THE HOLIEST The House of Judah (Jews)


Tablet Two

3 - They were tested:

<1>The Children of Israel conquered the land of the Canaanites and settled there. God became their King, and judges became the rulers who were supposed to follow the Will of the Lord through their relationships with Him or through listening to the high priests. <2>These judges failed. The Israelites forgot the purpose for which they were chosen. They rejected God as the only King (I Samuel 8). They longed for a human king like their neighbors, and therefore the system of kingship started in Israel.

4 - They failed:

<3>By rejecting God (I Samuel 8:7) and accepting a human king, they cut themselves off from His direct influence in their lives. Then they started bowing down in front of the earthly kings who were as human as themselves with all the earthly shortcomings and faults. <4>By accepting a human king, man becomes the subject of that king and his wills and whims. Therefore, he forgets about God and His Laws. He becomes a bondman of the earthly laws instead of being a bondman of the Lord's Laws.

<5>However, the man who accepts the Lord as his only God and the only King, will become the subject of the Lord and has only to follow His Will and His Laws. That is why Esa said to Pontius Pilate that he (Pilate) had no power over him (Esa) because Esa was not a subject of Pilate but of the Lord. <6>He was not following the laws of man but those of God.

<7>With rejection of God as their King by the Israelite people and through accepting a human king, they further lost their direct relationship with the Lord. Then more Prophets started coming to the scene. <8>That is the rule of the Prophets. They are a connection between the Lord and the lost human. <9>However, if the human accepts the Lord as his only master, follows His Will and becomes His subject, then each man can understand his Lord and there is no need for any Prophet.><10> lower nature of man is strong and overcoming it is not easy for many.

<11>With these happenings, the first period of the failure of the Children of Israel began.

5- First purification (punishment):

<12>Later on, the punishment came in the form of being held captive by other nations and being scattered around the world. A great suffering came upon God's people, because they rejected Him. <13>He never rejected them, but they rejected Him. That is why they were punished (fell from His Grace).

<14>However, God punished them not because He liked to or needed their covenant, but because He is a loving Father who knows the best way for His children to grow and reach the highest possible state. He punished them for their own good.<15> He demanded to be accepted as the true King, because no earthly king or authority on earth is worthy of being called a king or true leader. The human's flesh is strong and spirit is weak, but the Father has no fleshly desire, and only those who have overcome the flesh are worthy of being the leaders of humanity. As long as the human does not understand this great truth, he will not conquer the suffering in society and individual life.

<16>Therefore punishment should not be viewed as a bad thing. If it is inflicted on a nation or a man, that nation or human should seek the reason for the chastisement. Then by correcting the self and through repentance, the nation or man will be forgiven and guided further towards progress.

6- The Children of Israel become two nations:

<17>Before the Children of Israel were conquered and held captive, they were divided into two nations, the "House of Israel" and the "House of Judah." The House of Israel was captured first and then the House of Judah was taken. <18>The House of Judah are those who are known as "Jews." The ten tribes of the House of Israel are known as the ten lost tribes of the Children of Israel.

<19>The rest of this book is the explanation about the Jewish people because the House of Israel never truly came back to their land and had a different purpose to fulfill. For more information and a detailed explanation, refer to the book Children of Abram (Abraham), All Prophecies Are Fulfilled.

7- They are given another chance:

<20>Therefore, one of the purposes for bad events in life is for purification because of previous bad deeds and to give a lesson to humans for their further progress. That is the reason why we can see after each punishment, God gives his chosen nation another chance to repent and go back to Him. <21> But unfortunately, the human is very slow to learn the lesson, and also his false ego does not let him realize how insignificant he is in comparison to the power of the Creator. At the same time, man is the greatest (after the Lord) in this universe, if he could just realize that the only way to reach this greatness is His Way.

<22>That is the reason why God gathered the House of Judah (Jews) back to their lands and told them, through His Prophets, that a great Prophet (Messiah) will come to them.


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