THE HOLIEST The House of Judah (Jews)


Tablet Three

8- The coming of Esa The Messiah, and his rejection by the Jews:

<1>The promised Messiah came as Esa The Christ. He fulfilled all the signs which were given for his coming, but the Jews rejected him. He came to show the way of establishing the Kingdom Of Heaven within and without, but the Jews had many concepts about the new Messiah. <2>They expected him to come and place them in a position superior to others. They expected him to be similar to the kings they knew, with material glory and power for suppressing others because of their wrong conception of Jewish superiority.

<3>However, Esa came as a universal personality with a teaching of equality: "balances in his hands" (Rev. 6:5). He was, as a symbol, the first of the Jews who truly overcame his lower nature or false ego: "...and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him..." (Rev. 6:5).

<4>Many believed him and it seemed to the priests that he was going to destroy their already established, quiet social structures. That is why they not only rejected him but put him on the cross without a cause. That was a great sin.

<5>However, no man can stop God's Plan. Even with putting Esa on the cross, the new teaching could not be completely suppressed and Christianity flourished. He "gathered the people," as it was explained in Children of Abram (Abraham), All Prophecies are Fulfilled.

<6>This process of sinning, being punished (purified) and being given another chance is shown in Matthew 23:37, "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the Prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!" The sentence, "and ye would not" means, "You would not repent."

9- The Prophethood is taken from the Jews and given to other nations:

<7>With the rejection of Esa The Messiah and the fulfillment of the prophecies of his coming, God took away the prophethood from the Jews and gave it to other nations. This was prophesied by Israel (Jacob), and is also explained in Children of Abram (Abraham), "All Prophecies Are Fulfilled".

<8>This event is shown in Matthew 21:43, "Therefore I say unto you, The Kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof."

<9>With this sentence, the great struggle of the Jews started, but they did not believe the words of the prophecy told by Christ. <10>However, it does not matter if humans accept or reject a Prophet. Messengers of God (Angels) are only the warners and have a message for people. What they say will happen even if their words are not accepted. <11>Also in the case of Esa, his crucifixion was a part of his mission.

10- Revelation of The Revelation:

<12>Because of the circumstances under which Christ's teachings came to humanity, and because of the short period of his ministry, many of his teachings were lost, many were misinterpreted, and still others were distorted. This occurred between the time of his teachings and the time of writing them down in the gospels and their supplements, and even later on.

<13>Therefore, as the final book of the Bible (The Revelation), God sent His complete Plan in a very symbolic language in order to seal its understanding until He decides to unseal it ("But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel,...the mystery of God should be finished,..." Rev. 10.7).

<14>The Revelation shows His complete Plan of how He will bring humanity, step-by-step, to a point where they will be left with no choice but to understand the truth which underlies this universe. <15>With this perfect arrangement of having Genesis as the first book, the rest of the Old Testament representing man's overcoming his lower nature ("black horse," Rev. 6:5), and revealing the whole Plan in summary in the last book as what happened and will happen, the Bible, as the prophetic and historical base for all other spiritual Scriptures, is complete. <16>However, although the Bible is the base, knowledge of other Scriptures is necessary to understand the truth behind it.

<17>That is why an understanding of the mystical part of the universe, such as the Far East wisdom (relationship between the spirit of man and the universe) and of Islam, the Baha'i Faith, who is a Paravipra, and THOTH is necessary to complete the knowledge of the true Plan of the Lord. So in the process a person can reach a complete faith and become a dynamic spiritual force in order to manifest the power of the Lord through his one-pointedness and knowledge of the truth behind this universe.

<18>Therefore The Revelation can be viewed as a mini-Bible. It is as the Vedantas are considered in Vedic teachings: the last and most important part, a summary or conclusion.

<19>As it was stated, the prophethood was taken from the Jews and given to other nations. <20>Also as The Revelation reveals and The Greatest Sign shows, the seven truths (steps) will come to humanity in order to complete the truth of the spiritual path. These are shown in chapters 2 and 3 by the seven churches, and also in chapters 6 through 22 (read Revelation of The Revelation).

<21>That is why the next Prophet came not from the Jews, but from another nation close to them.

11- Second Purification (punishment):

<22>This time Jerusalem and also the temple were destroyed by the Romans. The Jewish people were scattered abroad again. <23>They settled mostly out of Jerusalem in neighboring countries. They became so rooted in other countries that each became a minority in those lands. They became a source of knowledge for other people and their story of struggle was soon a part of the myths of other nations. <24>Especially because of the connection of Christians with the Jewish background, their history was presented more vigorously to other nations than the history of any other people.

<25>However, Jews still were close to their ancient land. They were a nation within many other nations. They were not as scattered as they became later on.


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