Tablet Five

Surah The Heights

Reincarnation, verse 25:

"There shall you live, and there you shall die, and from there you will be brought forth." (The Heights, 25)

<1>He said these things to Adam and Eve. They will live on earth, they will die, and again they will be brought forth from the dead. The Lord God can bring into life anyone that He wants to. He can reincarnate.


Surah Al-Hijr

The purpose of creation, verse 85:

"We have created not the heavens and the earth and all between them except with truth and wisdom, and the promised hour is sure to come. So forgive generously, O Muhammad." (Al-Hijr, 85)

<2>The creation was made for a definite purpose. Its purpose is to bring all unit consciousnesses to Pure Consciousness. The day of judgment will come to take all elected people in Pure Consciousness and help others to accelerate their progress to Pure Consciousness, because as Prophet Muhammad said, "All will return to Him."


Surah The Heights

The law of samskaras and karma, verse 13:

"Every one's action We have fastened firmly to his neck; and we shall bring before him, in the Day of Judgment, a book wide open, and he will be told: Read your record, you are sufficient to judge yourself." (The Heights, 13)

<3>That book is the reaction of your actions over your Soul, which is the same as the law of Karma and samskaras. Karma is the action, and samskara is the effect of the reaction of your actions over your Soul. These reactions are like a necklace over the Soul.

<4>In the day of judgment or spiritual birth, a person will know what these reactions were. Like an open book (also referred to as the Akashic Records, or the universal memory), he will know how he is getting rewarded or suffering for what he has done.

<5>However, some suffering or reward might not be because of the law of samskaras, but has been inflicted on the person in order to guide him to the right path or to give him a new experience for his later use (especially those who are in higher consciousness or Pure Consciousness).

<6>The human alone is enough to read his deeds (actions and reactions of these actions over his Soul) and to judge himself. That is what a spiritual person does in his meditation. By meditating you start to bring these deeds to the light and see them face-to-face until you are completely free of all your sins (samskaras).

<7>That is why most of the time the individual tribulation starts when a person begins to meditate. It is only by the Grace of the Guru (within or without, which are the same) that a person can withstand these reactions. However with a zealous repentance of sins (samskaras) and by not repeating the same mistakes, the reactions will be taken from the Soul by His Grace.

<8>The purpose of all things is to guide the human to the path. When a person comes to the path, then none of them are needed. The path is to be surrendered to the Will of God and to try to be(come) Divine and help others to be(come) the same (establishing the Kingdom Of Heaven within and without).


It does not matter whatever pleasant name you call the Lord God, verse 110:

"Say! Call Him Allah [Adorable One] or call Him Rahman [Merciful], by whichever beautiful name you call Him (is the same). His are the most beautiful attributes." (The Heights, 110)

<9>Any beautiful name that presents His wonderful attributes can refer to Him. However, He is One and is the Lord God of the universe. In reality He has no name. "He is that He is." He is that Divine vibration. He is the Divine light. He is The Word, and The Word is He. <10>You can call Him anything, such as: Merciful, Father, Beneficent, Krishna (all-attractive), Mother, Parama Purusa, Yahweh, etc., because He is all of them. At the same time He is none of them because "He just IS."

<11>Again we see that the name "Allah" was chosen only to be able to communicate about God. It is a derivative of "Elohim" and other Hebrew roots which all mean "God" or the "Adorable One." In fact there is no name for anything in this universe. Everything just "IS." <12>However, for the purpose of communication, we give names to things. Unfortunately people become so attached to the power of the words that they forget this simple truth. That is one of the greatest confusions created between religions, "the barrier of the power of the word."

<13>As it is said in the Bible, names were given to things by Adam (man) (Gen. 2:19). Before Adam there was no name for anything, not even a name for God Himself. He is The Word (yaweh.gif (110 bytes)). All things are known to Him by their purposes and characteristics. It is in the manifested world where there is vibration (names).


Surah Ta Ha

Evolution, verse 50:

"Moses answered, Our Lord is He whom bestows upon everything its nature [Daharma], then has guided it to perfection." (Ta Ha, 50)

<14>How can a person be guided to perfection if he has only one lifetime to do that and fails? Unless a person comes again and again to this world in many lifetimes and is guided a bit each lifetime towards perfection, it would seem to be an unfair creation.

<15>There are some people who never even have a chance to think deeply about God, creation, their destiny, and so on. If we had only one lifetime and did not have the chance to perfect ourselves, either from ignorance (being lost in Maya) or because of the situation we were in, then either God will not judge us or if He does, we cannot say He is a just God, which He is. <16>So it is necessary for humans to go through the evolutionary process until they reach perfection (Pure Consciousness), by His Grace, of course.


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