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Yama : the five observing codes of yoga:

(1) Non-Violence: not violating the innate nature (Darma) of things.

(2) Truthfulness, With Discriminating Mind: to guide all thought, speech, and action with the spirit of welfare.

(3) Non-Stealing: not to take things which rightfully are others or prevent someone from his duties.

(4) Non-Indulgence: not to indulge in the enjoyment of such amenities and comforts as are superficial to the preservation of life.

(5) Attach To God: to keep the mind immersed in the ideation of God and to remain attached to Him.

Yamama : the place where the Muslims lost a lot of people who knew the Koran by heart.

Yantra : a crystallized ideology in the shape of a painting, symbol, or sign; or a shape or painting which guides the mind into its deeper levels.

Ya-Sin : O Man.

Y'shua: (see Jesus).

Yoga : union.

A systematic process to awaken latent spiritual forces toward higher consciousness.

Yunus : Jonah.


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