Tablet Two

<1>As we can see, from a view of spiritual understanding, there is nothing new added to what the first four truths brought to humanity. <2>From the practical point of view or from the psychological level to establish world unity, however, Baha'u'llah gave many progressive ideas. <3>In the beginning the way the Moslems treated the people of the Baha'i Faith caused many reactionary ideas to be injected into this religion. Also it lost its original vigor, "Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard,..." (Rev. 3:3).

<4>In fact, it was The Plan of God for this to happen, because a further evolutionary process was necessary. Still two more steps were needed to bring the highest realization to humanity. <5> This imperfection is revealed in Rev. 3:2, which says, "I have not found thy works perfect before God."

<6>One interesting point about the Baha'i Faith is the way the Moslems treated its followers. Many of them were slain. As it was explained in the commentary on the Koran, Prophet Muhammad warned Moslems in Surah The Table Spread (Al-Ma'idah ), 54, that if they forget his teachings: " his stead, God will bring a people whom He loves and they would love Him,...." This indirectly means that another Prophet would come. <7>Still the very word Moslem means to be surrendered to the Will of God, so if a new movement with a more progressive ideology was revealed to humanity, a Moslem (surrendered one) should accept it, or at least not oppose it.


Letter to humanity and their leaders

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