THE HOLIEST The House of Judah (Jews)


Tablet Four

12- The advent of Prophet Muhammad:

<1>Arabs are the closest race to the Hebrews. They are descendants of Ishmael, the son of Abram (Abraham, the father of the Hebrews). As it was said, the next Prophet would not come from the Jews but from another nation. Prophet Muhammad was the next Messenger who came from the Arabs. The advent of a Messiah from the Arabs (Children of Abram) was also promised to Abram (Abraham) -- read Children of Abram (Abraham), "All Prophecies are Fulfilled"

<2>In the period before Prophet Muhammad became a Prophet, a great expectation was developed by the people that another Messiah would be sent to humanity. When Prophet Muhammad announced that he had been chosen as the expected Messenger from God, in the beginning the Jews accepted him as the one they were waiting for.

13- The rejection of Prophet Muhammad and his prediction of a great punishment for the Jews:

<3>However, later on, when the Jews realized that Prophet Muhammad would not conform to their expectations of being exalted as the chosen people and allowed privileges over others, they started to oppose him. This then resulted in much conflict and eventually the Jewish people had to leave the Islamic territories.

<4>Also Prophet Muhammad prophesied that a great punishment would befall the Jews. In many verses in the Koran, they were condemned for changing the Scriptures and killing the Prophets, and they were warned that they would be punished for their misdeeds (bad karma).

<5>Baha'u'llah also realized that the people of Israel (Jews) deserved great punishments: "The people of Israel...! Thus hath God laid hold of them for their sins, hath extinguished in them the spirit of faith, and tormented them with the flames of the nethermost fire" (Baha'i World Faith, p. 14, Baha'i Publishing Trust, 1976).

14- The third purification (punishment):

<6>After Prophet Muhammad, the Jews were scattered even more and went through a great period of misery with no land of their own. <7>However, the greatest punishment in this period is what happened in the Second World War.

15- The Jews are given another chance:

<8>However, after this third purification act by that great disaster which befell the Jews, again God gave them another chance to correct themselves and understand the lessons He was trying to teach them. <9>He was also showing humanity that the Law of Karma is not a fancy philosophy of an imaginative yogi, or the revelations by Prophets are not something to be ignored by humans because they do not fit their petty false egos. God has a great purpose for creating this universe and will fulfill it no matter how stubborn the human might be.


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