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Water: is the symbol for manifested consciousness (ether); also is used for purification of the consciousness in religious rituals (baptism).

White: symbol of purity and detachment.

Wind: symbol of illusionary ideas.

As the wind never can be chased or captured (even if it is captured, it will not be wind any longer), so the illusions of being attracted to this external world (Maya) also cannot be chased or captured. Even when an unnecessary desire (illusion) is fulfilled (captured), a new desire will replace it and the process is insatiable.

That is why in the Bible, "wind" is used as the one that stirs the sea (unit consciousness) or the great sea (collective consciousness). The winds that stir up the consciousness are attraction to the external world, unnecessary desires, when desires are fulfilled, they bring attachment to the external world, and the result of all of them is the greed.

These are the illusions (winds) of the world that bring confusion and tribulation ("restless sea" or "great sea") to man.

Wine (Nectar): when a person reaches higher consciousness, especially to his fourth chakra, a liquid kind of fluid will be felt in the throat area which is known as "nectar." The blessing felt in this stage is beyond description. It is called milk and honey nectar, and is symbolized as wine in the Bible.

Woman (Used Interchangeably As The Lower Nature, Eve): the part that was, symbolically, separated from Adam (the original dual-natured human); also used symbolically as the lower nature of the human; Divine Mother (energy) directed toward mundanity (woman).

Word, The: the Divine Vibration that resides in each Soul. It leads to Pure Consciousness. The Word consists of four parts. When the four parts are learned internally and correctly, and meditated on, the Divine Vibration will be realized which is The Word. This will become a guide for the person. If the person starts to go astray, it vanishes and when he starts coming back to the path, it returns. The ultimate achievement will be Pure Intuition (center-s.gif (899 bytes)).


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