>The way traditional Jewish people and Moslems bury their dead also is acceptable, which is very similar to the procedure above.

<4>The use of a decorated casket is not recommended. <5>Only those who identify themselves with their bodies glorify their bodies even after death. But as we know, we are not our bodies and to identify the self with the body is indeed the first step toward becoming flesh and falling into ignorance.

<6>One of the reasons we cannot find any traces of the Prophets and Great Souls in the past -- such as Abram (Abraham) -- is because a strong casket was never used to preserve the dead. They knew preservation of the flesh or bones is not from the spirit.

<7>Also they would never put a sign on their graves to identify them or to distinguish them from the rest of the ground, because that also is a sign of glorifying the dead. <8>Erection of stones was considered as an altar to the Lord, and only God should be glorified, not men.

<9>However, the dead body should be handled with respect as a part of the universe.

<10>If the death occurred while on the sea, the procedure is the same but the body should be thrown into the sea with a heavy weight attached to it. <11>If the death occurred in space, the body can be thrown into space or be burned with no procedure necessary.

<12>In the case the body is infected with some spreadable and dangerous disease or if a person so desires, it can be cremated.


(Repeated After Collective Meditation)

<13>The thoughts, love, and peace of God will arise in those who perform meditation and/or The Reminder twice a day or more regularly.

<14>They will become an instrument for His Will, sacrifice all for this ideal, surrender and submit unto Him, and become a universalist at last.

<15>Also they follow the Fifteen Commandments.

<16>With these, they will become the Elects, win His Grace, and reach their goal.


Explanation of the Divine Path:
<17> The wording above is indeed the same as the explanation of the steps of The Greatest Sign -- Om Nam Kevalam (ONK) sign -- or the Eternal Divine Path.

<18>"The thoughts, love, and peace of God (center-s.gif (899 bytes)) will arise (ichvs15c.gif (941 bytes)) in those who perform meditation and/or The Reminder twice a day or more regularly. They will become an instrument for His Will (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)), sacrifice all for this ideal (cross-s.gif (869 bytes)), surrender and submit unto Him (islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)), and become a universalist at last (baha-s.gif (97 bytes))."

<19>"Also they follow the Fifteen Commandments:" Without a moral base, meditation is an impossibility.  <20>Therefore those who want to benefit from their meditation should follow Yama and Niyama or at least the Ten Commandments. But by following the Fifteen Commandments, a person will be following both Yama and Niyama and the Ten Commandments together (and even more).  <21>So for those who want to become an Elect (Divine), following the Fifteen Commandments is highly recommended (of course with a discriminating mind for the welfare of the whole universe).

<22>"With these, they will become the Elects" or Divine (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)), "win His Grace, and reach their goal (center-s.gif (899 bytes))." This is the Essence of the teaching of Maitreya.


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