Tablet Four

Surah Women

Everything is done by God, verse 78:

"Wheresoever you might be, death will overtake you, even though you hide in strong towers. Still if something good happens to them, they say it is from God, and if something unfortunate comes to them, they make you [Muhammad] responsible for it. Tell them: It is all from God. What is with these people that they do not even come close to the understanding of the events?" (Women, 78)

<1>This means that whatever happens in this world comes from God. When something bad happens it is a warning that you are not walking on the path. When good happens it is a reward. In other words, we can say that this world is self-sustaining: the laws are set up in such a way that bad actions provoke bad reactions and good actions bring good return. <2>However, God has complete control over everything.

<3>So, a realized person will be content in both situations and will use all his efforts for His Purpose. Also we have intelligence to do our best!


Best religion, verse 125:

"Whose religion is better than he who submits his will to God, while doing good, and follows the tradition of Abraham, the upright. God took Abraham as a friend." (Women, 125)

<4>The best religion is one in which you are surrendered and submissive to the purpose of the Lord while at the same time are helping others reach their goal. Abraham was surrendered to the Will of the Lord. Being surrendered is the greatest achievement for a spiritualist. <5>However, this does not mean escapism. That is surrendering from ignorance. Be surrendered to the Lord's purpose which is to try to establish the Kingdom Of Heaven within and without, and surrender the results to the Lord.

<6>"God took Abraham as a friend": This sentence shows completely that Father is also a unit consciousness (besides other things) like us, who is able to choose another unit consciousness as a friend. <7>Also, whoever surrenders himself to Him and His purpose might become as Abraham, His friend.


Everything belongs to Him and is in Him, verse 126:

"To Allah belongs whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth, and He encompasses all things [All things are within Him; He is All and beyond]." (Women, 126)

<8>Again, He created all, and all belongs to Him. Also He is all-pervasive; He is All and is beyond all.


Christ was not slain, verses 157 and 158:

"And they say: We did kill the Messiah Esa son of Mary, the Messenger of God. They did not kill him, nor crucified him, but it just appeared to them as such, and those who have different opinions about this certainly are in doubt [are lost]; they pursue a conjecture; they surely did not slew him."

"But Allah took him up into Himself. Allah is Mighty, Wise." (Women, 157-158)

<9>Christ was in Pure Consciousness, which means that he was immortal. So how can you kill an immortal person? That is why they just think they killed him but in truth he went to His Father in heaven. Indeed all Souls are immortal!


Surah The Table Spread

Justice, verse 8:

"O ye who believe! Be steadfast in Allah's ways, and be an example (for others) in equity, and let not the enmity of the people toward you make you deal with them unjustly. Be just, it is nearer to righteousness, and be aware of your duty to Allah; verily He knows all that you do." (The Table Spread, 8)

<10>You should not let your differences affect your justness, because justice is even "nearer to righteousness," and righteousness is the way to become close to Him.


Prophet Muhammad was not the last Prophet, verse 54:

"O ye who believe! Whoso of you turns his back from his religion, know that in His stead Allah will bring a people whom He loves and they love Him, kind and considerate toward believers, firm and stern toward disbelievers. They will struggle in the way of Allah and will fear not the blame of the fault-finders. Such is Allah's Grace, which He bestows upon whosoever He will, Allah is All-Embracing, All-Knowing." (The Table Spread, 54)

<11>This verse says that if Moslems, or those who call themselves Moslems, fail in their fate, duties, and following the real teachings of Prophet Muhammad, they will be disregarded. A new nation or a new people will be selected as the new forerunners of the champion of belief in God and will be completely in love with Him. They will replace those who fail!

<12>God also will love them because they will be kind towards believers and stern towards disbelievers. They will be striving in the way of God.

<13>Who are striving with God? As you know, Israel means, "he who struggles with God." Who are those who struggle with Him in establishing His Kingdom? They are the Elected Ones. They are the Children of Israel. <14>If people do not follow the example of the Elected Ones which brought Islam, then these Elected Ones will be incarnated somewhere else and will again establish God's faith. They will become new Moslems or new surrendered ones.

<15>This again shows that Prophet Muhammad did not regard himself as the last Prophet, "Allah chooses of His Messengers whom He will..." (Surah Family of Imran, 179). There could be other Prophets who will come with the Elected Ones and will bring the truth again and again on this earth. So in this verse Prophet Muhammad clearly declared that he was not the last Prophet. There would be more Prophets to come. Any time the truth is lost a Prophet will come.


Following the ancestors of ignorance, verse 104:

"When it is said unto them: Come to that which God has sent, and to the Messenger, they answer: Wherein we found our fathers is sufficient for us. Would they insist even though their fathers had not knowledge and true guidance?" (The Table Spread, 104)

<16>It is true that you should honor your parents and your ancestors. However, if they are ignorant and a hindrance in your spiritual progress, you should not follow them. But always love and help them. To love someone is not to follow him. Of course if they are also a light and advanced in truth, they should be followed. They can become both the parents and spiritual teacher of the person.


Surah Cattle

Evolutionary process, verse 38:

"There is not one animal in the earth, nor a flying bird which flies on its two wings but are peoples like unto you. We have neglected nothing in the Book. Then unto their Lord all will be gathered." (Cattle, 38)

<17>This verse shows that the evolutionary process had been revealed to Prophet Muhammad. He says all animals are like people, because they are consciousnesses too. They are in the evolutionary process and will reach higher consciousness, and eventually Pure Consciousness. Then they will become sons of the Lord, and they will be gathered unto Him.


Reincarnation, verse 96:

"Surely it is Allah who sprouts the grain of corn and the datestone. Verily it is He who brings forth the living from the dead and brings forth the dead from the living. Such is Allah..." (Cattle, 96)

<18>He created this universe and is the knower of the laws of this universe. He can bring the dead from the living and the living from the dead. He can do whatever He wants to do, so He can reincarnate also. If He can bring you once to existence, then He can bring you to this world again.

<19>The problem is that people think they are their bodies. We are not our bodies but are our Souls (consciousnesses). Our bodies might change, but the consciousness does not. <20>In fact, the whole body, except for the brain, changes each seven years. So which body will be resurrected?

<21>Even if we consider that we are the brain, if He can bring it once into existence, then He can bring it into existence again! <22>In truth we are the unchangeable, indestructible Soul which changes bodies from one lifetime to the other, as a person changes his clothes when they become old. It is this Soul which will eventually reach salvation and will be liberated.


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