THE HOLIEST` The House of Judah (Jews)


Tablet Five

16- A distinction between Hebrews and Jews:

<1>God chose the Hebrews and made a covenant with them that they would be His people forever, and He stood firm in His Covenant. Hebrew means "beyond, those who have overcome their lower natures, or the Children of Israel (those who struggle with God)." These people have been and forever will be the Elected Ones. <2> Whoever overcomes the world (its excess attraction, Maya) is an Elected One. They have always been reincarnated to struggle for His Purpose.

<3>However, "Jew" is a term that was used later on to identify people from Judah. This name is given to those people who God chose to set an example for the rest of humanity of the truth of His Divine Justice, and to show how severe He is in punishment and how merciful He is in reward.

<4>The question might be asked of how the Divine justice could be understood if God punishes the children of the sinned ancestors. <5>The answer is that those who are incarnated in the Jewish community at the time of punishment are not the same as Hebrews (Elected Ones) who had not done any sin. These punished people were those who had sinned in their previous lives, even if they had not been one of the Jews before. <6>If a person in the Jewish community had done good deeds in his life, he would not have been reborn in that community at the time of punishment, and/or he would not be punished. <7>The justice of God can only be seen and explained if we realize the Laws of Karma and Reincarnation.

<8>At the time of punishment, those Jews in the past who changed the Scriptures, killed the Prophets, or others with heavy sins, were reincarnated in the Jewish community to show the human that misdeeds will result in punishment. <9>At the time of redemption (given another chance) those who were purified and those with good deeds would be born to this community. However, as history shows, some again would fail and the cycle of punishment and redemption goes on as it is.


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