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<1>Next after The Revelation, the word of God came to Prophet Muhammad. As it is described in The Revelation, both the seven churches and seven seals are descriptions of the seven truths which will be revealed to humanity through Prophets (Angels of the churches).

<2>Therefore, the next Scripture after the Bible was revealed to the Moslems. In fact the Scripture for humanity is one that covers the descriptions of all the seven symbols in The Greatest Sign. <3>The fourth sign (islms15c.jpg (912 bytes) ) and its Scripture will be considered in this part.

<4>Historically, after Christianity covered a great part of the world for some centuries, the teaching of Christ lost its truth for the majority. Instead of following the example of Christ, people started to follow dogmas about the religion. <5>Therefore, expectations of the coming of another great Prophet increased in this later period.

<6>Prophet Muhammad was the one all were expecting. His mission was to finish the spiritual realization by bringing the fourth seal. <7>With the awakening of the latent spiritual forces (ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)), longing to create the KOHOE (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)), sacrificing for this ideal (cross-s.gif (869 bytes)), and surrendering and submitting to Him (islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)), the highest spiritual realization is achieved.

<8>Islam tried to establish this ideal and for a short period of time; it succeeded. We should remember that the Arab civilization then was so primitive that the people used to kill their female children or sell them in childhood. <9>However, after Islam was established, in a short period of time, that same society became the center of world civilization. <10>That shows how, with the proper environment and by following God's Principles, a difference will be made for the progress of man.

<11>The explanation of the advent of Islam given above is historical. The spiritual explanation is that the coming of this new teaching for furthering the course of humanity was part of the promise given to Abram (read the book Children of Abram (Abraham), All Prophecies Are Fulfilled.) <12>Also the coming of Islam had been predicted in The Revelation, when the fourth seal is opened (pale horseman). By adding this teaching to The Revelation, the Bible will become more complete.

<13>The basic teaching of the Koran consists of several points: There is only one God. He is the absolute power. He is just, merciful, and beneficent. <14>There will be a last day of judgment, which is the resurrection from the dead (ignorance) to life (spiritual knowledge). <15>All things in the universe belong to God, and humans should only surrender and submit themselves to Him. In fact, "Islam" means "to be surrendered and submissive to the Lord," and it is this which is the most important message of this religion.

<16>Some verses of importance will be described in the following pages for further explanation of the Koran. These verses will not reveal all the truth behind this Scripture and religion, but will clarify that the truths revealed in the Koran are not different than in other Scriptures. <17>Also this will shed light on some parts which have been misunderstood. In the book Readings (The Koran) more verses and truths are revealed.

<18>To make the Koran more universal for those who are not familiar with the name Allah, one can substitute "God" for "Allah" (which are the same) in the verses in order to be able to relate to the truth which underlies the words of the Koran.


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