Tablet One

<1>God is everlasting, complete, without beginning or end.  <2>He is one and indivisible.  <3>He is the source of all things.  <4>All things are made from Him.

<5>God is the infinite consciousness. The creative forces of this infinite consciousness are three (three gunas).


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<6>The universe consists of consciousness and the three creative forces (three gunas).  <7>The three creative forces are the sentient force (satva guna), the mutative force (raja guna), and the static or crudifying force (tama guna).

<8>The sentient force, in the operative state, is that part in the universe which creates the feeling of "know"-ness or "I know" (awareness).  <9>The mutative force, in the operative state, is that part in the universe which creates the feeling of "doer"-ness or "I do" (action).  <10>The static (crudifying) force, in the operative state, is that part in the universe which creates the feeling of remembrance, or "I have done" (memory). Also, the static force (tama guna) in its operative power, creates the fine ethereal factors in the first stage of release of its operative power. Ethereal factor is the storage place for events which happen in the universe -- Universal Memory, Akashic Records (akasha means "ether").

<11>As the crudifying power of the tama guna continually crudifies the consciousness in the universe, the other elements, namely cruder ethereal factor, aerial factor, luminous (heat, light, fire, or the first visible factor in the universe), liquid factor, and solid factor, will evolve.

<12>The reason for creation of different factors in different stages is because of the presence of different proportions of each creative force.  <13>In the ethereal state, there is more sentient (satva) force,  <14>and in the solid factor more static (tama) force.  <15>Or in other words, the crudifying (centripetal) force has a greater grip in the solid factor and a lesser one in the ethereal factor.

<16>There is not a clear-cut way to separate the three gunas from each other as three distinct forces, because of their transformability to each other and their ability to mix and create things in different stages (different factors from fine ether to the most solid).

<17>Also these forces (three gunas) cannot be separated from the consciousness.  <18>Consciousness and the three gunas are the part and parcel of one entity, and they are inseparable. The three gunas comprise the creative force of the consciousness.

<19>In brief we can say:

Without tama guna there would have been no manifestation and no memory.

<20>Without raja guna there would have been no vibration and no movement or action (energy).

<21>Without satva guna there would have been no intelligence and no decision-making.

<22>Without consciousness there would have been no control (Logic).

<23>The circle above is the symbol for God as the infinite consciousness, being all, infinite and indivisible.


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