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Kali : the dreaded dark and destructive goddess of the Hindu religion.


Karma (Action): (see also samskaras and reincarnation). Karma means action. It is also used as the Law of Karma which in the simplest way can be described as: any action creates a reaction that remains in the universe. Bad actions create bad reactions, and the person should pay for them. Good actions create good reactions and a person should be rewarded for those actions.

The reactions remaining in the unconscious mind (Universal Mind) are called samskaras. They are one of the bases for determining the Law of Reincarnation in order that these samskaras are paid off. But reincarnation is more complicated than only this.

The Law of Karma has been devised, in a sense, for each unit consciousness to learn the Laws of the universe, learn the lessons, and progress. When the lessons that should have been learned through these actions and reactions (lessons), are learned, the samskara (the result of the action) will be dissolved. True repentance is the acknowledgment that the lesson is learned, and the mistake will not be repeated!

Until the lesson is learned completely, a repetitive pattern will continue in a person's life until he or she creates enough awareness to realize the reason behind these patterns of sufferings, and breaks it by not making the same mistake again.

Karma Yoga: yoga of action.

It is the practice of living an active life without being attached to the result of the action. In this path the person does the action but gives (surrenders) the result to the Lord.

Khatam : the last one or the seal of.

Khatam is an Arabic word which can be pronounced in two ways: Khatem, meaning the last; and Khatam, meaning the seal. It has been used as the state of prophethood of Prophet Muhammad. Some say he was the last Prophet with taking the word as meaning "the last." But some believe he was the seal of the Prophets (like followers of the Baha'i Faith) and other Prophets will come after him.

However, the truth is that the word is used with both meanings: Khatem, as the one who finished the spiritual knowledge which is to be surrendered or submissive to God, which is the very meaning of Islam and that is the highest spiritual realization; and Khatam, as the seal of the Prophets. As it is shown in The Greatest Sign, the sign of Islam is at the top of the Sign and is the seal of The Greatest Sign.


Khatem : the last; also refer to the word "Khatam" and its explanation.

Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven (KOHIH): same as Pure Consciousness. This also refers to all the forces and Sons of God whom He uses to guide His universe to Pure Consciousness.

Those who reach Pure Consciousness will come back to this world and in different levels and places help humanity and the universe progress toward perfection. They obey His Laws and accept their responsibilities (with gladness and joy) in His Hierarchy (3upss15c.gif (899 bytes)) no matter how small they may seem.

Also He uses the three creative forces in the universe, the three gunas (3dss150c.gif (898 bytes)), to control the universe and establish justice.

It is shown as two larger triangles together (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)) in the middle of The Greatest Sign.

Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE): when God is accepted and followed as the only and True King, His Laws as the only Laws, His organizational system as the only System, and the spiritual Hierarchy as the true Hierarchy (when the Kingdom Of Heaven within is established by the majority), then His Kingdom will be realized (established) on earth as it is in heaven.

In truth He is the King whether humans accept it or not. If humanity accepts His Laws, follows them, and realizes that His Will should be done on earth as it is in heaven, then the true peace and tranquility will come to the earth. At that time, because people will not resist His Will, there will be no suffering, because suffering comes from resisting God's Will.

Kirtan : spiritual dancing and chanting.

Koran: the Scripture revealed through Prophet Muhammad. The name "Koran" means "readings."

Koshas : the seven layers of the universe.

Ksattriyas : the warrior type of human; those humans who are courageous, and have initiative and leadership abilities.

In the past they were mostly those who tried to control the external world with their physical struggle or their armies; the children of Ham (son of Noah).

Kulakundalini : the latent spiritual consciousness in the state of unawareness (ignorance) at the base of the spine at the first chakra. It is also called "the sleeping serpent." Only when the kulakundalini has been awakened and risen to higher chakras (from the lower self, the first three chakras, to the higher chakras) can the true spiritual knowledge be gained, by His Grace. Then such a person sees the light of the kundalini, not only within but everywhere. This is called "to be born again."



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