Tablet Four

<1>After Abraham was selected to be the first Elected One, his children and seed were all the incarnations of Great Souls who had gone through many reincarnations until they had reached a very high consciousness. Only in this state could they be born in the Hebrew community as God's people.

<2>At the end of Genesis, it is shown how the number of Hebrews increased to seventy-one by the time of the death of Israel (Jacob). <3>Israel means, "He who struggles with God" -- "struggle with" in the sense of struggling side-by-side with God to bring all to Pure Consciousness. <4>So the Children of Israel are those humans who strive to bring the whole universe to higher consciousness and Pure Consciousness. <5>Also these chapters of Genesis show the struggle of the Israelites to find a land where they could settle in and start their nation.

<6>Eventually they settled in Egypt. However, after some time, the Egyptians enslaved them and made their lives miserable. In order for the Hebrews to become stronger and multiply their numbers, they had to go through this long period of struggle. This was foretold by God (Genesis 15:12-14).

<7>In Exodus, the great heroic legend of the Israelites and how God helped them go out of Egypt shows how God waited all this time to see the Elected Ones increase in number and to reincarnate all the good seed that had reached higher consciousness in that race.

<8>By leaving Egypt through the instructions given by the Lord, by the Laws which were revealed to Moses, through their suffering in the desert, and by multiplying their numbers, the Israelites became ready as the mighty nation. With these qualities and through their long struggle, they created great characteristics which are necessary for any group in order to advance and bring about a new change in the world.

<9>That is what God had planned to do. The Israelites were chosen to bring about a new understanding of the reality of God. They were set aside to destroy the superstitious and false religions which were practiced by many. However, their most important mission was to make humans realize that the proper environment is necessary for spiritual progress, which means the establishment of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)), with Him as the King, is a must.

<10>The conquest of the promised land by the Israelites is finished at the end of Joshua [there is no "j" in the Hebrew language so it is actually "Y'shua," which itself is a corrupt pronunciation of the sacred name of the son (yahshwah.gif (121 bytes))].

<11>After the conquering of the land was finished, the system of government was left in the hands of the judges. They were supposed to receive their instructions from the Lord. However, because of the cruelty of the time and the minds of the people, these positions were left in the hands of the warriors. <12>People thought that if someone was a good warrior, he would be a good judge also. They were in the state of praising the mighty men of war (Ksattriyas).

<13>However, this system failed and the people requested that there be a human king. <14>People rejected God as their King (I Samuel 8:7). This was the greatest mistake any man or nation could make and was the mark of the failure of the Israelites. <15>They chose Saul as their king, who was a mighty man, vigorous and handsome.

<16>However, God reincarnated a Great Soul as David, who was fair in appearance but was in tune with God's Will.


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