THE HOLIEST The House of Judah (Jews)


Tablet One

1- Elected Ones:

<1>Abraham was selected as the first Elected One in order to set the cornerstone of one of The Plans of the Lord. <2>One part of this Plan was to choose a people as an example for humanity, a people who would stand out in history as a pattern for others, and who would be rewarded and punished in order to bring them, and also everyone else, to the realization that the human has no choice but to follow the Laws of the universe and the Will of the Father. The people who were chosen were from the House of Judah.

<3>Before Hebrews became Elected Ones, a large number of mystical religions were on the earth. Many different gods were being worshipped, and the goal of spirituality was either to please the gods for receiving favors or to gain mystical powers for selfish reasons, such as the misuse of social powers by priests and administrators. <4>Therefore, the majority of the people were exploited through many taboos which were created by the priest classes or rulers.

<5>However, the only way possible for all men to progress to their highest potential (physically, mentally, and spiritually) is when an environment is created to allow all to have equal opportunities to grow to the fullest.

<6>In doing so, God chose the Hebrews to carry out the task. He decided to weaken mystical religions, and He destroyed many of the undesirable ones, because they had become a source of suffering for man instead of being used for spiritual progress.

2- Strengthening the Elected Ones:

<7>Through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel), God established the idea of "Hebrews being elected people by the Lord." He brought the Children of Israel to Egypt, increased their numbers, made them suffer there in order to become strong, and chose Moses to be their guide. <8>God allowed Moses to gain all the knowledge of the Egyptians and the people of the Midian, and then gave him the stature of prophethood and power to bring the Children of Israel out of Egypt.

<9>Despite all of this effort, the Children of Israel were not yet ready to become a perfect example for others. God then gave the Hebrews laws and regulations to bring them order and to make them strong and unique from their neighbors. <10>He made them go through great hardships and struggles to develop those characteristics which were necessary for them particularly, and are necessary for any person or group individually, in order to set an example for others and so influence them to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven within and without.

<11>That is the period between the coming out of Egypt until the conquering of the land of the Canaanites. <12>This is also a symbol for those who try to go out of their lower natures (Egypt) to their higher natures (the Promised Land). A great struggle and period of strengthening is necessary.


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