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I AM: the infinite consciousness of the universe; the universal feeling of "I AM"-ness, or "Be"-ness; The Atman.

I am: the unit consciousness of each individual; the individual illusive feeling of "I am"-ness.

Ibrahim : Abraham

I-Ching (ichvs15c.gif (941 bytes)): the symbol of the dual nature (positive and negative) of all things in the universe. Also it is a symbol for spiritual powers in man and the universe. It is the first step in the Eternal Divine Path.

I Do: the feeling of the raja guna (mutative) part of the mind; the doer-ship of the consciousness (Ahamtattva); the second part of the mind (ego).

I Have Done (Memory): the feeling of the tama guna (static) part of the mind; the memory of "doer-I" of the consciousness (Chitta); the etheric part of the mind which connects the mind to the external world.

I Know: the feeling of the satva (sentient) part of the mind; the "knower-I" of the consciousness (Mahattattva); the decision-making and knowledge part of the mind.

Ignorance: same as hell.

Ignorance, Passion, Or Knowledge: in any situation (time, place, and person), the decision or action can be from: ignorance (tama), when it is irrelevant to that situation; passion (raja) when it is purely selfish and self-centered; or knowledge (satva) when it is relevant and is for the benefit of all.

Iliyin : the name for the good records in the Akashic Records used in the Koran.

Illuminated Intellect: when an intellectual person creates intuitional knowledge (spiritual knowledge) through spiritual practices (meditation, concentration, etc.), he will illuminate his intellect. He does not follow his intellect blindly but sees that there is the hand of the Creator in all (by His Grace). Only this kind of intellectual person can understand the subtle realities behind this manifested universe.

Illuminated Intelligence: when intelligence plus intuitional knowledge has been gained. Illuminated intelligence is different than illuminated intellect because intellect is different than intelligence. (For further explanation, refer to the definitions of intellect and intelligence).

Incarnation: the transfer of a Soul from one body into a new body after death.

Inspired Person: is an actualized person who is also inspired by truth. So he feels he has a mission to fulfill and he devotes all his time and energy in fulfilling his mission.

He also, as an actualized person, does not rely on the approval or disapproval of others.

Intellect: the ability to understand the material and visible universe; the ability to learn, reason, think, and understand.

Intellectual Spiritualists: those intellectuals who try to explain God and the invisible universe by intellectual, inflexible doctrines as dogmas. They create binding doctrines in order to control the masses under such binding beliefs, so they will knowingly or unknowingly exploit them and create bondage for humanity.

Religion and God-realization are supposed to free the human from bondage. But most of the religious doctrines available now bind the human more than free him because they have been created by intellectual spiritualists in the last two thousand three hundred years.

Intelligence: the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge.

Intuition: the ability to feel and know the truth which is beyond intellect and reasoning, that is, an intuitive person. Intuition knows a truth without sometimes being able to explain why. However, in a deeper level, there is a reason for everything.

Ishmael: the son of Abram and Hagar; the father of the Arabs.

Islam: from the root "tasleim" which means "to be surrendered and/or submissive;" also the religion founded by Prophet Muhammad, the fourth sign (islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)) in The Greatest Sign.

Israel: "He who struggles with God" ("with" here is used to mean "to be with"); the same as Elected Ones, (the Sons of Light).

Also it is the name given by God to Jacob, the grandson of Abraham.


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