THE HOLIEST The House of Judah (Jews)



The book, The House Of Judah (Jews), explains how God chose Abraham and His children to set an example for humanity.



In order to understand the revelation in this book which explains another part of The Plan of the Lord and historical events, the Laws of Karma and Reincarnation should first be understood.

Karma, which loosely has been explained as the Law of action and reaction, in the simplest form can be described as: For any action there is a reaction created in the universe which should bear its fruit. Or, when a good action is done, a reward should be received, and when a bad action (sin) is done, punishment (suffering) is the result.

However, the reason for this Law is to guide humanity. If man understands that there is such a Divine Law and that the Lord (like a loving Father) is trying to guide him toward a goal which this universe was created for, then he will realize that he is not left alone on this earth to do as he pleases.

Although more sensitive people realize this Law in their and others' lives, and all the Prophets have warned men that such a Law exists, in general the mass does not really and deeply believe and understand this truth.

That is why throughout history God has chosen a people whose history is well known to all, and by the events which have happened to them, made them a loud example of how the Law of Karma works.

However, we also should truly understand that God is just and He will not punish a man for the action of another person (his ancestors). To realize this truth, belief in reincarnation and the Laws governing it is very necessary. In the simplest form, reincarnation can be explained as a person (Soul) assuming a new body after each death according to the previous deeds (karmas). Therefore he would bear the fruit of those actions, gain new experiences, learn new lessons, progress and eventually realize the self, God, and His Laws. Finally he would reach the goal (become Divine).

This process is very slow and many cannot see it clearly. Therefore God made history as a lesson for humanity, and through the revelations in this book which explain how these chosen people paid for their collective karma, these Divine Laws will be realized profoundly. Then men might know His Justice, follow His Laws, and create His Kingdom on earth.

If these two Laws are not understood or are not accepted, then the justness of God can never be explained and a person has no choice but to err and create irrational and illogical assumptions about God and His Purpose. This in turn creates more suffering for himself, for his community, and for humanity as a whole.

That is because a belief about one race might then arise, and the whole lesson and purpose for revealing the material in this book will be lost sight of. Then the person not only will not benefit from it, but will go even further from the truth, create greater resentment, and bring more suffering unto the self and others.

So know that God is just, and He never punishes a man for what his fathers did. Also He has complete control over all things and can do whatever He wants to do and can reincarnate a Soul anywhere He desires.

Then learn the lessons of these revelations and their relationships with our other writings, so you might free yourself from all earthly bondage and be free to the Lord. Amen ().


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