Tablet Six

Surah The Prophets

Inheritance of the earth by the righteous, verse 105:

"Verily We have recorded in the Scripture, after the exhortation, My righteous bondmen shall inherit the earth:" (The Prophets, 105)

<1>Who are the righteous bondmen? They are the Elected Ones. Those who are Elected will come to this earth and inherit it. They are Paravipras. They are the ones whom Christ called "the salt of the earth." They are the ones referred to as "Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake: for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven" (Matthew 5:10). They will inherit the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and within, and they sit in the Kingdom Of Heaven In Heaven with God.


Surah The Pilgrimage

Other Prophets, verse 75:

"Allah chooses His messengers from among the angels and men, God certainly is All-Hearing, All-Seeing." (The Pilgrimage, 75)

<2>Whenever it is necessary, a Prophet will come. <3>Therefore, you cannot bind God by saying that any Prophet is the last one, unless you are an unbeliever (not surrendered).

<4>Another point is that Prophet Muhammad said, "Allah chooses His Messengers from among the angels and men." Those Prophets who come from the angels are Avatars (god-men), and those who come from humans are Satgurus (men-gods).


Surah The Story

Other Prophets will be chosen, verse 45:

"We send...whoever we find capable like you as Prophet." (The Story, 45)

<5>Those who are capable and are chosen will be sent as Prophets.


The pettiness of wealth and power, verse 78:

"Karoh said: I have been given this (wealth) because of my great knowledge. Did he not know that God had destroyed those who were even mightier and richer than him before?" (The Story, 78)

<6>Wealth and power are nothing, because even the proud, wealthy, and powerful nations were destroyed, and you yourself can never be that wealthy and powerful. You do not even have the power over your own death. So when you die all the wealth you have accumulated will have to be left behind and you have no choice. You are completely helpless. These are only the attractions of Maya to keep you from progressing toward the perfection of your Soul. They only bring the human a big false ego.


The Prophets are not aware of their prophethood, verse 86:

"You did not expect such a Scripture to be revealed to you, but it came as a mercy from your Lord." (The Story, 86)

<7>As we can see, Prophet Muhammad did not know he was going to become a Prophet. That is why it is difficult for people to accept a person as a Prophet when they can remember him as being one of them or because he seems exactly like themselves. It is one of the greatest problems for humans to overcome.


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