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Jahad (Jehad): comes from the root "Jahd" which means "struggle." This word also has been used in Islam to mean internal and external purification. It has also been used for Holy Wars (as external purification) between Moslems (submitted ones) and unbelievers.

Jallal'u'llah : Glory Of God.

Janaloka (Supramental World, State of Knowingness or Knowledge) : the fifth loka in Sanskrit.

Japheth: one of the sons of Noah; also the father of the intellectual types (Vipras) and business-oriented types (Vaeshyas) in the human race (intellectuals, Gentiles).

Jehad (Jahad): see Jahad.

Jesus: the false name given to the founder of the Christian religion.

There is no "j" in the Hebrew language. So in any word that has a "j" in the Bible, either the letter "y" has been changed to "j" (for example, Joseph which is actually Yoseph), or the name is from other languages.

All those who have studied the name "Jesus" and its origin agree with one thing: That it is not his original name. The most common explanation is that "Jesus is the Greek form (equivalent) of the Hebrew name Y'shua." In Latin the "Y" is pronounced "J." How the rest of the name "-shua" was transformed to "-esus," there seems to be no reliable explanation.

Furthermore, the very name Y'shua (in Hebrew, Yeshu) is his Sacred Name, not his birth name or given name. This name in full is "Y'wehshua," which means, "Y'weh (God yaweh.gif (110 bytes)) saves." However, as it is explained all through our teachings, this Sacred Name (The Holy Name) is not pronounceable in the manifested world. That is why we show it all through our writings as yahshwah.gif (121 bytes). Therefore, any pronunciation given to it is not acceptable. This was the main reason that the Children of Abram were forbidden to utter the Name of the Lord. That is also why the Name of the Lord is written as yaweh.gif (110 bytes), which has no vowels in it to show that it is not pronounceable!

This truth, that the Sacred Name of the Father (yaweh.gif (110 bytes)) and the Son (yahshwah.gif (121 bytes)) cannot be pronounced in the manifested words (by mouth), was also known to the early Christians. That was the reason that, in older branches in Christianity, such as Greek Orthodox and in the Catholic Church, they pray in the Name of the Father (yaweh.gif (110 bytes)), Son (yahshwah.gif (121 bytes)) and The Holy Ghost (Mother), without mentioning any name(s).

The Sacred Name was also known in Islam. In a story about Prophet Muhammad, someone asked him, how many names does God have? He answered "3000. Of these, 2999 are revealed to humanity." The One which is kept secret is His Sacred (Holy) Name.

The creative energy (the movement felt within when repeating The Holy Name or The Word silently inside) created by the words (when the Name of the Father and Son merge as One) is the Mother (Holy Ghost).

In the prayer, in the Name of the Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost, the Name of the Son is used in the middle between the Father and the Mother to show that he is the mediator to manifest them in the manifested universe. Without the Son, the qualities of the Father and Mother will remain un-manifested!

Another less popular theory of how the name "Jesus" has come about is that it is a combination of two names, "Isous" and "Zeus." However, the most plausible explanation, which is given to us intuitively (from the Akashic Records) is that: the name "Jesus" actually has evolved from two words, "Jay" and "Zeus." "Jay" in the course of time has become "Je," and "Zeus" has become "sus."

The Greek, Latin, and Sanskrit languages all belong to the Indo-European language family. "Jay" in Sanskrit still means "Victory to," therefore, the two words combined "Jay-Zeus" mean, Victory to "Zeus." It has the same meaning as "Hay" (hail to) "Zeus," in Spanish.

This all, therefore, leads us to conclude that he had a Sacred Name and at least a birth (given) name. If his Sacred Name was yahshwah.gif (121 bytes), then what was his birth name?

There is another name that has been used extensively as his name, in the East. That is the name "Esa" ("E" pronounced as in "Emmanuel" and "S" as in "Son"), or "Esa the Messiah." This name has other similar-sounding names in Hebrew, such as "Esau" and "Isaiah." This name also is used as his name in Arabic, which is a close language to Hebrew. An ancient writing, from his time, found in a monastery in India, also called him Esa.

With all the evidence above and our own intuitional certainty, we believe that his given (birth) name is (was) Esa. That is why we chose this name as his birth name in THOTH. However, if another more plausible explanation with enough evidence would be given for another name as his birth name, so be it. We are open to the ultimate truth!

Jew (there is no "j" in Hebrew. It is pronounced "Yahudi"): Children of the House Of Judah.

Jews (there is no "j" in Hebrew so it really is Yahudis!): people from the House of Judah who returned to the holy land after they were taken captive by the Assyrians. The House of Judah consisted of the tribe of Judah, Benjamin and the part of the Levites (priest class) which was with them.

Jnana Yoga : the yoga of knowledge; to know the self and God through knowledge of the truth behind this universe.

Juda or Judah (there is no "j" in Hebrew so it is Yahud or Yahudi): from the tribe of Juda or Judah.

Judaism: the faith of the Jews.

Judgementality: to be judgmental; to be critical without being pure enough to judge.


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