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Raja Guna (Mutative Force, Prana, Energy, Life-Force): the out-going force of the Soul and in the universe; the activating force in the universe (mutative force in the Universal Mind).

It is what is known in the manifested universe as prana or the life-force or energy. Without it there would have been no movement in the universe or the feeling of "doer-ship" ("I do").

Rajasic : when raja guna is dominating in anything, that thing is called rajasic. For example, foods with raja guna dominating in their construction are rajasic foods. A rajasic person has much energy, and if he does not have control over his mind, that energy becomes stress.

Reincarnation (see also karma and samskaras): the assumption of a new body by a Soul after physical death. The Law of Karma and Samskara plays a great part in the execution of the Law of Reincarnation.

Also some Souls assume new bodies merely to come to this world in order to help others in their journey toward the goal (Pure Consciousness).

Renunciate (same as sannyasin): those who dedicate their lives to serve God and forego marriage and family life. It also means those who are not attached to the result of their actions (are surrendered and submissive to God).

Resurrection: a symbol of being born again; to resurrect (rise) from the lower nature to the higher self.


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