THE HOLIEST The House of Judah (Jews)


Tablet Seven

17- The struggle of God to make humans understand His Divine justice:

<1>Therefore, if it is hard for the human to see this procedure of punishment and redemption in his own individual life or his own race or nation, <2>then by studying the history, revelations given by Prophets, and the history of the Jewish people, whom God chose to be a loud example for humanity, man can understand that there is Divine Justice, there is a Plan for this creation, and there is a God who is guiding His universe toward The GOAL.

<3>That is the struggle of God with humans. Those who struggle with Him in this task are the Hebrews (Elected Ones). <4>Those who do not understand and will not follow the Laws of the universe will be doomed to suffering by being cut off from His Grace.

<5>That is the only way if humanity wants peace, tranquility, happiness, brotherhood, and understanding of the truth.

<6>Those who feel that the whole universe is their home and they do not belong to any special group or race, those who regard all humans equally as their fellow struggling beings, and those who believe in Divine Justice, are the true believers.

<7>Now is again another chance for all to realize these truths and join together as one. So "His kingdom come, His Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven."

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