Tablet Four


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Chapter 1

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." (Genesis 1:1)

<1>Consciousness, when un-manifested, is in the state of "Be"-ness. It is Formless, Nameless, Invisible, and Eternal, neither male nor female. It is Pure Consciousness (Divine Will) as an observer of the universe. It is pure intuition.  <2>Consciousness is passive and neutral.

<3>When the same consciousness is engaged in planning and guiding the universe, It becomes pure Divine Logic (Father or El).

<4>Satva guna is passive and positive, neither male nor female. <5>Raja guna (energy) is active and neutral. <6>When it is activated, and also remains neutral, because it has no polarity it becomes unconditional Love or Divine Grace (Mother).

<7>When Divine Logic (Father) and Divine Grace (Mother) are present, then God is the Father Mother God (Elohim). <8>When only Divine Logic is present, God is the Father. <9>Divine Mother is when God is pure Divine Grace.

<10>Tama guna is passive and negative, neither male nor female. <11>When tama guna dominates, man falls into his lower nature.

<12>God called this state (Pure Consciousness) that He Himself was in (center-s.gif (899 bytes)) "heaven," and the state of being lost and under the influence of the tama guna He called "earth" (hell).  <13>So heaven and hell (earth) were created.

<14>As it is explained, through crudification of consciousness, the mind (ego, three gunas) is manifested. Therefore, Pure Consciousness is beyond all of these (three gunas) or any other grosser manifestation. That is why It can by no means be explained in any level of the manifested world, including the ethereal. Neither can it be understood in the mental state.<15>Anything which can be explained or is explained is not Pure Consciousness.

<16>Pure Consciousness only can be known with direct experience. <17>However, consciousness is interwoven into everything which Is or Is Not. Pure Consciousness is the state of equilibrium of the three gunas (Mind).

<18>Do not be concerned about reaching God (Pure Consciousness). <19>Take each day as it comes, meditate, observe, contemplate to do His Will (Live in God). This will earn His Grace.  <20>Only through His Grace is salvation possible.

<21>One day a surge of Great Love, Light, and Higher Thoughts will dawn on you; it is then that you know God is with you. <22>Eventually the Goal will be achieved, you will be One.

"And the earth was without form, and void;..." (Genesis 1:2a)

<23>The earth or hell is not a place nor has any shape.<24>It is a state of consciousness. It is where the Soul (consciousness) is under the influence of the tama guna, feeling separate and lost.

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"...and darkness was upon the face of the deep..." (Genesis 1:2b)

<25>Father (God) (center-s.gif (899 bytes)) has complete control of the universe by the Universal Mind or the three gunas (3dss150c.gif (898 bytes)).

<26>The satva guna of the universe is the intelligent or decision-making part of the Universal Mind (Mahattattva).  <27>The raja guna in the universe is the recognizing part of the Universal Mind (Ahamtattva).  <28>The tama guna in the universe is the visualizing part or the screen of the Universal Mind (Chitta).

<29>Through the Universal Mind (3dss150c.gif (898 bytes)), God saw His universe (consciousness). It was in a state of chaos, lost, and in darkness, "and darkness was upon the face of the deep."

<30>Because of this chaos, God decided to bring the lost unit consciousnesses under His control and then help them reach Pure Consciousness -- be(come) One with Him.

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"...And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters." (Gen. 1:2c)

<31>Water is the symbol for manifested consciousness (ether). <32>So God moved in the universe (water) through His Universal Mind ("Spirit of God") and brought the lost unit consciousnesses (ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)) under His control (3dss150c.gif (898 bytes)).

<33>The I-Ching sign in the horizontal position (ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)) symbolizes a unit consciousness in the state of ignorance, being lost and in darkness, with its spiritual power in the latent state, or not realized (awakened).

"And God said, Let there be light:..." (Genesis 1:3a)

<34>God created great compassion for those lost souls (ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)).  <35>He projected His Light (Christ) into the universe.  <36>He desired (willed) that the lost universe might reach Pure Consciousness, "Let there be light."

"And the Word was made flesh,..." (John 1:14)

<37>Because The Word was made flesh, he had to go through the same struggle as any other flesh.

<38>With His Grace with him, he started to realize the influences of the three gunas over himself. <39>He began to meditate on his moods.  <40>He realized that he went from a state of happiness and feeling of belonging to the universe (or at least to a small part of it), <41>to a state of complete separation and self-centeredness.  <42>He realized that when he feels he belongs to the universe or at least to a part of it, a happiness is created, <43>and when he feels lonely and separated, great stress and unhappiness prevails.


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