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<1>The Baha'i Faith (its essence brought by Bab) is the symbol of universality. <2>Humans will never obtain peace and happiness unless they understand that no matter how great is their power, wealth, position, or philosophy, without a universal point of view and without considering the well-being of the whole universe (in individual and collective endeavors), all is in vain.

<3>If any nation, power, philosophy, religion, or anything, loses this view, it will not last long. Without the universal view, the individual or collective actions will create negative reactions and will bring the downfall of the doer.

<4>We can study history and observe this truth: As long as the original philosophy of a truth which was given by a founder with an expanded mind was followed, the people who followed that expanded philosophy were the conquerors of the hearts of other people. These ideologies spread so fast that it amazes the reader how it was possible. <5>The same ideologies are supposedly presented by the followers of these religions or philosophies in the present age. If these ideologies spread so fast then, why are they not spreading any longer but actually losing their members? <6>The answer is their loss of the universal view. The problem is the narrowness (the dogma) which has crept into the original ideal.

<7>That is what happened to the first four ideals in our Sign. So a new Prophet was necessary (was planned) to come and further the understanding of humanity. This Prophet was Bab (Baha'u'llah). <8>He brought the fifth truth: universalism.

<9>The greatest contribution of this fifth truth can be expressed in one sentence from Baha'u'llah's teaching: If religion separates mankind by causing disunity, IT IS NOT EXPRESSING THE SPIRIT OF GOD.

<10>The oneness of mankind is the pivot around which all the teachings of Baha'u'llah revolve. There are many practical suggestions given by Baha'u'llah in order to create a universal environment and to establish a worldwide justice. <11>Some of these are: acceptance of one language as an international language along with the mother tongue; each community must have a House of Justice, each nation must have a National House of Justice, and an International House of Justice should be established with members selected from the National or Secondary Houses of Justice; and humans must make a systematic effort to wipe out all those prejudices that cause division.


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