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<1>After Christianity started to flourish and was accepted by the Elected Ones, its followers were persecuted because of its depth, truth, and being against the worldly interests of many. However, it could not be stopped, because of the vigorous preaching of the true gospel by Christ's disciples and their willingness to sacrifice all things for their ideology.

<2>So, many churches were founded, and with the great struggle by Christ's disciples and many others, the seed of Christianity was planted.

<3>However, as it is revealed in the books after the four gospels in the Bible, from the very beginning many false teachers wished to influence Christ's teachings in one way or another (Acts 8:1-24, Jude 4). The apostles fought vigorously with these influences and somehow established a pure ideology of Christ's teachings.

<4>These true teachings lasted about four hundred years until Christianity was accepted by Rome's emperors and then by the majority of the people.

<5>Thousands of people started to accept Christianity as their religion. But they did not want to give up their previous beliefs completely and follow Christianity wholeheartedly. Many of these people had previously followed the worshipping of the sun-god. They had many pagan ideas, festivals, holidays, etc., but their religions lacked the universal outlook. They believed in the sun-god, but Christians believed in the Father, the universal, invisible God who had complete power over the whole universe, even over the sun.

<6>Also the concept of Christ as being born from a virgin mother (which he was) fit into the belief of the followers of Mithra (sun-god of Zoroastrians) that Mithra would be born from a virgin to save the world. Many of the Romans were followers of Mithra.

<7>With all these factors presented, and also because of the freedom-loving and democratic ideals of the Romans, people were left to make anything they wanted out of Christianity.

<8>The sun-god was replaced by the son of God. The Virgin Mary took the place of the Virgin Mother. The Saturday Sabbath was changed to Sunday (their day of worshipping the sun), God's festivals (revealed in chapter 23 of Leviticus in the Bible as Holy Days to keep for ever and ever) with pagan festivals (refer to encyclopedias about the origin of Christian festivals). <9>In fact, Passover, the Feast of the Tabernacles, and other Holy Days of God were observed by the apostles and many of their followers until about 700 A.D. Many other things were changed which cannot be found in the Bible but are now followed by many.

<10>However, those who were to be saved by him were saved in the first four hundred years of Christianity. Those who had not been saved eventually will be after many lifetimes or in future creations.

<11>This is, however, a historical explanation. These happenings were revealed many centuries before they occurred in the prophecies in the book of Daniel (the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar, the vision of the four beasts, and the vision of the ram and the he goat), and in The Revelation (the third church, Rev. 2:12-16).

<12>In the visions of Daniel, the little horn, which is the symbol of the intellectualization of things, is prophesied to change the true religions "the same made war with the saints" (Daniel 7:21), and to try to replace the truth by believing that the intellect of man is superior to all things (read Commentaries on Prophecies in Daniel, Period of Intellectual Domination).

<13>Also, in The Revelation, the last book of the Bible, in the message to the third church (which is the third sign in The Greatest Sign, the cross), it is revealed that in this church there are still some who "hold the doctrine of Balaam,..." (Rev. 2:14). The "doctrine of Balaam" is the pagan ideas and festivals which entered into this third church.

<14>So God had revealed many centuries before what will happen in the future. Now it is time for the human to see the limits of his intellect and understandings, then surrender himself to God and the words revealed through His Prophets, and overcome the confusion between them by understanding The Greatest Sign. Then the glory of God will be realized and His Kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven.

<15>Because these things should have happened and because intellectual domination should have continued for two thousand three hundred years -- "unto two thousand and three hundred days" (Daniel 8:14) -- and also because God had a Master Plan in the future to be fulfilled and He wanted to complete His great book (Bible) as one of the bases for all religions, He revealed The Revelation as the last book of the Bible.

<16>The first book in the Bible (Genesis) is the description of creation and other events which can be viewed as an introduction to the Bible and that which would happen later on. <17>The Revelation is the last book or the summary and conclusion of the Bible (like a good book with an introduction, main part, with summary and conclusion at the end).

<18>The Revelation, therefore, can be viewed as a mini-Bible. Also it reveals the whole Plan of God, what will happen in the future, and how. So, whoever understands the first book (Genesis) and the last book (The Revelation) can understand the rest of the Bible also. The description of some important verses in The Revelation follows.



<19>The second and third chapters of The Revelation have a twofold purpose. First of all, they are a prophecy of what had happened in the past, what was happening at the time they were revealed, and what would happen in the future.

<20>At the same time, they are related to each individual's progress on the spiritual path.

<21>From chapter 4 on, it is explained what had happened, what is happening, what will happen to humanity, and how only those who overcome the pitfalls of the spiritual path, which are related to each chakra, can really understand all the realities in the Scriptures. Those humans will eventually establish the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

<22>Some of the verses of the book of The Revelation are given here. For a complete commentary on the book, read the book Revelation of The Revelation.


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